Jul 2021 / Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influence Marketing: the behind-the-scenes of a successful co-creation campaign

Among the many possibilities offered by Influence Marketing, co-creation campaigns are definitely on the rise among brands. And for good reason, bringing professionals as well as KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), this lever responds to the audiences' quest for meaning, creativity and transparency. It is now time to discover with us the hidden side of co-creation in Influence Marketing. Let's get started!

Co-creation & Influence Marketing: a strategy that pays off!

Definition of co-creation

Before we even go through the range of the latest successful Influence Marketing campaigns, it is essential to understand what this co-creation device is all about. Yes, it’s no secret that partnerships between brands and KOLs have repeatedly proven their effectiveness with audiences, and professionals are constantly looking to innovate in terms of collaborations. Among the possibilities offered by the lever of Influence, co-creation is undoubtedly one of the most powerful.

So what does it involve? Broadly speaking, this influencer marketing technique is a close collaboration between a content creator and a brand. This can result in the creation of a product or the implementation of a unique service that integrates the creative universe, knowledge and expertise of both parties involved. A new form of partnership that resonates more than ever with professionals who wish to integrate it into their Influence Marketing campaigns to reach their targets more effectively. Especially when we know that 81% of Internet users who follow influencers declare that they trust their recommendations, as shown by the latest Enov online study conducted in 2019.

It is also important to note that the co-creation mechanism (not to be confused with “co-branding” which results from a collaboration between two or more brands), is part of the brands’ desire to demonstrate authenticity and therefore transparency. If they are truly integrated into the development process of a product or service, the KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) can really bring their audiences on board in this partnership, reinforce their power of prescription with their communities and therefore enable the campaign to achieve significant results.

1001 ways to co-create with KOLs

We mentioned it above. The implementation of a co-creation Influence Marketing campaign can take more than one form and this is what makes it so rich. Through their 1001 ways of being deployed, these partnerships offer brands and content creators the possibility of designing creative and truly differentiating collaborations.

Among the possible co-creation devices, we can find in particular:

Capsule collections

They are now famous in the fashion and beauty sectors but are also making their way into the other industries! In concrete terms, a capsule collection is the creation of a limited edition collection between a brand and a KOL. This is the case, for example, when Sephora teams up with The Doll Beauty to create a new make-up collection with several limited edition pieces.  Or when Zoé Tondut, after having made several product placements for the brand, imagined and created 8 new posters for Desenio as recently.

Once developed, a collaboration around the creation of a product can then be based on the fundamentals of Live Shopping and Social Selling to enable the brand to have a new and efficient acquisition channel thanks to the many features present on social networks.


Co-organised events

Whether physical or digital, events organised with content creators also allow professionals to benefit from KOL audiences. By communicating before and during the event via their social networks, the influencer puts the spotlight on a brand, creatively reveals its backstage and creates a real community around it.

Co-created content and the "confluence" principle

Because they are first and foremost creators of content, KOLs can also design numerous media used to tell a story, promote a product or create a unique universe for a brand.

In this case, we speak of “confluence“, a marketing concept that translates as the meeting point between Content Marketing and Influence Marketing. In other words, and more simply, confluence allows a brand to integrate the expertise of the KOL at each key point of its content strategy, which, in exchange, allows it to virtuously feed its acquisition channels by providing: knowledge of its audience at the planning stage, more human content at the creation stage and amplification of the content created at the distribution stage. 

The "Take Over" of KOLs

This is a marketing approach that consists of a brand giving control of one of its social accounts to an influencer for a defined period. By choosing this approach, brands manage to arouse the interest of their account subscribers, to gain new followers by taking advantage of the KOL’s network and aura, and to create a brand image that combines proximity and open-mindedness. In short, all good things, provided that the content creator is given a clear objective and shares common values to avoid flopping.


KOLs are now seen as true experts in a field and are, moreover, followed by their subscribers for their valuable advice. So why not give them the floor during a digital event? Through this lever, professionals benefit from qualitative and differentiating content but also from a greater visibility thanks to the community of content creators who will not hesitate to participate in the event and to interact more easily.

There is no longer any doubt. In addition to offering brands the possibility to distinguish themselves from the competition, the numerous co-creation devices with KOLs allow them above all to capture the attention of their targets in a more sustainable way and therefore to convert more effectively thanks to creative, inspiring and authentic influencer marketing campaigns.

A successful co-creation: the example of Diane Perreau and her brand Jaspe x Blissim

Last April, Diane Perreau (a French influencer with 310K followers on Instagram) created a surprise by associating her ready-to-wear brand Jaspe with Blissim (ex-Birchbox), a brand that is a client and user of Kolsquare. This collaboration gave birth to the beauty and lifestyle box “Routine Beaux Jours” worth 344 € and available in limited edition on the e-shop of Blissim for 49 € via the promo code JASPE. After 8 months of work on this co-creation, Diane Perreau and Blissim gathered the 13 favourite products of the content creator and presented a preview to three of her subscribers during an Instagram live.

