Finding influencers on Instagram

How to find the most relevant Instagram Influencer for your influencer marketing campaign
Mar 2019


Instagram has become the biggest social network in terms of influencer marketing.

This comes as no surprise to anyone.

Extremely popular with young people – 2 out of 3 users are aged under 35, the same age group that no longer watches traditional adverts – Instagram has seen huge leaps in its visitor figures.

With 4.2 billion ‘likes’ per day, Instagram is the strongest social network in terms of engagement rate.

Are you looking to launch a digital campaign and reach a precise target in an effective way? Contacting an Instagrammer and executing a product placement on the social network will raise awareness of your brand with an active, targeted community.

Where to find Instagram influencers

There are three ways to find Instagram influencers:

  • Manually or with a tool (PR/social network tracker) to spot the most popular posts.

Disadvantage: as well as taking more time – and costing more, for certain tools – it is impossible to see whether influencer are really a good match for your brand.

  • With an advertising agency, the one you work with for your campaigns.

Disadvantage: this is not their core business.

Disadvantage: the cost of an Instagram influencer campaign obliges you to build your digital influencer strategy into your marketing/advertising plans. But you will have control over your ROI.

How to contact an Instagram influencer

Just like identifying an influencer, there are three ways to contact an Instagram influencer: manually, via an advertising agency, or via an influencer marketing platform.

And again, we need to ask ourselves the same question: how can we be sure they are effective?

If selecting a digital influencer simply depended on the size of their community, the process would be easy. You would simply contact the one who is the most well known. But this is far from being the case.

In addition to the problem of fake influencers, you also need to identify which one has a community that is in line with your brand and will truly reach your target.

Carrying out a detailed analysis of the data on their account and their followers is essential.

All too often, an Instagram influencer is chosen ‘off the top of your head’, when in fact this choice should be more of a scientific study (looking at the demographics of the target, age ranges, etc.). It therefore comes as no surprise that so many influencer platforms such as Kolsquare offer this service.

The buzzword among Instagram influencers: creativity

When contacted, the influencer will expect you to respect their personal touch, especially in terms of content creation. They want to have the freedom the express their creativity within their sphere.

Instagram is all about being active. No more interminable news feeds full of posts, photos and articles. It is easier to like, share and comment on Instagram than anywhere else. Why? Because this is the main appeal of a network whose strengths lie in its visual nature and ease of use.

Conscious of the appeal of stories, Instagram bosses are constantly improving functionalities and opening up creative opportunities for its users.

Camera functionalities for Instagram stories:

  • Boomerang
  • Freehand option
  • Super-zoom
  • Stop-motion
  • Rewind
  • Live video

As well as these functionalities that enable users to create unique stories, Instagram has developed a whole range of fun and entertaining items. When used well, these new items also create better listing on the network.

Original items for Instagram stories:

  • Polls
  • Localisation
  • Gifs and hashtags
  • Temperature and time

Engagement and ROI: Instagram, the network for brands

With the meteoric rise of video formats, stories are becoming a great way for brands to communicate, even for B2B.

For influencers and brands, detailed statistics were needed for each post.

It is now possible to see the number of impressions, clicks and even the identity of the accounts which have viewed the story. Taking transparency even further, it is also possible to be notified when a person takes a screenshot of the story.

Instagram was the first social network to develop these influencer marketing functionalities. Advanced tools for analysing posts have been implemented, and everything is geared to a call to action. A swipe up feature has even been added to stories to direct users straight to a website.

300 million accounts use Instagram stories every day. Compared to 2016, 80% more users watch videos on Instagram.


What started out as a fairly girly place to chat, designed mostly for friends, has now become a financial goldmine for businesses:

  • 15 million Instagram business accounts
  • 2 million active advertisers each month
  • 80% of Instagram users choose to follow a company they like on Instagram

As a playground for brands, finding Instagram influencers is an accessible, key part of your communication strategy. Provided you have the right tools.

Instagram: the best product placement platform

The second most-used social network in the world after Facebook, Instagram puts greater emphasis on the visual impact and appearance of its posts. 70 million photographs are posted to the platform every day by its users, over half of which are aged between 18 and 29.

And among the 500 million people who actively use the site every day (according to figures published by Hootsuite), hundreds of influencers take their share of the community.

They are specialised in various domains such as beauty, architecture, gastronomy, home decor etc., and showcase brands every day by publishing posts about products they like.


As well as their favourite subjects, they can be distinguished by the size of their respective communities, which may range from a few thousand followers for the myparisianlife page, for example, to Caroline Receveur’s 1.5 million admirers or Jérôme Jarre’s 1.8 million followers.

Kolsquare: the Influencer Marketing platform designed for your social media campaigns

To help you find which instagrammer to contact from all these profiles to ensure your Instagram influence campaign has a genuine impact, we have developed Kolsquare.

Depending on your target and brand values, this solution will help you choose the Instagram influencer you need, enabling you to contact them for your product placement project.

In terms of creativity, the celebrity must be granted a high level of freedom to work within their sphere. This is an essential criteria for a successful Influencer Marketing operation.