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The future of influencer marketing: forecasts and budgets for 2024

Stay one step ahead. Discover in our latest study the keys to optimizing your influencer budget in 2024!

Planning for 2024: Influencer Marketing forecasts and budgets

The year 2023 has been marked by economic upheaval due to inflation and difficulties affecting many sectors. Despite these challenges, Influencer Marketing has proven its relevance and won the growing trust of brands. The budget allocated to this sector is expected to reach $12.9bn in Europe in 2024, marking an impressive growth of almost 32.5% compared to 2022.

In today’s ever-changing social and economic landscape, the crucial questions are: Who are the KOLs to mobilize, what are the concrete costs associated with an Influence Marketing strategy, and how can we guarantee an optimal return on investment? In this study, we invite you to discover the best practices to implement when it comes to Influence Marketing budgets so that you can effectively fine-tune your actions and strategies over the coming months.


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