2022 Valentine's Day: a campaign with nearly 1 million estimated impressions!


Valentine’s Day


France, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland, United States.

Date and duration

  • 12-14 February
  • 3 days


  • Strengthen ties and boost the brand’s desirability amongst our ambassadors and the press, with a view to fostering long-term loyalty and relationships. 
  • Immerse them in our lifestyle by gifting something we love. In this case, a beautifully packaged cheese and nibbles plate and a bottle of wine to be shared with loved ones. 
  • Send clear messages and commitments to reinforce our positioning.
  • Encourage reactions and create emotions.
  • Generate publications that affirm our digital presence and provide visibility for our points of sale

N° and type of influencers activated

  • 59 friends of the brand.
  • Mass, micro & nano influencers.


  • Instagram

Audience targeted

  • Mixed markets
  • Age 20-40

Content posted

  • Stories






975 K


48.8 K€




Lessons learned

“This kind of activity, which does not focus on a product or a collection, enables us to strengthen ties and reinforce our long-term relationships [with influencers] and to reconnect with others. Perennial marketing actions like this are a good opportunity to communicate differently during a particular season. For Valentine’s Day, we wanted to celebrate love and sharing, not just for couples but with anyone who we are close to. The idea was to transfer the brand’s values through a special seeding. 

I was surprised by the amount of positive reactions that we received directly from influencers but also externally — from their followers, from our followers, from the brand’s head office teams, and our press office, for example. We were thrilled with the coverage on Instagram, as more than half of the influencers targeted posted. There were some really great stories. We will definitely repeat this kind of action once or twice a season. 

For the next campaign, I would recommend spending more time on benchmarking (upstream) and on sharing ideas so we can offer more to brand friends. We should concentrate on personalization and AMV branding. We would like to develop the idea of a workshop. For example, we could create chocolate egg molds with AMV branding to send to influencers to use with their families. I see an opportunity to offer a complete experience, one that is not only visual and sensual, but why not auditory?”

Angélique Giraud
American Vintage Press and Digital Relations Manager