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Three Successful Campaigns With Brand Ambassadors

In the ever-changing landscape of marketing and branding, companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to connect with their target group, stand out from the competition and build a loyal customer base. In this context, the role of brand ambassadors has proven to be an effective strategy with a proven track record. Allow us to answer all your questions about the idea of brand ambassadors in a FAQ, and give you three examples of successful international campaigns.

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Key Takeaways

  • A brand ambassador represents a brand and its values to give consumers a positive image of the brand.
  • Corporate Influencers, Employee Advocates and Brand Ambassadors are ways and strategies for brands to connect with their target group directly and authentically.
  • As a rule, Brand Ambassadors are chosen for their personal qualities, such as honesty, integrity and commitment, to build or establish a brand’s good reputation over the long term.

Brand ambassadors have the power to bridge the gap between brands and their customers or act as a living embodiment of a brand’s values, vision and personality. They captivate audiences with their authentic voices, stories and influential presence. From celebrities and social media influencers to enthusiastic employees and engaged customers, Brand Ambassadors have the unique ability to foster engagement, create brand affinity and leave a lasting impact on a company’s success.

What Is a Brand Ambassador?

Like ambassadors of a country, Brand Ambassadors represent something, in their case a brand. Therefore, Brand Ambassadors are people who promote and represent a specific brand or company positively and appealingly. They are essentially the face of the brand, embodying its values, personality and messages. Brand ambassadors are typically recruited by companies to increase brand awareness, foster customer loyalty and, ultimately, enhance brand reputation and sales.

Are Brand Ambassadors Also Influencers, and What Are Their Roles?

The role of brand ambassadors can vary depending on the sector and brand partnerships, but their main tasks are often as follows:

  • Promote the brand: Brand ambassadors actively promote the brand through various channels, such as social media, events, trade shows or other marketing initiatives. In doing so, they don’t just post an agency-created campaign, they create content, share experiences and engage with the brand’s target group to generate interest and positive associations.
  • Building relationships: Brand ambassadors establish and nurture relationships with customers, multipliers and other interest groups. Acting as a bridge between the brand and its target group, providing information, answering queries and acting as credible, trustworthy representatives.
  • Create content: As we’ve said, brand ambassadors create, by arrangement, blog posts, videos, social media contributions or reviews to showcase your brand’s products or services. This content promotes engagement, informs the public and provides authentic testimonials about the brand.
  • Event participation: Brand ambassadors can attend events such as product launches, trade shows or community gatherings to represent the brand in person. They interact with attendees, answer questions, distribute promotional materials and ensure a positive brand experience.
  • They give feedback: Brand ambassadors are a valuable source of feedback and knowledge for your brand, as communication works both ways. They pass on customers’ opinions, preferences and suggestions, which can help the brand improve its products, services or marketing strategies.

Brand ambassadors are generally selected based on their fit with the brand’s values, their existing influence or reach within the target group, and their ability to communicate and authentically connect with others. This could mean celebrities, industry experts, social media influencers or even engaged customers who really love the brand. Conversely, this implies that brand ambassadors are indistinguishable from influencers.

How can I Become a Brand Ambassador as an Employee?

To become a brand ambassador as an employee, you need to be proactive and represent your company with genuine passion. On the Kolsquare blog, we ask whether Employee Advocates are the new influencers, as they can be. So read here about the benefits of Employee Advocacy and how brands can turn employees into ambassadors.

How Much Does a Brand Ambassador Earn?

Brand ambassadors’ salaries can vary considerably and depend on several factors, such as the brand’s budget, the ambassador’s degree of influence, the scale of the campaign and the duration of the partnership. In addition, different companies may have various compensation structures and negotiate rates differently. Keep in mind that you want a fruitful, long-term collaboration with brand ambassadors. Therefore, you need to be transparent, fair and considerate when negotiating the contract.

As a general rule, brand ambassadors can be remunerated in different ways, for example:

  • Flat-rate remuneration is a fixed payment for the brand ambassador’s services. This may be a one-off payment or spread over the duration of the campaign.
  • Performance-based remuneration is based on a commission or additional remuneration based on specific performance indicators, such as the number of sales or conversions generated by their promotional activities.
  • Free products or services are a rather inappropriate payment method for brand ambassadors, as free products or services are offered instead of financial compensation. However, a free gift can still complement a collaboration, as you need to value and nurture the relationship with your ambassadors.

Brand Ambassador Campaigns on Instagram:

Brand ambassador campaigns are strategic initiatives by brands to use the influence and advocacy of people who represent and promote their products or services. Here’s a brief overview of the importance of ambassador campaigns for brands:

  • Trust and credibility: Ambassadors can increase a brand’s credibility by endorsing products or services, building trust with their audience and providing authentic testimonials.
  • Increased brand awareness: Ambassador campaigns bring the brand to a wider audience thanks to the ambassadors’ existing fan community and reach, ensuring greater brand visibility.
  • Targeted marketing: Ambassadors often have a niche fan base, enabling brands to reach certain target markets more effectively and connect with potential customers who might be interested in their offerings.
  • Authentic storytelling: Ambassadors can share their personal experiences and stories around the brand, creating emotional bonds with their audience and fostering brand loyalty.
  • Cost-effective marketing: Ambassador campaigns can be a cost-effective marketing strategy compared to traditional advertising, as brands can use existing platforms and the influence of ambassadors instead of investing heavily in traditional advertising channels.

