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Boost your impact with our data-packed Influencer Marketing Platform

Call them Key Opinion Leaders, Content Creators or Social Media Influencers — fact is, these folks hold the power to engage with your target audience in the most authentic, inspiring and impactful way. Kolsquare incorporates the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to offer a huge data-base of quality, vetted KOLs, and a sleek array of functions and features. 

Our software allows you to fully internalize and scale your influencer marketing activities from A to Z — no matter if you’re into organic collabs with micro influencers and niche creators, or driving a big scale program on international markets. 

Search and find the best influencers to drive success for your brand

Finding influencers who truly match with your brand, products and objectives can be like looking for a needle in the haystack. Kolsquare helps you crack the code and discover your personal gems within minutes — all through Big Data, advanced search algorithms and an intuitive search interface. 

  • Exhaustive and vetted database of all Influencer profiles with 5K+ followers in 180 countries, covering the full bandwidth of Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter); 
  • Semantic search engine (keywords, #, mentions, emojis) with customizable filters and unlimited queries to search for influencer profiles and content; 
  • Credibility scores to eliminate KOL profiles with a high number of fake followers and low reach;
  • Dedicated filter to identify influencers who hold special certificates (e.g. ARPP certificate of responsible influence) and commit to complying with current advertising laws and ethic codexes; 
  • Ultra-detailed audience insights and analytics, including demographics (age-group, location, gender, language…) and deliverability (number of accounts followed — find more about this metric here
  • Audience Overlap feature to strategically select KOLs who help to expand or reinforce your brand message (find more about Audience Overlap here)

Save even more time by directly analyzing influencers’ statistics on Instagram & TikTok!

Use our Chrome extension to get all the statistics of the influencers profiles and their audiences you see on Instagram and TikTok. Saving time, in a few clicks!

Manage campaigns and influencer relationships comfortably in one place

Building a strong brand can be hard work. Staying on top of your influencer marketing campaigns shouldn’t — that’s why our collaborative platform gets things neatly organized without switching between tools and teams. 

  • Complete IRM (Influencer Relationship Management) tool including personalized labels, comments, fields, and more to efficiently follow-up and scale your influencer collaborations; 
  • Custom dashboard that allows you to track an unlimited number of KOLs simultaneously and compare their performance; 
  • Easy import of pre-existing file lists of favorite KOLs;  
  • Access for multiple users with different roles and rights to enhance collaboration within large and remote teams;
  • Messaging function with Gmail integration to contact KOLs directly via the platform.
Save time creating reports while optimizing performance in real-time

Sharing the fruit of your labors with your team members can be extremely rewarding. Creating reports… a little less so. 

Our integrated reporting system changes the game, significantly reducing the time and effort you are putting into your influencer marketing reports. Kolsquare handles data and content collection, analysis, and visualization automatically, and also helps you distribute reports to make sure nobody stays out of the loop. 

Did reporting just become your new favorite task? 

  • Real-time collection of all KOL content, including insights on engagement (comments, likes, saves, and shares), audience reach including views and plays, publication counts, impressions, etc.;
  • Calculation of reporting metrics including ROI, EMV, CPM, and CPV; 
  • Shopify integration including promo code generator; 
  • Tracking links generation and reporting;
  • Integration with major CRMs including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magneto and PrestaShop, as well as custom CRM systems; 
  • Analysis of brand accounts follower increases; 
  • Automated campaign report generator to create, download and share custom reports in multiple formats (PowerPoint, Excel, shareable weblink )
Analyze your competitors and stay ahead of the game

Our Listening tool allows you to track your competitors’ every move and keep a close eye on their influencer marketing game plan. Just select the most important brands in your competitive field to gain valuable insights that will put you in the lead!

  • Personalizable competitor listening dashboard to compare your brand’s performance against selected competitors;
  • Analyze share of voice by EMV, audience size and engagement; 
  • See volume of KOLs and communities activated, and results metrics including EMV, engagement, and contents posted;  
  • Customizable for regional insights;


Long gone are the days when influencer marketing was perceived as a side-hustle for PR interns and not taken seriously. With over 4.5 billion social media users worldwide, creator and KOL marketing has become an integral part of a contemporary brand and sales strategy, and even the most skeptical acknowledge its efficiency to drive brand awareness in an authentic and scalable way. 

For the smallest brands and grass-roots projects to global players — there are many reasons why data-driven influencer marketing is an incredibly powerful tool to grow successful businesses. 

Here are 7 proven benefits of influencer marketing: 


1. It helps you reach your exact target audience

Let’s face it — nobody likes heavy-handed sales and marketing campaigns. With increased connectivity and digitalization, consumers can easily feel overwhelmed with information and tend to get frustrated by content that’s neither relevant nor useful for them. 

For marketers, this ‘advertising-fatigue’ can be quite challenging, especially if you genuinely believe in the purpose and meaning of your brand message or product. 

The key to sticking out in a positive way is to precisely target your campaigns and approach only people that are excited to hear from you. 

