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Influencer Marketing in the Fashion & Accessories Industry

Reshaping Fashion Dynamics: Influencer Strategies Defining 2023 Trends

Fashion & Accessories: Influencer Marketing strategies

While the consumer market outlook predicts that the market will recover and revenues «are expected to reach approximately $2tn by 2026», the global fashion industry will still need to find new opportunities and ways to achieve its strategic goals in 2023 to survive in an environment where new consumption patterns, inflation, ecology and competing global markets are merging.

The growth of e-commerce in the fashion sector is expected to continue this year through 2028, as the Influencer Marketing market of fashion is estimated to reach $17.12bn by 2027, the industry brands that have already managed to adapt are likely to be the ones that will endure in the years to come.

In this report, we wanted to give professionals the keys to understanding the changes in the market, understanding the needs and expectations of their targets, and responding sustainably by relying on the levers, which are the social platforms, their formats, the KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and Influencer Marketing.


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