Digital influencers: which networks?

Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook? Which social network will promote your brand the most effectively?
Mar 2019


Are you looking to reach a specific, connected consumer target?

With Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Snapchat, there is a wide choice of social networks for a wide choice of digital influencer campaigns. So what are the best influencer networks? Where should you go to contact influencers?

Each social network has its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice will ultimately come down to your brand, target and product/service you want to promote via digital ambassadors.

Digital product placement is a very powerful advertising technique as it enables you to create a need amongst your potential customers by regularly exposing them to this product on social networks in particular. By correctly identifying your target, you can therefore carry out effective product placement in order to reach the maximum amount of people who may be interested in your product.

Calling on influence experts such as an agency or a more precise and exhaustive platform such as Kolsquare will help support you. Don’t forget that choosing the right influencer is crucial! So make sure you do everything you can to avoid getting it wrong.

What are the best Influencer Marketing networks?

By carrying out product placement with an influencer, you are creating a relationship of trust with your target clientele that you are specifically reaching out to via your choice of social networks for your campaign.

Instagram product placement and influencers

With 1.5 billion registered users, Instagram is the world’s second most-used social network and puts specific emphasis on the appearance of its posts. It is entirely natural therefore that influencers talk to their community about brands they like on this platform, which makes it easier to build a close relationship with them without the inconvenience of head-on, intrusive advertising techniques.

Seeking out a Key Opinion Leader (K.O.L.) for an Instagram product placement is therefore a wise decision to be taken quickly. Producing content for Instagram is quicker than writing a blog article or creating a video for Youtube, making product placement easier to set up for the brand as well as the influencer.

As a result, brands have an increasingly higher presence on Instagram. They create their own accounts or work with Instagram influencers in a variety of forms.

With an engagement rate up to five times higher than Facebook and functionalities designed especially for Influencer Marketing, this network is a goldmine for advertising operations.

There is even a trend for account lending: the influencer takes possession of the brand’s account and posts stories throughout an event.

With IGTV, stories and the entire creative output that is improving on a daily basis, Instagram has become the unrivalled social network.

  • Advantage: Encourages creativity, easy to promote a product
  • Disadvantage: Few statistics provided by the app. Calling on pure players such as Kolsquare may prove essential for effectively measuring your ROI.

Youtube product placement and influencers

Do you prefer to get your message across in a more interactive and dynamic format?

Youtube influencers can help you promote your product via their production.

Whilst television audiences are in decline, the use of online media such as Youtube in particular is constantly on the rise. Every day, 4 billion videos are viewed and specialist influencers are seeing their fan base grow at the same pace.

This network is also ideal for native advertising. This proven strategy is becoming increasingly widespread in digital marketing.

  • Advantage: Attractive format, use of sensory marketing
  • Disadvantage: Videos are sometimes less well referenced than text (even though Google is evolving).

Facebook product placement and influencers

With over 2 billion active users all over the world, Facebook is the second most visited website after Google.

A Facebook influencer can therefore prove to be an effective voice, with credibility and an extremely effective influencer network to promote your values.

To reach a wide audience that is likely to share your posts, Facebook is therefore the best platform: 73% of French people aged between 13 and 19 have an account on this social network, constituting an active target.

Members of this qualified audience are tuned in to celebrities, following them according to their own demographical and geographical characteristics.

The influencers you choose to use for a Facebook product placement can easily identify you on their final product, whether this be a photo or a video, thereby redirecting their audience to your page.

A Facebook product placement is therefore especially effective in specifically reaching your target.

  • Advantage: Large community of users
  • Disadvantage: Weaker engagement than on other networks

Twitter product placement and influencers

Have you considered entering into a partnership with a celebrity or a Twitter influencer?

Twitter attracts a population aged mostly from 20 to 40, interested in current events and familiar with information and advertising technologies.

Users chat freely on this network. Tweets are short-lived, contrary to Facebook or Instagram content. This is why the number of tweets on trending subjects and posts can increase very quickly, meaning that they are only visible in the news feed for a short time.

Twitter is therefore the most effective platform for raising your profile among a young, connected audience: 85% of its users are aged under 40 and follow updates on new technologies every day.

Since over two thirds of these internet users visit the website on their smartphone, Twitter product placement via an influencer can enable you to reach out to them in a direct and personalised way.

  • Advantage: User responsiveness and engagement
  • Disadvantage: The short-lived nature of tweets

Snapchat product placement and influencers

Snapchat is the young people’s social network, the only one that enables you to get really close to members due to the fleeting, instantaneous nature of the photos and videos shared.

First and foremost, Snapchat product placement provides the opportunity to show that you are accessible to young people who show little interest in traditional advertising campaigns. Influencers are followed on Snapchat by a community that is genuinely interested in what they do and will not hesitate to follow their recommendations.

Snapchat influencers know how to build really close connections with their fans, and therefore potentially your target. Despite boasting similar functionalities to Instagram Stories, Snapchat remains a network which is highly popular amongst young people.

Often filmed spontaneously without specific editing, videos enable followers to enjoy the same experiences as the influencer.

  • Advantage: The ‘Discover’ function to get you noticed
  • Disadvantage: A restricted population of users