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Marketing Influence: how to be inspired by your competitors to become number one?

A platform that allows marketing and communication professionals to optimize their Marketing Influence campaigns from A to Z, Kolsquare allows brands to go further in their strategies. How to become number one when competitors are multiplying? We will answer you.

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A few weeks ago, Loïc Charmont and Xavier Guinot, Influence Experts at Kolsquare, discussed with you on the subject “How to save two hours a day in Marketing Influence thanks to the Kolsquare platform?”.

Recently, it was on a problem of observing the brands’ competitors that Xavier met Clémence Thibaugeorges (Senior Account Manager) for a 30-minute webinar.

In three main areas and a demonstration of the Kolsquare platform, our two specialists offered their expertise to build the best possible Marketing Influence strategies.

How to identify the success stories of your competitors and use them as inspiration to do better?How to exceed your objectives by capitalizing on your competitors' campaigns?How to build the right Influence Marketing strategy to reach your target directly?

How to identify the success stories of your competitors and use them as inspiration to do better?

Kolsquare has been structured in three distinct areas:

  • Identification of the best Marketing Influence campaigns,
  • Activation of influencers and complete campaign management,
  • Measuring the success of these same campaigns.

On the platform, there are three different ways to identify the best Influence Marketing partnerships:

Depending on what an influencer is talking about. This ensures a certain consistency between the brand’s values and those of the K.O.L (Key Opinion Leader),

Depending on the influencer’s audience. In other words, who the K.O.L. is for. On Kolsquare, brands can filter the location of the same audience (by city or country) or its interests.

Depending on the profile of the influencer. Thanks to Kolsquare, brands can know their location, their age, their activity alongside that of influencers,…

In a world where the use of fake followers has become commonplace on social networks, our platform also has a credibility score. For this filter, Kolsquare’s teams consider that above 80%, the influencer’s audience is considered credible.

This allows brands to ensure that the money invested in their various Influence Marketing campaigns does not go to an audience that may not be real.

How to exceed your objectives by capitalizing on your competitors' campaigns?

As part of this Webinar, Xavier and Clémence chose to study the results of the Quitoque Marketing Influence campaign conducted around the hashtag #myquitoquement.

Thanks to the search bar on Kolsquare, the hashtag can be scanned on all the social networks of the influencers present on the platform (more than one million K.O.L).

Here, #myquitoquemement was used by 22 different influencers on various posts.

With the creation of a campaign, brands study influencer profiles, add them to their favorites for their own future campaigns or scan their posts.

A “reporting” organized in a dashboard offers the possibility for brands to retrieve performance data from this same campaign. With the Quitoque hashtag, you can find:

  • The number of influencers included in the campaign,
  • The parent company financial statements to which they have posted,
  • The “potential” target reached (all influencers’ subscribers),
  • The number of publications,
  • The total commitment of this campaign,
  • Earned Media Value (EMV).

A summary of the most effective influencers on this campaign is also available. As well as all publications containing the #myquitoquemement.

The example of this campaign shows brands that it is possible to capitalize on the campaigns of its competitors and exceed its objectives by analyzing what has been achieved by the players in its sector.

An analysis of posts, influencers’ performance and the exchange with their subscribers is essential to define how one campaign has worked better than another on social networks.

How to build the right Influence Marketing strategy to reach your target directly?

The Kolsquare platform provides its customers with an “influencer” sheet for each K.O.L.

On the latter, several information is available and is more or less essential to know, depending on the digital strategy of the brands. We find in particular:

  • The influencer’s total community on all its social networks,
  • The evolution of the latter by social network over the last three months,
  • The different statistics of the influencer (engagement, posts, views, likes,…),
  • Performance indicators over 1, 3, 6 months or 1 year,
  • The characteristics of its audience (including age, gender, language or location),
  • The interests of the influencer’s audience according to different themes,
  • The influencer’s content (influencer posts and stories).

Data on the characteristics and interests of the influencer’s audience are necessary for brands that directly want to reach a particular target.

Identifying the success stories of your competitors to be inspired by them, exceeding your expectations and objectives by capitalizing on the campaigns of the players in a specific sector, building the right strategy to directly reach your target, these are the opportunities offered by our teams.

As a reminder, Kolsquare is a platform that allows marketing and communication professionals to optimize their Marketing Influence campaigns from A to Z: from the identification of the best influencers to the measurement of the ROI, including making contact.

About Kolsquare

Kolsquare is Europe’s leading Influencer Marketing platform, a data-driven solution that allows brands to scale their KOL Marketing strategies and implement authentic partnerships with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders). Kolsquare’s technology enables marketing professionals to easily identify the best Content Creators profiles by filtering their content and audience, and to build and manage their campaigns from A to Z, including measuring results and benchmarking performance against competitors. Kolsquare has built the largest community of influencer marketing experts in the world, and offers hundreds of customers (Coca-Cola, Netflix, Sony Music, Publicis, Sézane, Sephora, El Corte Inglés, Lacoste, …) the latest Big Data, AI and Machine Learning technologies to drive inspiring partnerships, tapping into an exhaustive network covering 100% of  KOLs with more than 5,000 followers in 180 countries on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. As a Benefit Company, Kolsquare has been pioneering Responsible Influence by championing transparency, ethical practices, and meaningful collaborations to inspire change.

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