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The best Influencer campaigns on TikTok in 2021

The Chinese social network needs no introduction! With more than a billion users, it has not only become the darling of generation Z, but also of brands that have made it their new playground. The interest in being present on TikTok is undeniable and the platform has become a powerful lever in an Influence Marketing strategy. A retrospective of the best influence campaigns on TikTok in 2021.

phone screen with the TikTok logo
phone screen with the TikTok logo

Influencer campaigns on TikTok: why does it work?

Simply because on TikTok, everyone is involved!

  • The younger generations are addicted and consume more and more videos to entertain themselves;
  • Brands see it as a great marketing opportunity with a record social ROI and the arrival of TikTok shopping facilitates the act of buying;
  • Influencers are delighted with the wide range of creative possibilities and collaborations.

The figures speak for themselves

In 2021, TikTok broke all records. The teenage social network has become widely popular and now attracts all generations. The mobile video application is the most downloaded in the world, with over 1.5 billion users expected by the end of 2022. TikTok is available in 155 countries and translated into 75 languages. India has the highest number of downloads with 16% of global users, followed by China and the US.

In Europe, the UK leads the way, followed by France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Norway.

In France, there will be 14.9 million users each month in 2020, compared to 4.4 million in 2019!

While 78% of users are between 11 and 24 years old, this trend is changing as the application is increasingly appealing to other age groups.

Simple formats and codes to respect on TikTok

TikTok has managed to establish itself against the giants Facebook and Instagram in just three years. As a key digital player for brands, why is it so popular?

The navigation is fluid and practical with video formats that are very popular. Parodies, tutorials, challenges, choreographies… With TikTok, it has never been so easy to create creative, engaging and viral content. TikTok videos provide an exotic backdrop for users to enjoy. What works? Colour, fantasy, lightness, proximity and spontaneity. Call on influencers, also known as “tiktokers”! These influencer marketing experts will reveal your know-how.

TikTok does not require ultra-professional content. Indeed, the functionalities are intuitive and allow you to easily create your videos. All you have to do is use your smartphone and be creative.

Authenticity is the key: what people are interested in is spontaneous content that doesn’t necessarily require as much aestheticism as on Instagram for example. TikTok influencers are not the same as on other platforms. Closer to their community, they take care to reach your target in a more direct and sincere way.

Finally, you should know that the TikTok algorithm favours a strong engagement with a much more interesting organic reach than other social media. The act of buying is 1.7 times higher via its application than via other social platforms (Source TikTok).

A platform on which all brands can position themselves

TikTok is no longer just a platform for entertaining videos. It has become an inbound marketing tool to promote products in a simple and fun way. Many themes are represented. Thus, all those who are passionate about gastronomy, beauty, lifestyle, DIY, photography, health, finance… can find themselves there. It is also the ideal place to increase your brand awareness by sharing useful information such as

  • Behind the scenes of your company;
  • Discovering a profession;
  • Tips and tricks for using a product
  • Education on a specific subject…

Be careful, however, to respect the application’s prerequisites. You should use a short video format, a relaxed tone, relevant hashtags and above all maintain a sustained volume of publications (minimum three per week).

5 TikTok influencer campaigns that worked in 2021

1. DARPHIN cosmetics venture onto TikTok

In the summer of 2021, Darphin cosmetics from the Estée Lauder group launched themselves on the TikTok social network. A challenge for this traditional brand, which is mainly sold in pharmacies. It was able to adapt to the platform’s codes and target. The brand chose to work on a campaign for its anti-redness product Intral Serum.

The objectives were: awareness, audience, engagement and conversion. For awareness, it called on 10 creators with different universes in the social network, whom it trusted to create their own content around the product. Each one proposed three themes for publications and the brand chose one. The young Tiktokeur Laurent Pan alias @secretdepeau showed for example why and how to use the product after shaving. By targeting men, Darphin has renewed its image, while continuing to share professional photos of its products. With a reasonable budget, the brand achieved its highest ever reach: 1.8 million organic views, 2.2 million impressions and 967,000 video views. The results in terms of awareness and sales were excellent.

2. ACCA: one of the world's largest accounting firms

Based in London, ACCA has branches in about 50 countries. But to make up for the lack of awareness, they decided to launch themselves on TikTok. The aim was simply to tell their story and show their business from a different angle. They wanted to raise awareness of the accounting profession among the younger generation through a more authentic communication. The TikTok influencers chosen for this mission were tasked with transforming teenagers’ perception of accounting. The videos generated millions of views on social networks. In addition, the young people were so enthusiastic about the accounting firm’s discourse and approach that thousands of likes fell in. ACCA has successfully integrated into the Chinese social sphere.

3. CAPRI SUN launched its first influencer campaign in 2021

Capri-Sun launched on Tiktok in April 2021. Determined to stand out in the highly competitive beverage industry, it chose two agencies in France (iProspect and Isobar) to deploy a TikTok partnership. Their objective was to reach a target of young adults. Enzo Tais-toi, JuniorTvine, Yeux Ebènes took part in this influence campaign with a dozen other influencers. The goal? Post fun and short videos with the hashtag #Caprisize to highlight the brand’s new large format, the 330 ml pouch. A Capri-Sun filter was even created especially for the event. And to make this campaign even more effective, several other levers were activated in parallel:

  • a social paid component ;
  • a TV campaign;
  • a VOL (online video) campaign.

The brand obtained more than 945K views, which reinforced the engagement of Millenials, especially on Facebook and Instagram.

4. BMW is a hit on Tiktok

The German car manufacturer has been making the Chinese social network its own since 2019 and has been going from strength to strength on Tiktok. As of June 15, 2021, hashtags related to BMW have received 22 billion views! The #the1challenge, for example, challenges influencers and users to dance to the music of Big Gigantic. At the heart of the social media campaign was the challenge to include the BMW 1 Series in the dance.

What is the automotive industry’s objective on TikTok? Quite simply, the ideal platform to approach a new target, building brand value with a future generation of buyers. Influencer campaigns are essential to reach new generations and are renewed every year.

5. AMAZON PRIME VIDEO chose to broadcast a series exclusively on TikTok

In February 2021, the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video France launched “Cités”, a TV show written and directed by the artist Abd Al Malik and broadcast on TikTok. It is a 100% TikTok experience. All stages of production (casting, filming, editing, broadcasting) were carried out or thought out in accordance with the platform’s criteria. For example, the series was shot on the iPhone to respect the vertical format. Just before, Prime Video had launched a challenge on TikTok: the #PrimeVideoCasting to call on the platform’s users and influencers to put themselves on stage by reinterpreting a classic of French cultural heritage. In total, there were 45,000 participants, 105 million views and the selection of a dozen actors who were 100% TikTok members.

The objective was for the American giant to position itself on the most coveted social network of our time.

The results of this TikTok campaign?

  • 36 million views on the 12 aggregated episodes;
  • over 50K followers on the Prime Video account;
  • public reviews showed a strong infatuation for the series.

It’s clear that if you want to boost your influencer marketing today, TikTok is the social network to include in your strategy. Smaller brands that have launched on the Chinese network have had excellent results, so why not you?

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