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Top five Influencer Marketing Agencies in France

Agencies can greatly simplify your everyday life as a marketer. Especially now, during the upswing of influencer marketing, it is highly recommended to use agencies that have gained expertise over the past years and can share it with you. Do you want to start cooperating with influencers in France, strengthen your position on the French market, or establish yourself there for the time being? Yes, then these top five influencer marketing agencies from France can help you.

podium with 5 stars
podium with 5 stars

Key Takeaways

  • France specializes in software development and Big Data; accordingly, there are many up-and-coming influencer marketing agencies that have recognized the timeliness of the topic and can help you with your strategy.
  • In a European comparison of the total number of creatives in the country, France ranks fifth, behind the UK and Spain, but ahead of Germany. The TikTok scene is particularly booming.
  • The top five influencer marketing agencies in France are Ykone, Follow, Influenzzz, Jin, and Tanke.

France is behind the U.K. and Spain but ahead of Germany when counting the total number of creatives in the country, according to Kolsquare data. In addition, the TikTok scene is growing more in France than in other European countries. While in Germany only 9,637 profiles and in the UK only 1,104 profiles have more than 50,000 followers, in France there are 14,304 creatives with corresponding followers.

This may possibly be due to the fact that France is less automated in some industries than, for example, Germany. Apart from aviation and the automotive industry, the level of automation is rather less pronounced, which may be mainly due to the lack of equipment manufacturers. Consequently, France is more robust in the software sector and fosters the startup scene, especially in terms of simulation technology, data analysis (Big Data), and related maintenance (predictive maintenance), according to the Forum for Cross-Border Investment.

The European Commission estimates France’s digital economy and society index according to analysis and data on digitalization. Topics such as connectivity, digital skills, e-government, and others are assessed.

The focus on software development and data analytics is also reflected in the landscape of influencer marketing agencies. After all, Kolsquare is also a digital influencer marketing solution based on the latest technologies such as Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning.

Five Questions You Should Ask an Influencer Marketing Agency

There are many different influencer marketing agencies. First, distinguish between full-service agencies, which, according to the name, offer a complete package from A to Z, and boutique agencies, which specialize in some way. This can be the focus on a customer, influencer, or industry group.

Moreover, you can choose influencer marketing magnets according to your needs: Do you want advice, a technologized solution, or contact with talent?

These questions are the first step after defining the goal of your influencer marketing campaign to find the right agency. Hence, before choosing an agency, be sure you know exactly what you want and need. Once you have determined that, you should always ask the following questions when contacting agencies:

  • How do you measure the success of an influencer marketing campaign?
  • What are your guidelines for working with influencers who have engaged in unethical behavior?
  • How do you communicate with customers and talent?
  • What are your rates?
  • What is your minimum budget for an influencer marketing campaign?

Having these developments and questions in mind, let’s take a look at five influencer marketing agencies in France that were either founded there or have French branches and therefore have insights into the French influencer marketing market. To better understand their mission and offer, we add in each case a description, such as the type of clients, the industries, and the minimum budget, if this is communicated transparently.

Ykone, the Global Influencer Marketing Group of Iconic Brands

Since 2008, the Ykone agency has grown rapidly and now counts some well-known international brands among its clients. They also work with hundreds of influencers while maintaining local roots. Ykone combines “traditional agency services with proprietary technology and data, talent management, and in-house production capabilities” in a total of 13 offices.

The agency focuses primarily on luxury, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. Among its best-known partners are Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and many more. Paris is where it all began, and in 2022, the “heart of the agency’s creative spirit” still sits in this office. Here you can request a demo and also ask for management prices.

Creativity and Influencer - the Agency Foll-ow

The full-service agency Foll-ow offers strategic management as well as the production of campaigns. They advise, accompany and recommend, organize castings and projects and finally provide analysis and reporting.

Foll-ow aims to meet challenges with expertiseto help shape the digital space, understand consumers to better target communications and re-enchant collaboration and relationships between brands and influencers.”

For pricing, contact the agency directly. Among the agency’s clients are Clinique, Maybelline, Celio*, and Zalando. Accordingly, foll-ow focuses on beauty and fashion.

InfluenZZZ Relies on Personal Advice

Unlike the two before, InfluenZZZ relies primarily on personal consulting rather than software or other services. A well-rehearsed team of senior consultants for B2B understands, for example, how to market a concept store for bio-based cosmetics. To strengthen the action parameters of the consulting and audit group, the agency has integrated InfluenZZ Business Advisors.

InfluenZZZ is also skilled in seeding, blog trips, sponsored articles, capsule collections, product placements, ambassador programs, sponsorships, and linking. Clients include Carrefour, Bwin, Zalando, Canon, and many more. On top of all this, InfluenZZ additionally offers an academy with three different modules.

JIN Digital PR Agency

Boutique agency JIN has focused on digital influence and public relations for companies and organizations in the European region since 2012, when Alexandre Villeneuve, Romain Boudré, and Edouard Fillias founded the agency, combining technology, digital marketing, and corporate communications. In 2022, JIN merged with Opinion Act to expand into community analysis and digital strategy consulting. The goal: “to create a major European player in digital influence consulting, specializing in community activation.”

The agency’s main tasks are corporate social media management, C-level reputation management, public advocacy, crisis communications, employee advocacy and social listening.

French Influencer Marketing Agency TANKE

French agency TANKE is based in Paris and swears by authenticity through engaging storytelling. According to the report, TANKE specializes in influencer strategies, which is why they “help clients create and optimize influencer programs [to] maximize digital and social media impact and create a social proof of your brand’s values.”

To do this, TANKE has created an impressive network of professional digital talent to work with to reach GenZ and Millennials on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok.

Clients include IBIS, L’Occitane, Rimmel London, Calvin Klein, Gucci and Paramount. Accordingly, TANKE serves the beauty, entertainment, travel, and fashion sectors.

About Kolsquare

Kolsquare is Europe’s leading Influencer Marketing platform, a data-driven solution that allows brands to scale their KOL Marketing strategies and implement authentic partnerships with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders). Kolsquare’s technology enables marketing professionals to easily identify the best Content Creators profiles by filtering their content and audience, and to build and manage their campaigns from A to Z, including measuring results and benchmarking performance against competitors. Kolsquare has built the largest community of influencer marketing experts in the world, and offers hundreds of customers (Coca-Cola, Netflix, Sony Music, Publicis, Sézane, Sephora, El Corte Inglés, Lacoste, …) the latest Big Data, AI and Machine Learning technologies to drive inspiring partnerships, tapping into an exhaustive network covering 100% of  KOLs with more than 5,000 followers in 180 countries on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. As a Benefit Company, Kolsquare has been pioneering Responsible Influence by championing transparency, ethical practices, and meaningful collaborations to inspire change.

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