Our Commitments

Our mission at Kolsquare is to empower all ideas, people and organizations with KOL Marketing in
order to positively impact the world. We use all the resources we have – our tech, our voice,
and our tribe – to inspire and implement solutionsto social and environmental issues.

To incarnate our mission, we became a
benefit company in 2020 and took 4 public engagements :

Empower all ideas, people and organizations that positively impact the world with our KOL Marketing technology and know-how.

Provide financial support to concrete social and environmental issues solutions implementations.

Train, empower and inspire future « change makers ».

Conduct a responsible business to start positively impacting the world at our own level.

Our actions

Because any company can, at its own level, contribute
and help make a better world, we initiated the following actions :

1% to positively impact the World

Each year, we donate 1% of our sales to initiatives (associations, foundations) fighting against social or environmental issues.


On Kolsquare, our users can easily identify KOLs willing to post content for free on their social networks to support initiatives fighting against social and environnemental issues.

Work From Home

Since August 2020, Kolsquare implemented a flexible work from home policy to 100% of Kolsquarians in order to significantly reduce our carbon impact and offer a better pro-perso balance.

Kolsquare for Good

We provide an access to Kolsquare technology with special fares for any Benefit Companies, governments, associations, foundations and all organizations with a general interest mission.

Kolsquare Academy

Special program to share KOL Marketing best practices from KOLs and for KOLs.

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