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5 winning brand strategies on TikTok

Looking for inspiration for your future Influence on the TikTok campaign? Here are 5 brand strategies that caught our eye.

iphone with tiktok app
iphone with tiktok app

As you know, TikTok is a crowd-puller and not only for the younger generation. This fun, creative, and playful social network allows you to (re)dynamize your image but also to stand out thanks to the engaging and original content.

Some brands have understood this and have turned this social network into a real lever for acquisition and loyalty. Here are some of them!

Levi's boosts sales with TikTok videos

Remember, a few weeks ago, we introduced you to one of the latest features of TikTok: the “Shop Now” shopping button. The Chinese giant took advantage of the confinement and this record download period to validate this new advertising format with advertisers.

The famous American brand Levi’s was one of the first to be able to take advantage of this new badge, which allows products to be purchased with one click from the platform. Levi’s did more than simply product placement with influential partners.

In order to offer differentiating content, the brand called on Callen Schaub, Gabby Morrison, and Everett Williams. Each was able to create their own jeans and then present them to their community via TikTok videos with the addition of the Shop Now button.

Levi’s, therefore, chose a glove combination of co-creation and product placement to optimize its strategy of influencing TikTok. The results were as expected as the brand confirmed an increase in traffic to its site and a considerable increase in sales.

@callenschaub Loved creating my oddly satisfying Levi's jeans last month. Get my bespoke design at! #ad ♬ original sound - Callen Schaub

Gucci shakes up the codes of luxury

In the fashion industry, luxury brands have also quickly grasped the interest in displaying themselves on TikTok. Dior, Gucci, Balenciaga, Givenchy now have their accounts. The primary objective is to be able to target the Z generation, hitherto little considered in the traditional campaigns deployed by luxury brands.

TikTok allows them to generate offbeat, fun, and creative content. It is also a way for them to play the proximity card.

Gucci is an excellent example of a luxury brand that quickly made its way onto the Chinese platform:

-The Italian brand collaborated with renowned TikTok influencers, including Sananas and its 616,000 subscribers, to showcase its latest collections.

@sananas Sliding into summer ☀️Vous préférez quel look ? #toosieslide #fashion #springoutfit #fy ♬ Toosie Slide - Drake

-Gucci, which also regularly dresses celebrities in its designs, now makes this known on TikTok. It’s an opportunity for her to share content at a key moment: Fashion Week.

@gucci It’s @celestemusicofficial getting ready for the #GucciFW20 fashion show #GucciTheRitual #outfitchallenge ♬ Absolutely Anything (feat. Or3o) - CG5

In addition to reaching a younger generation and making its brand accessible, Gucci seized the opportunity to create fresh and spontaneous content through the video format offered by TikTok. This is a far cry from the highly-scripted advertising campaigns we used to see in magazines.

Gymshark relies on User Generated Content (UGC)

Gymshark, 1.9 million subscribers on TikTok, is a British sportswear brand. It was only natural that it turned its account into a sports video relay.

The reason for its success on TikTok is that it has relied entirely on customer-generated content. This is called User Generated Content (UGC). Gymshark indirectly involves its users in its campaigns and it is for it the guarantee to seduce the TikTok target, looking for visibility and likes.

To achieve this, the British brand has implemented a well-functioning digital strategy:

The creation of a #gymshark hashtag, used by all wearers of clothing of the same name,

By reposting content by creating its own hashtag and displaying it in the caption of its publications, Gymshark encourages its community to use it too. This is how the brand collects sometimes very qualitative content from its customers! This also boosts the virality of its brand and makes it talked about.

McDonald's France launches its own challenges

One of the main principles of TikTok is to offer challenges. The challenge is the format par excellence to create engagement with the millennials. By definition, the challenge quickly generates a snowball effect: each participant spontaneously invites other users to take up the challenge as a kind of challenge.

McDonald’s France has made it its hobby on the TikTok platform and regularly challenges its community. To give maximum visibility to its challenges, the fast-food giant collaborates with influencers. The #CBOChallenge counts more than 10 million views and has been taken up, among others, by the influencer Safir with 1.4 million subscribers.

Here again, the brand benefits from content created free of charge by users ready to be reposted.

Merci Handy seizes the opportunity of this new playground cherished by his target

Merci Handy, an everyday cosmetics brand, is known for the quality of its products but also for its very own brand image. Young, offbeat, fresh, and funny, it has always been able to show creativity in its contents to achieve its goals.

When implementing an influence strategy, the choice of social media is a step that should not be left to chance. Each social network has its own advantages and disadvantages. The final choice depends on your brand, your target, and the product/service you want to promote through influencers.

Merci Handy quickly created his TikTok account to get closer to his target. Its funny content, which shows both the brand’s behind-the-scenes and the new products, has won over more than 260,000 users.

You are a brand and want to launch a campaign to influence TikTok? Contact us now!

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