Entrust your project to our team of dedicated experts

We help you define your influencer strategy.

Strategic consulting from our influencer marketing experts. Short or long-term support to define your influencer campaigns objectives, communication brief, budget optimisation…

We identify the best influencers for you.

Personalized recommendations by our experts, based on data and insights from market analysis to social media activation. An influencer marketing platform and an influencer agency combined!

We create the bond with the influencers.

From contacting to negotiating (terms and price) and entering into the contract, as a trusted third-party.

We make your campaign activation frictionless.

Ensuring perfect delivery in content creation and publishing, or contract compliance.

We monitor your campaign.

Complete influencer marketing solutions with ROI reports based on market KPIs, including EMV (Earned Media Value), impressions, CTR… to enhance your digital influence strategy!