Altesse Studio: emphasis on matching values pays off


Visit Altesse Studio workshop



Date & Duration

First three weeks December, 2022


  • Introduce Altesse Studio — France’s last remaining traditional hairbrush manufacturers — to new audiences by relying on different types of KOLs whose values and editorial lines match those of the company.
  •   Immerse the KOLs in the brand universe. Enable them to discover the ancestral knowledge of Altesse Studio — which has been labeled a Living Heritage Company (Entreprise du Patrimoine) — the importance of sourcing quality materials, the various stages of manufacturing, and the exceptional products the company produces.
  •   Create real ties with the brand.

# Influencers activated

4 micro-influencers (approx. 100K per profile)

Targeted audience

A mix between ‘traditional’ and ‘image’ profiles, to target as many people as possible, all of whom have a sensitivity for ‘Made In France’ values.



Content posted

1 set of Instagram stories with a swipe-up link to the Altesse Studio website, and highlighting an exclusive promo code in the run-up to the holiday season.








Lessons learned

 “The format of the campaign format and identifying the right influencers are our priorities when preparing an influencer marketing activation. We take particular care in choosing profiles that are in line with the brand’s DNA and values. It is important that each person feels comfortable with the mission and the messages to be delivered to ensure the content will be authentic and delivered accurately. As a result, the audience is receptive, curious (which generates traffic to the brand’s account and website), and purchases the products! Guided visits of the brand workshop immerse content creators in the company’s work and is a great starting point for the engagement and awareness objectives we have. Kolsquare is an excellent tool to track publications, even those that come as a surprise post-event, the best indicator proving that the selection of profiles was the right one.” Matahari Agency Associate Director Head of Beauty & Influence Marion Rebuffey