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You need to know these Influencer marketing tactics to amplify your brand’s visibility

Influencer marketing has become one of the most popular strategies for brands and marketers. Reasons to cooperate with influencers are diverse: collaborations can drive engagement and traffic to your websites, create authentic content marketing, and reach younger audiences who detest traditional ads. Long story short, influencer marketing is a promising way to reach out to and get involved with online audiences. As for every campaign, quality and authenticity remain to be key. Moreover, it is a very successful tool to increase ROI. We, at Kolsquare, know many insider tips and marketing tactics to amplify your brand’s visibility.

graph describing what influencers expect from brands
graph describing what influencers expect from brands

The keyword for a long-term marketing strategy is brand awareness. Influencer marketing offers perfect opportunities to build a lasting engagement with the target group, as the influencers already have created their niche-specific audience who values and trusts their recommendations. Collaborations with the right creators ensure your brand many followers who fall under your ideal customer profile.

The more familiar your target audience is with your brand and the better they recall it when prompted, the higher is your brand awareness. Furthermore, brand awareness helps you to achieve your performance-marketing goals efficiently. Awareness fosters familiarity that fosters trust. In the long run, that’s what increases your brand’s chances of generating leads and conversions.

Handpick Influencers that love your brand

Not only for the sake of authenticity, it is wise to choose influencers that love your brand already. Clearly, they are fond of the brand’s values, if they talk about it without any sponsorship. In addition, their audience is interested alike and therefore possibly more willing to receive the message and buy your product.

Asking influencers that love your brand, ensures you a better chance of generating a higher ROI. At best, you keep an eye on who’s tagging or mentioning your brand in their posts, stories, and Instagram reels. Check out Kolsquare’s comprehensive influencer marketing guide to find your brand’s perfect match.

As brand awareness is a long-term strategy, so should be your collaboration with influencers. It is effective and efficient and gains you the best results. Accordingly, finding influencers to be your brand ambassadors is a successful influencer marketing tactic to amplify your brand’s visibility.

Involve Influencers in your product launch

Collaborating with celebrities to launch and position a new product is not new but has been part of general marketing strategy for ages. Today however, choosing to work with Influencers can give you better results, because they have built their community and are perceived as experts in their niches. In contrast, the celebrities’ endorsements are less credible.

Working with influencers is one of the best strategies to get consumers to trust your product. In fact, 30% of people buy a product more likely, when it was promoted by a non-celebrity than a celebrity, and even 70% of millennials choose non-celebrity influencers for endorsements. Many brands have made use of this strategy before. For instance, Chloe or Chanel invited influencers for their perfume launches. To promote Chanel No. 5 L’Eau perfume, Chanel hosted a retreat to showcase their production facilities in France and how real flowers are used to manufacture the perfume.

This marketing strategy was a huge success for Chanel, as fashion influencers like Juliane Diesner (@styleshiver) posted about their experiences. In addition, Chanel created specific hashtags for the campaign (#chanelgrasse and #newchanel5) which amassed over 900K likes on social media platforms.

Encourage the Influencers’ creativity

The essence of influencer marketing is their unique voice, style, and audience. Therefore, they create unique content, even when it’s sponsored. Obvious benefits of encouraging the influencers’ creativity are that it saves your team immense effort and time. Providing creative freedom is actually prefered by 77% of influencers, according to a crowdtap study.

However, for the success of your campaign in collaboration with influencers, a common goal is crucial. This will specify the kind of content you expect, while it also ensures better coordination between different teams. The following lists provides brand awareness goals that you can choose from:

  • Develop (a long-term) brand affinity
  • Drive more traffic towards your designated channel (e.g. website)
  • Earn backlinks to your website
  • Increase ROI for your business
  • Increase followers on your own social media channels

Each goal requires specific details and monitoring throughout the campaign. Consequently, you need to define a set of relevant key performance indicators (KPIs). Once you know your expectations, you can budget your resources accordingly.

Create value for your influencer

According to a Mediakix survey, money is obviously not the only value influencers look for in brand partnerships. Interviews with more than 50 influencers suggest that creators place great value among others in relevance and authenticity. Cooperating with influencers is therefore clearly about more than just benefiting from their audience.

Source mediakix

Too often, the focus lies merely on the outcome of the campaign or what brands are getting out of the partnership. To be attractive for influencers, of course you should consider the value they are getting with collaborating.

Use micro influencers

By now, the word influencer is connotated with big names like Chiara Ferragni or the Kardashians. However, you may not overlook the creators whose followers connect with them day to day: local foodies, enthusiasts or fashionistas.

Findings from Experticity state that 82% of people are more likely to follow a micro-influencer’s recommendation, because they’re capable of building stronger connections with their audiences because they have a smaller social media following. Working with micro-influencer consequently brings six benefits for your brand: Higher level of trust, expanded audience, brand awareness, higher search ranking, authentic engagement and traffic, and customer loyalty and retention.

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