On the replay of the video, Blissim explains:

"For the release of the Beaux Jours Routine limited edition, we caught up with Diane Perreau, founder of the Jaspe brand and co-creator of this limited edition with Blissim. In just a few hours, Diane's edition was already sold out despite the quantities we had planned to fill you all! Never before seen at Blissim! We can only thank you for the enthusiasm you have shown for this beautiful project. As this is a limited edition, we have not planned to restock. But don't worry, we are preparing some nice surprises for you."

The result of this unprecedented co-creation campaign? More than 4,000 people were present during the Instagram live preview of the limited edition and the box sold out very quickly, in just three hours. Following this successful operation, Diane Perreau continued the campaign by offering a competition to win three boxes on her Instagram account.


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What are the advantages of a co-creation campaign in Influence Marketing?

Once you’ve learned the concept and understood the methods, it’s time to move on to the benefits of this tool. Would you like to launch a co-creation Influence Marketing campaign for your brand but don’t know what it can do for you? Now is the time to pay close attention and focused.

Sharing audiences

In addition to creating authentic, transparent and meaningful collaborations, one of the primary benefits of co-creation is the sharing of mutual communities. When a brand and a content creator partner, they ultimately partner their audiences. Throughout the campaign, both parties need to communicate the why and how of their collaboration on their respective networks. In this way and thanks to regular sharing, co-creation allows a real halo effect and offers greater visibility to the campaign and therefore to the brand.

From KOLs to brand ambassadors

More engaging than product placement, co-creation collaboration in Influence Marketing places the content creator as a true ambassador for your brand and allows you to create a more authentic partnership with your audiences. And for good reason: integrated upstream of a campaign, content creators will be more involved in the creative process because they will no longer be seen as simple advertising panels but will be truly included in the strategic thinking of the campaign. In this way, brands and influencers create a bond of trust that will endure over time.


The art of boosting your brand image

When this type of operation is rigorously organised, it can have an extremely beneficial effect on a brand’s image. And for good reason, by including the KOL in a co-creation process, it demonstrates its open-mindedness and its capacity for innovation to its target audience. A very strong message that allows it to make a difference in the market and to create differentiating content thanks to the wells of ideas that are the content creators.

New customers and sales

Sharing audiences (as seen above) also means potential new customers and therefore conversions. By associating with an influencer who shares its values and by setting up a partnership that makes sense, a brand holds all the cards to attract an audience interested in its product or service that will convert more easily. Especially since content creators are in the best position to know the desires of their communities. It will therefore be easier to respond to their real needs via productions likely to really appeal to them. What more could you ask for?

4 Must-Haves for a successful co-creation campaign

Before fully embarking on a co-creation campaign, a few rules and good practices must be respected. In particular, it is imperative to :

Identifying the right influencer for your campaign

In a co-creation campaign, as in any Influence Marketing device, it is essential to identify the KOL (Key Opinion Leader) profile that is most in line with your brand’s values and whose community is similar to your target. By collaborating with the creator(s) of content most relevant to your brand, you put all the chances on your side to propose a collaboration that makes sense to your respective audiences and whose results will therefore be achieved. In this approach, Kolsquare, technological solution of Influence Marketing, provides you with a catalogue of +1.8M KOLs on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and TikTok allowing you an advanced, precise and intuitive search experience that will meet your identification needs.

It is also worth noting that co-creation schemes are not just for celebrities and macro-influencers. Many brands now frequently use nano and micro-influencers whose engagement rates are generally higher on social networks. Especially since they enjoy greater proximity to their respective audiences, which makes them ideal partners in the implementation of these Influence mechanisms.

Integrating the KOL at strategic points in the campaign

We already talked about this earlier in the article. For a co-creation partnership to really work, it is essential to include the KOL at strategic points in your campaign. By strategic, we mean above all before the birth of your project. In this way, you allow him to fully integrate his creative style and universe into the creative process and you place him at the very root of the Influence project. This will allow them to be more involved, to deeply understand your brand’s values and therefore to defend your collaboration more authentically on their own social networks.

Contractualise and opt for transparency

It can’t be said enough! For a collaboration to take place without any shadow in the sky, it is essential to contract each of its aspects in black and white: duration of the campaign, brief and involvement of both parties, remuneration, expected results,… All these elements will allow you to create a relationship based on transparency and therefore on trust with the KOL profiles you will activate.

This is an essential key to setting up high value-added partnerships with influencers.

Trust the content creators

As with the keys given above, it is important to let the influencer’s creativity express itself throughout your partnership. And yes, don’t forget that you have identified him/her for the common values you share, for his/her universe that fits with your brand’s and for his/her differentiating creative style on his/her own networks. During your various exchanges, don’t hesitate to ask questions and rely on his ideas to develop a collaboration that is as much your own as his.

This will be felt by your respective social communities, even more so if the KOL asks his followers to develop a product that really meets their needs thanks to your brand.

As you will have understood from this article, co-creation in Influence Marketing offers a multitude of differentiating possibilities for brand communications. Above all, it allows them to capitalise on the universe of content creators who are, fortunately, no longer simply considered as contact points to be added to a list of traditional media. By involving KOLs in the creative process and thinking of their brands, professionals build a close relationship with their audiences and place consumers at the heart of their strategies in a genuine, transparent and creative way. 

Would you like to launch a co-creation campaign for your brand? Do not hesitate to contact our dedicated experts for a free demonstration of our technological solution.