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Snapchat unveils new features and shifts focus to AR shopping

At this year's Snap Partner Summit, U.S. camera and media company Snap Inc. unveiled the latest features for its Snapchat platform. Updates vary from a Snap 3D Asset Manager to a Camera Kit for AR Shopping or a Director Mode. Find all the details on Snapchat's new products for 2022 on the Kolsquare blog now.

snapchat app with american flag
snapchat app with american flag

The Snapchat product roadmap includes the following:

– A drone called Pixy, which doesn’t need a controller and is pocket-sized, stores all shots in what Snapchat calls its “Memories” library

– Creators can create and store free Snapchat Lenses or filters via an internet cloud database thanks to Lens Cloud

– Snapchat is partnering with Live Nation to transform big concerts like Lollapalooza in Chicago and Wireless Festival in London into AR, this is said to be available exclusively on Snapchat

– Innovations like Camera Kit offer some opportunities for AR shopping. Dress Up allows AR fashion and thus virtual try-on experiences, while providing real-time pricing and more product details for users

Director Mode’s dual mode editing tools allow users to capture images and videos with both the front and rear cameras

Dynamic Stories is the new Discover format that uses a partner’s RSS feed to create automatic stories from previously published content from around the web

Snapchat vs. TikTok

Of course, all social media platforms compete for users and downloads. In the industry, Snapchat is often compared to TikTok because the target group of both platforms is primarily Generation Z. This describes the first digital natives, whose communication channels are mainly shaped online.

While 323 million users on Snapchat send more than four billion photos and videos to friends every day, one billion users worldwide now use TikTok for an average of 56 minutes every day to create, watch or share short videos.

Generation Z is clearly not yet one of the highest-income target groups, but strong brand loyalty even now can work as a marketing strategy in the long term. Marketers should therefore think carefully about which platform they want to use for the next campaign.

For the same reason, the networks themselves are making their offerings more attractive to businesses, who can then increase their brand awareness there.

Read how to increase your brand awareness here on the Kolsquare blog.

So a friend network like Snapchat can definitely be of value for the next campaign, as the app offers different formats for ads. Campaign setup, as well as advanced audience targeting and ad formats like collection ads, story ads, or even filter and AR ads can be found in the Snapchat Business Manager.

Director Mode with dual camera function

While Instagram is trying to catch up with TikTok in terms of vertical videos with the launch of Instagram Reels, Snapchat has copied another social network for the first time in its history with Spotlight. Now, Director Mode aims to make it easier for creators to publish short-form videos on the platform.

As mentioned earlier, the dual camera allows users to use the front and rear cameras at the same time. So far, only the new BeReal app uses this feature. In addition to Snap’s own editing app Story Studio, Director Mode is now aimed more at professional creators to drive entertainment content on the app. This innovation is very reminiscent of TikTok’s Creative Tool Organizer, which may also be due to the fact that Snap has poached the Director of Content leading Spotlight Sam Corrao Clanon from the Chinese company.

snapchat new features

Via TechCrunch

AR Shopping Innovation at Snapchat

Furthermore, this article will take a look at the innovations regarding AR, because where people socialize online, they should also be able to shop, and preferably with just one click. But while many apps are working on product catalogs and tags, Snap is taking it a step further. That’s because the platform is turning phones into virtual shopping malls or closets by adding AR try-on features.

Dress-Up isn’t meant to be just a product feed shopping tab, as Snap’s head of AR strategy and product marketing says in an interview. Of course, it’s also about buying, because that option is always available by click, but fashion should also be fun, he says.

Via The Verge

Snap also explains that AR shopping lenses could generate many more potential purchases, since 250 million users have already used them more than five billion times. Too Faced Cosmetics, for example, knows how to use this development to its advantage, because once a product is purchased, it doesn’t stop there, on the contrary.  So users can use this AR filter to scan the latest eyeshadow palettes with their Snapchat camera.

For Creators, there are new capabilities in Snapchat Lens Studio, while Lens Cloud offers a new collection of backend services that expand the types of AR experiences available in Lenses. Brands can explore new ways to market their products through 3D Asset Manager, AR Image Processing Technology and AR Shopping Templates in Lens Web Builder. Finally, the Camera Kit for AR Shopping integrates AR try-on and product visualization directly into consumer apps.  

Also worth mentioning in this context is the Screenshop, which now gets a more prominent placement within the Snap camera. Users can thus scan a product or a friend’s outfit, whereupon Snapchat brings them purchase recommendations from hundreds of brands.

In addition, brands and retail partners can now expect improved analytics for Shopping Lenses. Consumers will also benefit from real-time pricing as key product information is quickly updated.

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