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Kolsquare and Affilae start a partnership to address the challenges of measuring the Influencer Marketing and Affiliate campaigns performance

Kolsquare continues to expand its offer to brands and agencies by partnering with the Affilae affiliation, tracking and acquisition software. This partnership is designed to help brands further refine the performance measurement of their Influencer Marketing campaigns.

With an expected 48% increase in budgets allocated to Influencer Marketing in 2021 (source: Kantar Media), a trend towards social selling, and the development of new platforms and functionalities, it has become essential for marketing professionals to know the origin and ROI of each of their actions. The combination of the Affiliate and Influencer Marketing levers is increasingly favored by brands seeking multi-channel performance.

Kolsquare x Affilae: a strategic partnership for brand performance

Faced with this situation, Kolsquare and Affilae have joined forces to enable brands to effectively identify the commercial performance of each of the affiliated KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) on an Influencer campaign. Also, to be able to know the turnover share linked to Influencer Marketing, to measure their Return on Investment (ROI) and to monitor the impact of their actions on the conversion funnel in order to create future pools of KOLs. 

The Influencer Marketing and Affiliate Marketing levers are still exploited in isolation today in Europe, whereas they have already fully converged in the United States. We chose to join forces with Kolsquare with a view to ensuring complementarity in the life cycle of an Influencer partnership for brands in terms of identification, tracking, remuneration but also performance analysis (volume of new visitors, volume of commissions in relation to turnover, average conversion time, etc.) of these same partnerships. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing integrated into their Influencer Marketing campaigns, professionals will be able to effectively analyse what influencers have concretely generated in terms of sales performance and thus bring recurrence to their influence strategies.
Alexandre Dos Santos - CEO of Affilae
It is now essential for professionals to multiply acquisition channels with a view to conversion and to be able to measure the results and effectiveness of their marketing actions as accurately as possible. Kolsquare continues to accelerate its development on the strategic site of measurement, to offer its customers ever more innovative solutions in line with their new operational acquisition practices. With our determination to structure the Influencer Marketing market, we are pushing the envelope even further by choosing Affilae's technology and expertise. Thanks to this partnership, we wanted to enable our clients to effectively activate performance concepts in their Influencer campaigns and thus analyse and monitor the performance of each of the activated KOLs. In addition to knowing which profile is the most relevant in a campaign, they will now be able to measure the concrete share of Influencer Marketing in their sales thanks to precise data directly available within our solution.
Quentin Bordage - Founder & CEO of Kolsquare

With the launch of this partnership, brands and agencies will now have the ability to monitor all of their campaign data and performance at the heart of the Kolsquare technological platform (EMV, clicks, conversions, conversion rate, revenue, average basket, commissions, affiliate ROI and ROI from affiliate and influence campaigns, etc.) thus creating a complete dashboard of their various actions.