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Influencer marketing: an essential growth lever for DNVBs (Digital Native Vertical Brands)

The Rise of DNVBs: How Vertically Integrated Brands Lead the Digital Revolution

Empowering DNVBs Through Influencer Marketing

As online sales continue to rise — global online retail sales rose 7% to reach $4.9tn in 2021, compared to 2020 — brands have been forced to adapt and digitalize their offers to meet new consumer expectations.
While entering the digital era can present a major challenge for traditional brands, those that started out as digital — the so-called DNVBs (Digital Native Vertical Brands) — are now reaping the rewards of their foresight.

Vertically integrated, DNVBs design, manufacture and market their products themselves. This vertical structure enables them to eliminate intermediaries and maintain a direct relationship with their consumers. By collecting a wide range of data on their customers, they are able to better respond to their expectations. As historical brands have been surprised by the impact of the digital revolution, these newcomers have been punching above their weight.


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