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Optimize your “link in bio” on Instagram and TikTok with these five tools

Instagram is still the holy grail of influencer marketing and TikTok is catching up fast. However, while the blogs of today's influencers used to be the main stage for their content, today many 'only' showcase their content on their Instagram (or TikTok) profiles. The link in bio has lost importance, but is this really true? Read on the Kolsquare blog why you can still use it for your marketing campaign and learn more about five tools to help you optimize the link in bio on Instagram and Tiktok.

While on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest every post can be linked, this remains impossible on Instagram and TikTok. This is simply because both platforms have a great interest in keeping users on their apps. 

But brands in particular should work on a strategy for their link in bio to generate more traffic for their own site. In doing so, it is crucial to shorten the link so that no ugly jumble of numbers and letters makes your profile less clear. Moreover, use tools like Google Analytics to measure the success of your link in bio. You can also ask for this data from influencers with whom you are seeking or have entered into a collaboration. 

If you want to know more details about this, read “How to generate traffic to your website with the link in bio?” on the Kolsquare blog!

The link in bio is a clickable URL of any Instagram or TikTok profile. Of course, you can point to it classically, through mentions in posts or stories, but there is certainly more to it than that!

Unlike Instagram, where both private and business profiles can add a link to their bio, the options for private TikTok users remain limited. On the Chinese app, you should therefore have a business account to take full advantage of the link in bio. We would also like to point out here that by now every profile can also add links to stories. 

Turn your views from Instagram Reels and TikTok into money with the link in bio

The benefits of a diverse and engaging links in bio (more on that later) are versatile: you could become eligible for a sale or discount, draw attention to a product launch, link to popular products or services, invite people to a contest, provide information about upcoming events or campaigns, or offer samples. In addition, the link in bio is a wonderful tool for cross-promotions on social media and to draw attention to other offers such as a podcast. 

But for a long time, there was a rumor circulating that the Instagram algorithm would give little preference to posts with a mention of #linkinbio in the caption. The marketing website Hootsuite has investigated this suspicion and has proven the opposite:

Accordingly, the link in bio can still be understood as a Call to Action (CTA). A tool that brings users from your profile to one of your personalized landing pages, which allows you to cost-effectively increase your sales, gain newsletter subscribers or generally improve the communication with your brand’s fans. The link in bio is especially important since neither Instagram nor TikTok have yet created a working strategy for monetizing short videos

Now the question remains how to get the most out of the link in bio, because exactly as the name says and you surely know, it is only possible to insert a single link. Accordingly, you should use at least one of the following five tools that we have compiled for you in the overview. 

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Instagram link in bio tools comparison

Before you decide to use one of the following tools, you should be clear about a few things in advance: 

– the duration of the campaign

– the type of (promotional) content (products, links or texts)

– the goal of the campaign (engagement, clicks or views)

– the budget of the campaign

In the previously mentioned article about links in bio on Instagram, you can also read about the three tools Linktree, Beacons and Campsite.

1. LinkFolio

LinkFolio is primarily for serious influencers and brands. Developed by influencer marketing agency “FamePick”, the tool gives deep insights into your target audience, is helpful for your network (thanks to the brand outreach tool) and offers direct billing through “CollabMe”. Disadvantage of the tool is the low customization possibilities of LinkFolio pages. 

Also beneficial are: unlimited URLs, an analytics tool called LinkFolio URLs, cross-linking, an integrated contact form, industry reports, and historical data. You can use LinkFolio for free or according to three different plans: the Basic plan starts at $5 a month. 

2. Feedlink

Feedlink developed by EmbedSocial allows custom URL for Instagram and TikTok profiles by linking your feed with clickable links to product pages or blog posts. This allows you to maximize the sales and distribution potential of each post.

Also beneficial are: a mobile-optimized landing page, a fast-loading link page, a shoppable landing page that allows changes without having to change the link in bio and increase traffic as well as conversion and sales. Feedlink is free to use, but depending on the number of sources and additional features, you can pay between $3 and $19 or request an Enterprise plan.

3. Shor

Links that simultaneously lead to your website, webshop, blog or to other social networks are possible with Shor. The tool previously known as Shorby helps you create optimized micro landing pages.

Also beneficial are: customization by adding videos, backgrounds, animated avatars, icons, rich links, text blocks and headlines, analytics, retargeting audiences and implementing ads. Shor. will cost you $9 to $99 per month after the five-day trial.


4. Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio also specializes in mobilized landing pages. You will get a personal URL, unlimited links and a high level of security only in a few minutes and a few simple steps, by using the official Instagram API (“Application Programming Interface”).

Also beneficial are: custom URL, insights to statistics and analytics, and email support. Plans for Lnk.Bio start at $0.99 US monthly, but if you want to invest $24.99 US, you’ll get a lifetime subscription right away. 

5. Linkpop

Monetization has never been easier? With Linkpop from Shopify, you can easily and quickly turn followers into consumers, thanks to Shopify’s secure checkout. The tool lets you merge your website, blog, playlist, and more onto one link.

Also beneficial are: custom color design, fast loading times, statistics and analytics of your clicks. The services of the website are completely free, you just need to create an account and you can start using it right away.

Are you interested in the features and benefits of Shopify? Read more about Shopify and Influencer-Marketing on the Kolsquare blog.

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