Imagine you’re organizing an outdoors yoga retreat for young mums — who would you invite? A 14-year old video game-aficionado, a bookworm in her 60s who loves staying at home on the weekend, or perhaps a 30-something professional who started to read a lot about post-natal exercises and generally likes to stay active? You got it. 

By collaborating with the right influencers, you get instant access to your exact target audience with pinpoint precision. Through their already existing communities, you save valuable time building your own one and are able to engage with folks who genuinely care about your product, no matter how niche it might be. 


2. It opens up unlimited opportunities for creative, authentic and personalized content

Creating engaging content is an influencer’s main goal and ambition, and they are incredibly good at it. From beautiful imagery, inspiring manifestos, fun memes, up to practical video tutorials — influencers have found many ways to tell meaningful stories and provide real value to their audiences. 

KOL and user-generated content opens a whole new world of possibilities to spice up your own social media and content strategy, bringing a breath of fresh air into branded posts and promotional stories. 

By adding their personal touch and telling stories through their individual lens, influencers are more relatable than brands which is why their content is often perceived as more authentic and exclusive. Often, influencers are even seen as legitimate ambassadors for brands and products; 37% of consumers trust social media influencers over brands, according to an Oracle  study of 2,000 adults in the US. Gen Z and Millennials consumers are twice as likely as Boomers to trust influencers, while 28% of consumers discover new brands and products through influencers. 


3. It helps you build trust and social proof 

Purchase-decisions are heavily influenced by a brand’s perceived trustworthiness and reputation. As a matter of fact, 90% of consumers are more likely to turn to a recommended brand, even if the recommendation comes from a stranger. No surprise that review websites are booming and a must-have for product-manufacturers and service providers alike. 

Influencers are taking it one step further and have become a real catalyst when it comes to building trust and social proof. In some cases, customers even trust their chosen subject-matter experts more than their friends and family

Collaborating with digital creators and influencers can be an efficient way to show the legitimacy and genuine intent of your company — just make sure to carefully check their audience’s origin and engagement data before setting up a collaboration. 

Kolsquare’s credibility score allows you to filter out profiles with a high number of fake followers at the first glance, enabling you to collaborate with creators who are truly legit and likewise trustworthy. 


4. Influencer marketing reliably scales your conversions and boosts sell-thru 

Influencer Marketing doesn’t only help to improve your brand’s reputation and notoriety. It is also a powerful tool to boost sales in a reliable and measurable way. 

Through trackable links and promotion codes, you can establish a direct link between influencer content and your e-commerce business. From click-through rates to detailed insights on engagement and conversions, meticulous campaign measurement brings quantifiable insights and sets the foundation for informed strategic decisions. 

By integrating potent tools such as Google Analytics and social media insights, you can stop the guesswork and put your focus on the campaigns and collaborations that produce the highest impact. 

Kolsquare offers a detailed level of campaign management and reporting, including accurate ROI calculation, that is guaranteed to keep the clients happy. Our Shopify integration furthermore allows you to directly connect your Shopify store by creating a personalized application that provides limited access to the data pertaining to orders made. Read more here


5. It helps you reach new audiences and expand your business

Opening new markets and expanding your on an international level is the holy grail for many marketers, yet far from an easy endeavor. 

By collaborating with renowned influencers on your target markets, you make sure to literally speak the right language when approaching local prospects. Poorly localized content is one of the major pitfalls of international expansion, which you can smoothly avoid by teaming up with influential native speakers who are well familiar with the current trends and communication codes prevailing in their communities. 

Kolsquare’s Influencer Marketing Platform supports semantic search in multiple languages and has an extensive database of all international content creators in 180 countries, enabling you to create successful campaigns in new markets and target groups. 


6. Influencer Marketing enables you understand and connect with your customers 

User Empathy is the foundation of creating excellent customer experiences, services and products. Digital influencers are heavily involved with the communities and exchange with them on a daily and interactive basis. 

By collaborating with KOLs, you will be able to collect unique and real-time insights into the way your brand is perceived. Not only will you get unbiased feedback from your target audience, you will also get valuable clues on how to improve your content and become more user-centric. 


7. It helps you improve search engine rankings and drive traffic to your website

Engaging in influencer marketing isn’t just about expanding your digital horizons; it’s a strategic move that can significantly impact your overall online presence. In fact, it holds the potential to elevate your website’s SEO rankings and extend your outreach even further.

The mechanics are clear: influencer marketing effectively boosts brand awareness, in turn driving a surge of organic traffic to your website. What’s even more valuable is the ripple effect that occurs when influencers share your content. This dynamic sharing fosters the accumulation of high-quality, authentic backlinks, a potent factor in search engine algorithms that favor authoritative and reputable sources.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, influencer collaboration emerges not only as a catalyst for brand growth but also as a means to fortify your online ecosystem. As you forge partnerships with influencers, you’re nurturing a strategy that not only amplifies your reach but also bolsters the very foundation of your digital presence.

In a nutshell, an influencer marketing platform should make your life easier. 

Influencer marketing on social media is underpinned by data. Lots of it. With the availability of different data metrics set to expand in line with developments in technology, being able to select the most relevant data and analyze it according to your needs and objectives is the key to success. 

