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Influencer Marketing in the Sports Sector

Empowering Sports Brands: Unveiling Influencer Dynamics

Driving engagement in sports sector through Influencers

Activated by successful campaigns, sportsmen and women, in turn, become influencers, representing brands via their social networks, and increasing their image to meet consumer expectations. As a sector with strong values of belonging and trust, the sports market has been able to leverage social platforms as genuine broadcasting tools for a message carried by KOLs.

Sport is definitely no longer just about aesthetics, it’s about commitment and delivering messages that bring people together. Whether it’s a pair of sneakers, hiking equipment or a sporting event.

In this report, we wanted to provide industry professionals with the keys to a better understanding of the players’ communications and the sector’s mutations, the importance of a discourse correlated to the values of content creators, the creative possibilities offered by social platforms and the new needs of consumers for transparency, meaning and ethics, to name a few.


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