Overall, ambassador campaigns offer brands the opportunity to leverage the reach, influence and credibility of people who match their brand values. By establishing strong partnerships with ambassadors, brands can effectively reinforce their message, interact with their target group and build long-term brand loyalty.

A successful brand ambassador campaign is also made up of several key elements, which together create a powerful and effective marketing strategy. Here are the key elements to consider:

  1. Clear campaign objectives: Define specific objectives and targets for the campaign. These could be to raise brand awareness, increase product sales, reach a new target group or enhance brand credibility. Clear objectives guide the overall direction and implementation of the campaign.
  2. Identify the target group: Identify the target group you want to reach with the campaign. If you know the demographics, interests and preferences of your target group, you can choose the right brand ambassadors who can effectively connect with and influence this specific group.
  3. Brand ambassador selection: Choose brand ambassadors who match your brand’s values, image and target group. Look for people who have a real connection with your brand, and who are credible, influential and understandable to your target group. Consider factors such as reach, engagement, expertise and reputation.
  4. Authenticity and alignment: Make sure values, personality and style match your brand. Authenticity is essential to building trust and credibility with the public. The ambassador must truly believe in your brand and commit to it, in order to create an authentic bond with their followers.
  5. Multi-channel advertising: Use different marketing channels to promote the brand ambassador campaign. This can include social media platforms, blogs, videos, events or collaborations. Use partners’ existing channels and target group reach, as well as your own marketing channels to maximize the campaign’s visibility and impact.
  6. A clear brand message: Give clear guidelines on how your brand should be represented. Communicate key messages, brand values and any specific campaign requirements to ensure consistent messaging and brand representation across all platforms and content.
  7. Track and measure: Track and analyze campaign performance using relevant metrics such as engagement, reach, impressions, conversions and sentiment analysis. Regularly assess the impact of the campaign and make adjustments where necessary to optimize results and achieve campaign objectives.
  8. Building long-term relationships: Consider building long-term relationships to encourage ongoing brand loyalty and retention. Continuity and consistency in ambassador partnerships can reinforce brand affinity and create a sense of authenticity and trust with the audience.

Examples of Well-known Brand Ambassadors

Ni Ni, global brand ambassador for the Gucci Eyewear spring-summer 2023 collection

Chinese actress Ni Ni will be the face of Gucci Eyewear’s spring-summer 2023 collection. Born in August 1988, Ni has been in the film business since 2011 and has notably been seen in the historical drama “The Flowers of War” (2011) and the French-Chinese fantasy film “The Warriors Gate” (2016).

The colorful campaign gives a retro feel and features oversized Cateye sunglasses with tiger-head fittings, round frames with sequins and speckled havana glasses. However, the luxury brand and the actress have been collaborating for several seasons now. In the summer of 2019, for example, Ni was the face of the summer collection and posed on a highway in the desert, photographed by Hugo Scott and under the direction of the artistic director Christopher Simmonds. At the time, the Chinese model was still wearing geometric gold metal frames and pink lenses.

In the interview about this year’s collection, Ni says: “I’ve been fascinated by Alessandro Michele’s collections; his passion for the beauty of the past and the way he integrates his poetic language into the designs. To be part of this new chapter at Gucci is truly inspiring.”

Photo by Gucci

BTS's J-Hope Is a Brand Ambassador for Louis Vuitton

In recent years, K-pop has become a global phenomenon whose influence extends beyond South Korea to pop culture and the music industry worldwide, with the K-pop group BTS (“Big Hit Entertainment”) being particularly popular. This wave of popularity has also spread to the luxury goods industry, driving a shift towards diversity. As a result, fashion and jewelry brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior and Fendi now choose Korean celebrities to represent their campaigns.

One of these global ambassadors is Jung Hoseok (Hangul: 정호석), known by his artist name J-Hope. Born on February 18 of 1994 in Geangju (South Korea), this rapper, dancer, songwriter and music producer won a national dance competition in South Korea in 2008 and is now a member of the boy band BTS.

Photo by Louis Vuitton via Tatlerasia

Cartier x Vanessa Kirby

French jewelry and watch brand Cartier is now collaborating for the first time in 2023 with British actress Vanessa Kirby, who is the new face of Cartier’s Panthère fragrance, watch and jewelry campaigns. The actress, born on April 18, 1988, is best known for the action film “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” (2018) and the Netflix series “The Crown” (2016-2017), in which she played Princess Margaret.

Cartier was founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, who took over his master’s jewelry workshop. In 2023, the French brand will belong to the Swiss luxury goods group Richemont. For the current 2021/22 financial year, the luxury brand has achieved sales of €19.2bn, according to Manager Magazin, with Richemont Chairman Johann Rupert remaining cautious.

In the “introductory story”, Kirby Cartier appears as a brand ambassador in a red dress, keeping with the brand’s color palette, as she poses in the jungle. An animated fawn can also be seen at the end of the video. She describes the panther as “demanding, independent, feline and vulnerable”. This campaign draws attention not only to the strength of the brand but also to the importance of preservation and reconnection with nature.

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