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Decoration and Furnishings, Social Platforms and Influencer Marketing

Unveiling Trends and Influencer Strategies in Home Decor and Furnishings for 2023

How Influencer Marketing transforms Home Decor

Two years on from the boom in home decorating precipitated by Covid lockdowns, the home/décor sector has settled into a skilled use of influence that relies on the talent and story-telling capabilities of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). In a sector defined by high-end products and a pronounced move towards more responsible manufacturing and messaging, purchase decisions necessarily take time and consideration; using influencers solely for publicity purposes simply doesn’t cut it.

KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), whether they are design experts, interior decorators or simply enthusiasts, play a key role in shaping how audiences perceive and adopt decorating trends.

In this report, find out the strategies for both reaching and persuading audiences of the value of products that are often constrained by the fact that they are one-off purchases.


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