Influencer Marketing Campaigns: A Must-Have for Marketers!

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Jan 2019


Digital influence – or influence marketing/influencer marketing – is the hot topic for all marketers just now.

The market is consolidating and becoming professional at a great rate. But why is influencer marketing so important for businesses and consumers?

Hence the plethora of not so dumb questions about this booming marketing technique!

Why should you use Influencer Marketing?

The advent of social networks has led to profound changes in consumer behaviour. Shares, comments and likes have become the benchmark indicators of how popular people and consumer goods are.

Communities have formed based on all areas of interest, both large and small, and they range from football enthusiasts to fans of fish and chips.

Gradually, traditional media has become overwhelmed.

How can you justify the cost of advertising on formats whose audiences are falling drastically?

And when it has now been established that most viewers… do not even watch adverts?

Without knowing which target audience you actually reached? And which community you affected?

Digital natives have helped show how important these questions are. They don’t even watch traditional TV much. They prefer to watch a mix of live content and replays and always interactively at that.

Behaviours are changing and the traditional means of receiving advertising messages have been undermined.

As there was clearly a need for progress and to keep up with the times, brands quickly recognised the value of capitalising on the huge success of social networks.

Influencer marketing was born.

What is digital influence?

Digital influence is when an influencer transfers their values ​​to a brand to inspire their community about products and services that may be of interest to them.

The influencer has built up a community of people who are passionate about a certain subject, which may be more or less wide-ranging.

They can therefore influence an audience that is increasingly difficult for brands to reach.

For brands, the change is profound. This is because creativity, innovation and inspiration are now in the hands of people who are outside the company. And these are people that companies must, in fact, transform into associates.

In an absolute jungle which is still under construction, finding the right influencers has become a tricky business.

In this area, not surprisingly, the last few months have seen an explosion in the number of tools designed for influencer marketing.

Trust and authenticity have become the watchwords for succeeding in any digital influence campaign. This is because the relationship between the advertiser, the influencer and their targets must be sincere on social networks.

How does influencer marketing work?

Like any exponentially growing industry, there are rules that have to be followed.

The choice of network used for conducting a campaign is obviously a crucial factor. Each network has its own ways of doing things and rules which must be taken into account. Instagram influencers and Twitter influencers are not the same in terms of marketing influence.

The choice of the influencer sector is another. Advertisers are tempted to choose the influencers who are most related to their own industry.

But digital influence and social networks must be a source of inspiration and are all about thinking outside the box. Surprise is a great way to source emotion!

Whatever happens, when emulating, advertisers must always bear in mind the influence market research and figures for their influence campaigns to succeed. Because staying in the lead is a vital factor in this sector.

And that’s good, because with event promotion, strategic pivots, product launches, and more besides, the opportunities of appealing to influencers are many and various.

This is an opportunity for marketers to get some fresh ideas. And it also increases the ways and means for them to beef up their marketing strategies.