Generating and tracking organic content: La Fourche cracks the code


Summer picnic and drinks

Date & Duration

2 weeks during June 2022


Reward influencers with whom we work with regularly, encourage them to talk organically about La Fourche and its brand partners. 

# Influencers activated

51 were sent a surprise food basket



Content posted

41 influencers posted 192 pieces of content




Lessons learned

“Several times a year at key moments we send surprise food baskets to our regular influencers. We don’t brief them, there is no obligation to talk about us. If they do, great, if not, too bad. This type of action can be unwieldy, we won’t necessarily be tagged in the content. The other point is that because the giveaway involves products from our partner brands [available in the La Fourche online store], they also want to know who talked about their brand, how many times, etc. So it can be a bit of a mess to find everything.

We use Kolsquare to collect all the content we are tagged in, and we also search for and add all the content that is more organic. For example, if a person talks about a beer they’ve just tasted that was in the food basket, but in which they haven’t tagged us or the brand, it’s good content that you wouldn’t normally see. But if you look for it amongst all the influencers’ content during the week the package was sent, you can find it and add it directly to your campaign.

Kolsquare allows us to centralize the fallout from the giveaway because we can see the content which was tagged, and the content that created a buzz, who published it, when and how, etc. It gives us visibility over the action as a whole and enables us to give feedback to our partner brands about who spoke about their brand, how often, etc. It’s not a specific campaign like Christmas, and it’s different to our ongoing collaborations, it’s more like a mailing. But it’s interesting, because even if it’s a bit time consuming to search through each influencer’s content, with Kolsquare we can prove that the campaign has delivered good results.”

Anaëlle Antigny  
La Fourche Influencer Marketing Manager