Macro-influencers are very well-known influencers, often having more than a million subscribers.
Mar 2019


What is a digital influencer ? To respond to this question, let’s focus on one of the main types of personality 2.0. Unlike micro-influencers, macro-influencers are influencers that are more or less well known. The limit varies but they are most often estimated at more than 150,000 subscribers, and we often speak of mega-influencers above 500,000 subscribers.

Macro-influencers: ambassadors 2.0

With their large communities, macro-influencers are clearly the stars of social networks. They are recognisable thanks to certain characteristics that distinguish them from micro-influencers:

  • Macro-influencers produce content very regularly. For a large number of them, social networks have become their place of work, which explains why they are able to manage them like a real business.
  • The strength and size of their community defines them. Able to reach up to more than a million followers, such as international celebrities, they are approached by brands for their visibility and their indisputable popularity. Their posts therefore reach far more people than those of micro-influencers, whose audience is smaller, despite a level of engagement that is usually not as strong as that of micro-influencers.

Macro-influencers are able to create a buzz and thereby increase traffic to a website. Lots of them have become real brands, like EnjoyPhoenix or Norman Thavaud.

Their popularity on social networks has enabled them to develop a business, making them sought-after for marketing projects with prestigious brands. Their reputation therefore extends beyond the digital realm.


Lots of advertisers believe that macro and micro influencers are, in the field of influencer marketing, fierce competitors. On the contrary! For an advertising campaign, these two types influencer are complementary.

Macro-influencers grow reputations, while micro-influencers will guarantee great credibility. The ideal would therefore be to use macro-influencers and to increase the resonance of your digital campaign with a large base of micro-influencers.

The trick is to carefully select the macro-influencer in agreement with the brand image. This congruence is essential to the success of an advertising campaign.

Even if this is original and well thought-out, if the chosen influencer is not right, it will be difficult to detach them from the operation.

Kolsquare ensures the success of this partnership and the optimisation of the influencer marketing operation in order to achieve the best R.O.I