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Kolsquare’s latest features – June 2022

Kolsquare is continously innovating to provide the most accurate data to its customers but also a better user experience to find the right influencers in no time. Our goal: to help you to reach your greatest potential! Have a look at latest new features released in June on our platform, we bet you want to try them...

“Look alike” for Insta, TikTok & Youtube

Our new “look-alike” feature is now live for Instagram, TikTok and Youtube

For each KOL profile featured on Kolsquare, our algorithms now suggest you similar KOLs profiles based on 2 criteria :

1- content similarity

2- audience similarity

A quick & simple way to enrich your KOL catalog and increase your efficiency, based on the KOL you already like.

New lateral Sidebar

Simple, clear, beautiful… A brand new user experience!

Building the best KOL Marketing product ever starts with a simple UX/UI.

So, at Kolsquare we take special care to improve the user experience on each product release. The new navigation design is a first step in the overall evolution of a more user-friendly interface with better accessibility.

All your favorites sections remain (search, myKOLs, campaigns, …), but are now featured in a sidebar on the left instead of a header on the top as before.

For more simplicity, we decided to include the Contact Support directly in the Help button (see below)

Variable for messaging

Variables: increase collaboration with your influencers and save time!

Thanks to variables, you can now automate personalized emails.

First name, last name, pseudo, Instagram handle and TikTok are the first variables added.

Of course, variables are available in templates.

Is a variable missing? No problem, you can now add them from the profile page!

Manage KOLs' emails

You want to change the email address of a KOL or add one?

It is now possible in the KOL profile!

Have you seen the redesign of this page? What do you think of it?

⇒ contact our Product Team at product@kolsquare.com

[Available soon] Shopify integration

You are using Shopify and you want to track your Promo Codes directly on Kolsquare? By the end of June, Kolsquare will officially launch a full synchronization with Shopify that will allow you to:

* create your Promo Codes on Kolsquare for each KOL,

* share your Promo Codes with KOLs,

* track your sales KPIs: volume of sales, value of sales, average sales, etc.


We already received enthusiastic feedbacks from our beta users, if you are interested in testing the new app

⇒ contact our Product Team at product@kolsquare.com

Stay tuned !

New features are coming…

⇒ Messaging:  preview my email before sending it!

⇒ Data: Improvement on Youtube KPIs,

⇒ My KOLs: Editable columns and addition of new columns.


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