The Influence and Influencer Agency

Why and how should you use an influencer marketing agency to boost your influencer marketing campaigns?
Mar 2019


Would you like to launch a one-off and viral influencer marketing campaign? Have you thought about using an influence and influencer agency as a tool for your influencer marketing operation? With the support of experts, discover how to conduct a  successful influencer marketing campaign on Instagram, YouTube or elsewhere.

An influencer agency to guide you

With the advent of social networks, the number of influencers has multiplied and their fields of expertise are numerous: fashion, beauty, travel, architecture, gastronomy, technology, etc. They are a real gateway for reaching an audience online, and particularly the generation of 15 to 35-year-olds, always more connected.

A generation that, above all, pays attention to these followers that have become YouTubers, Instagrammers, Twitterers, or Snapchatters. With the key to obvious benefits:

  • Targeted recommendations and advice for your products and services;
  • Traffic to your sites, apps and media able to generate sales;
  • Engagement with the image and reputation of influencers in favour of your brand.

Choosing the right influencer is therefore essential to the success of your operation, because this is how you reach your specific target market, depending on its characteristics:

  • Demographic: age, gender, income group, interests etc.
  • Geographic: local, national, international… According to the scale on which the influencer’s reputation is recognised

However, for the choice of channel (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Blog, YouTube etc.), of the type of content (video, advert, study, test etc.) or influencer concerned, it is necessary to get support.

Support that lets you avoid mistakes and guarantees the success and optimisation of the operation, and which can be done through an influencer agency.

What is an influence or influencer agency?

If you had to define the role of the influencer agency, you could say that it is the intermediary between brands and influencers. Experts in influencer marketing, agencies know exactly how these new forms of media work, and also understand advertisers and their needs.

Expertise that allows them to offer support both in terms of operations and in terms of optimising campaigns, and the optimisation of their ROI.

But an influence agency is often limited by its conventional approach to the profession. In fact, a very accurate and objective knowledge of thousands, or even millions of influencers is impossible without technological tools.

Equally, the operational implementation of large influencer campaigns becomes highly complex and time consuming with several dozen or even hundreds of influencers. A tech and data-based approach is necessary to automate these processes and to go further than the influencer agency.

The influencer marketing platform, much more than an influence or influencer agency

Highly factual elements must be taken into account when organising your influencer campaign: favoured social networks, level of engagement, type of audience etc.

Because each channel has its own unique features, an influencer marketing platform such as Kolsquare will help you simulate your own campaign before launching it, and will provide you with key expertise to ensure that it is a success.

Among other things, a great deal of freedom is given to the requested personality to be creative when placing your product so that they don’t distort their environment or displease their community.

To do this, Kolsquare has developed a platform that guides you, from your choice of influencer based on rational data, to measuring your campaign’s return on investment (ROI).

With this tool, you’ll benefit from an analysis of the profiles of more than 1M influencers and celebrities to establish the best partnership possible, and can accurately estimate how much budget to allocate to your campaign, which differs according to the celebrity, duration and system chosen.