At Kolsquare, we’ve designed the most intuitive, user-friendly platform on the market. Our simple UX/UI has an attractive design that injects a healthy dose of fun and ease into what would otherwise be fairly mundane tasks.  

Kolsquare not only aggregates the latest KOL and campaign content and data in real time, but offers automated, downloadable and customized reporting that is sure to impress the boss.   

Kolsquare also offers integratiOn with various CRMs and with e-commerce platform Shopify — including promo code tracking links generation — to capture multiple sources of marketing data and provide the most accurate reporting on the market. 

Finally, for brands who are successfully working with an agency for influencer marketing, investing in Kolsquare offers the flexibility of a two-pronged strategy that might see on-going campaigns run in-house, while leaving big, one-shot campaigns that combine traditional marketing elements to the agency. 

With costs on the rise, and the services of macro and top influencers monopolized by the biggest brands (if they are not launching brands of their own), leveraging a high volume of nano- and micro-influencers is today the go-to strategy of digital brands everywhere.

Good quality nano- and micro-influencers generally have healthy engagement rates and stronger loyalty from their communities. They are seen as more relatable, and more authentic, than larger profiles of whom audiences are becoming increasingly skeptical and for whom performance is less reliable than it was. 

Leveraging a high volume of micro influencers can help brands to achieve a larger share of voice compared to their competitors, in the first instance. 

The more KOLs brands activate, the more talk about the brand that is generated organically. More talk equals more awareness among other influencers who may then approach the brand in search of mutually beneficial partnerships.

BUT the more influencers activated, the more content delivered and the more resources you’ll need to manage them. 

If the idea of enacting such a strategy seems intimidating and resource intensive, with the help of Koslquare, it doesn’t have to be.

Not only does the platform help you to quickly and easily find, analyze and contact (en masse if need be) the right influencers for your brand, but it collects and collates all relevant reporting data and content in one place. 

Such a tool means bringing influencer marketing in-house becomes a cost-effective proposition. It also offers teams the opportunity to cultivate personal relationships with KOLs that will benefit the brand over the long term. 

A massive 4.76 billion people — or 60% of the global population — use social media, spending an average 2.31 hrs on social platforms each day. That’s a massive potential audience for your brand messaging and influencer campaigns, and key to success is knowing who that audience is, where they are, and what kind of messaging they are open to.  

It’s also worth noting that your audience is likely present on multiple platforms;  Facebook is the world’s most used social media platform with some 3bn MAUs, but did you know that just 0.6% of its users are unique to the platform? Over at Meta stablemate Instagram, that figure is reduced to 0.2%, while at ByteDance’s TikTok, just 0.1% of its 1bn+ users are unique to the platform. 

What does this mean for your influencer campaigns? Simply put, it means understanding the specificities of each platform, why people visit them, and what they each offer in terms of message customization. 

To this end, Kolsquare’s catalog includes all KOLs with 5K+ followers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and X (formerly Twitter), and offers comprehensive audience data for KOLs on each of the platforms where they have accounts, including follower gains and declines, engagement rates, and content. 

Access to, and analysis of, this data is invaluable when negotiating and co-creating content plans with your KOLs, ensuring that each piece of content has the right message for the target audience targeted. 

But wait, there’s more! Kolsquare also now offers the ability to analyze the audience overlap amongst a pool of KOLs on Instagram. This information can help you when deciding whether or not to prioritize reach over frequency in messaging. Greater visibility over audience demographics and interests goes a long way to delivering better results and higher campaign ROI.   

We might end up sounding like your Mom here, but if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it properly, right? 

When it comes to Influencer Marketing, there are no half measures. (Well, not unless you want to go viral for all the wrong reasons, that is.) This means you have to do it all —  KOL and audience analysis, emailing and communication, briefing, product gifting, contract negotiations, campaign and conversion analysis and reporting, etc. — and you have to do it well. 

Kolsquare is a comprehensive Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) tool that enables you — and your team — to do exactly that, all in one place. Import your existing KOL database, and use the Gmail integration and fully-equipped influencer address book features, including notes, favorites, etc., to keep track of all information and communications relating to your favorite KOLs.    

Instantly download campaign reports, personalized with your company logo, for impressive presentations to superiors and clients. 

We could go on, but by now, you’ve hopefully understood all the benefits Kolsquare’s data-driven Influencer Marketing Platform can bring to your business. To see how the platform works IRL, book a demo with one of our influence experts today!

Audience deliverability in influencer marketing refers to the extent to which an influencer’s content successfully reaches and engages their intended target audience. It’s a measure of how effectively the influencer is able to deliver their message to the people who are most relevant and valuable to the brand they are collaborating with. 

Audience deliverability encompasses several factors, including the influencer’s content alignment with the audience’s interests, the engagement levels (likes, comments, shares), the demographic relevance of the followers, and the overall impact on brand awareness and conversions within that audience segment.

What’s more, users who follow a large amount of accounts are less likely to be exposed to a post or story and vice-versa. KOLs with audiences that are predominantly composed of users following 500 accounts or less are thus more likely to reach a high number of people within their community. 

They trust us