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Best Campaigns for Halloween in Cosmetics and Household

Autumn is approaching with one of the most awaited festivities of the year: Halloween. This season is especially attractive for launching marketing campaigns that boost the promotion of certain products or services of brands. If you still have no ideas on how to take advantage of this season, we have prepared for you the best Halloween campaigns with influencers in various sectors such as cosmetics and home to serve as a source of Inspiration. Read on to discover how to make this Halloween truly unforgettable for your brand!

a gril with an orange sweater
a gril with an orange sweater

Key Points on Successful Halloween Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

  • Learn about several cosmetics, home and décor brands that have launched successful campaigns during the Halloween period with influencers.
  • These campaign examples reinforce the power of Influencer Marketing and special seasons to more effectively achieve business objectives.
  • From star influencers like Bella Hadid or Kylie Jenner to micro and nano-influencers, brands in these sectors have used these influencers to develop successful Halloween campaigns.

Best Halloween Advertising Campaigns in Cosmetics and Household

Lunar Beauty with the launch of its The Moon Spell Collection

The Moon Spell campaign was a collaboration of cosmetics brand Lunar Beauty with influencer, makeup artist and Beauty Blogger Manny MUA. This special cosmetics collection was launched for Halloween and is inspired by pop culture’s favorite witches of the 1990s, in particular the TV series “Charmed“, which is considered a cult classic series.

The “Moon Spell” collection included a variety of makeup products, including eyeshadow palettes with dark shades perfect for recreating Halloween-themed makeup looks.

The advertising strategy to promote the product includes posts on social networks such as Instagram and YouTube videos explaining in detail to viewers the product’s features. The brand also collaborated with other makeup influencers to expand the reach of the message.

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Dior With Celebrity Influencer Bella Hadid

Every year, Peter Philips, the creative and image director of Dior’s makeup line, develops his own Halloween suggestions using the brand’s most iconic beauty products. As part of its strategy, the brand chose to promote its iconic Rouge Dior 999 lipstick, launched in 1953, by featuring Bella in a vampire makeup look with a dark background and a haunting video, clearly inspired by the Halloween theme. Although the company’s campaign was simple, it proved effective, as users appreciated the surprise of seeing the supermodel wishing them a “Happy Halloween” in a relaxed manner.

As a result, it garnered mentions and comments around the brand, as it spurred the creation of tutorials on social media, some promoted by the brand and some not, that helped customers recreate the looks using Dior products at home, exactly what the company was looking for.

NYX Cosmetics and Its Creative Campaign With Beauty Influencer Mimi Choi

Makeup brand NYX Cosmetics, widely recognized for its collaborations with social media content creators to push various makeup products to online customers, decided to create a Halloween campaign alongside beauty influencer Mimi Choi. She has more than 2m followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 3.67% and 2.5m fans on TikTok with an average engagement rate of 6.57%. Mimi has established herself as one of the most important figures in the beauty and cosmetics sector, which is why the brand chose her for its special Halloween marketing campaign on TikTok and Instagram.

The advertising strategy managed to capture the attention of the online public, increasing the sales of specific products used during the makeup application, such as the SFX Crème color palette, the matte black ink eyeliner and the White Liquid Liner.

Home Goods Brand Anticipating Halloween Celebration

In the United States, in the last few years, many companies anticipate the arrival of Halloween to launch their campaigns. This is the case of HomeGoods, Home Stores, JOANN Fabric, TJ Maxx, Dollar Tree, Nordstrom Rack and Michaels, which since July they started the Halloween “hunting” season with their promotions and offers. In fact, hashtags such as #codeorange and #halloweenhunting have become viral on social networks, where influencers share their discoveries or hauls of their decoration purchases for the scariest day of the year.

Precisely content creators like Sydney Nicole Addams shared on their networks videos showing some of their favorite finds in Home Goods for Halloween.

Kylie Jenner Stars in Your Own Halloween Ad

Another example of the most “terrifying” advertising campaigns launched especially for Halloween was seen with one of the most important beauty and fashion influencers of the moment: Kylie Jenner. This member of the Kardashian family, who has her own company and cosmetics firm called Kylie Cosmetics launched for Halloween 2021 a makeup capsule collection inspired by the iconic horror movie character Freddy Krueger.

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Leveraging her own level of influence on networks like Instagram where she totals more than 399m followers, she launched the campaign in which Kylie herself was the protagonist sporting a rip-roaring jumpsuit and silver nails emulating the character’s paws.

ColourPop and Its "Hocus Pocus 2" Collection

Like other companies mentioned in this listing, makeup brand ColourPop launched for the last day of Halloween a limited edition collection inspired by the sequel to the movie “Hocus Pocus 2“. The movie, which premiered on Disney+, revived the popularity of the original Halloween movie. The collection included an eyeshadow palette called “All Hallows Eve” with 15 matte and metallic shades, another palette called “Witching Hour” with 12 colorful shades, a purple mascara called “Butcherson”, a silver highlighter called “Find the Book”, a set of lip glosses in various colors inspired by the Sanderson sisters called “Witches’ Brew”, glitter effect gel shadows in various colors and cat ears accessories called “Give Him Fur”.

The success of the film, coupled with the campaign with influencers on major networks such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, boosted sales of the collection immediately after its official launch. In fact, this is not the first time that the cosmetics company has celebrated one of the best Halloween movies of all time. ColourPop had already launched a Hocus Pocus eyeshadow palette along with gel and pencil eyeliners in September 2020, falling in love at first sight with customers, who literally in a matter of minutes sold out of the product. These actions reinforce the power of Influencer Marketing and special seasons within company strategies.

Makeup Revolution and Its Special Halloween Collection

Makeup Revolution, one of the world’s best-known makeup brands, has also taken advantage of Halloween to launch a makeup collection that inspires users to unleash creativity with spooky makeup looks.

For its latest campaign, it decided to launch a new circus-themed line to help consumers transform themselves into clowns, fortune tellers, magicians and other carnival characters. In addition to the new addition, the collection brought back other crowd favorites: SFX tools, a Game of Thrones line, a Beetlejuice line, face paint sets and temporary hair dyes.

To promote the launch, the brand collaborated with various makeup influencers from around the world, who recreated makeup looks, showcasing the collection’s features.

Party City Decor Store and Its Strategy With Influencers During the Pandemic

In 2020, Party City, implemented an innovative commercial and marketing strategy for Halloween, relying on influencers and adapting to the restrictions of the pandemic. This campaign focused on improving the online and in-store customer experience by identifying pain points in the shopping process.

The pandemic led Party City to adapt quickly, introducing online shopping, curbside pickup and same-day delivery options. Julie Roehm who took on the role of CMO at the company, expanded her responsibilities to include digital and traditional marketing, as well as working with influencers.

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The strategy focused on providing a complete experience for clients, from planning to hosting the party. Party City created special kits for virtual celebrations, such as birthdays, graduations and Halloween, which sold out online. They also encouraged outdoor decorations and activities, such as Trunk or Treating.

Influencers played a key role in taking Party City products and bringing creative ideas to life. The “Joy Squad” of event planners and influencers shared itineraries on social media, helping to promote the brand’s offerings.

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