Brand challenges: why and how?

Surely you haven't missed the madness of the challenges that invaded the social media during the lockdown. As a brand, don't miss out on this promising Influencer Marketing lever. How do you do it? To what end? We'll explain.
Jun 2020


Instagram has recently launched the “Challenge” sticker to offer the opportunity to challenge each other with friends. But wouldn’t that be to compete with TikTok as well? The social platform is indeed a huge success with the young generation addicted to challenges.

These have multiplied on social media during containment. It must be said that the challenges invite entertainment and creativity while many of us were looking for something to do.

What are the interests of a brand to take on challenges and how to make it a success? Answer in this article.

The challenge allows increasing the visibility and commitment of its brand

During the Covid-19 crisis, and particularly the containment, brands had to rethink their communication strategies to maintain a link with their audiences.

All trade fairs, press events, and other meeting moments had to be canceled and therefore had to be adapted.

The situation proved more than ever that it is now essential to turn to digital, and more precisely to Influencer Marketing, in order to maintain a real continuity in its communication strategy.

The crisis has also challenged brands on their ability to entertain a user looking to occupy their time.

Among the successful formats during containment, the challenge has clearly been successful. Live is also a format that was very popular, always with the idea of creating a continuous and spontaneous link with the Internet user.

The challenge is the format par excellence for creating engagement with the millennials. Once posted, it quickly creates a snowball effect. Each participant spontaneously invites other users to take up the challenge as a kind of challenge.

The more participants there are, the more visible the challenge is. The challenge is viral and boosts the visibility of a brand as soon as it is clearly associated with it.

Launching a successful challenge for your brand cannot be improvised!

Even if the challenge must remain spontaneous and fun above all, we recommend that brands respect certain guidelines to make their challenge a real lever of commitment through an Influencer Marketing campaign:

  • Highlight your products and your brand. It may seem obvious, but you may quickly get caught up in the challenge and forget the basic objectives. Keep in mind that the challenge is a great way to do product placement. It should also reflect your values as well as the whole universe of your brand (identity and image),
  • Be creative. The challenge requires you to know how to convey a precise message in a very short period of time. Creativity will, therefore, be your perfect ally to achieve this. The scenario, the music, the hashtag of the challenge are all elements not to be neglected. Without forgetting a slight dose of humor.
  • Quality above all. There is no point in trying to ride the wave of the challenge if it is not done with a minimum of thought. A good brand challenge cannot be improvised and must be considered as a lever of commitment in its own right. This is all the more true as the challenges are more and more numerous on social networks. It is therefore essential to stand out from the crowd.
@myclarinsofficialWhaaat? Sometimes your outfit can have some kind of “little” problem! ? ##LoveYourselfEffect ##MyClarins ##OutfitChallenge

TikTok: the ideal platform to launch your brand challenge

As a reminder, the very principle of the social platform is to take up challenges in music. TikTok allows you to create and post short videos for free, from 15 to 60 seconds long, with the addition of filters, stickers, and musical excerpts. Each challenge is associated with a hashtag: the most popular ones are actually more visible on the platform.

Even if at the beginning TikTok is mainly aimed at a young target, under 25 years old, the crisis linked to Covid-19 and its impact on the use of social media has somewhat changed the situation.

TikTok was able to attract an older target, looking for entertainment and lightness. The numbers prove it. TikTok sees its audience growing day by day with a peak in attendance from the confinement (Sensor Tower Data) :

  • +2 billion downloads since its creation,
  • +65 million downloads in March 2020,
  • +800 million users.
@iamlaurencomptonWait what? ##cosplay ##Harleyquinn ##harleyquinncosplay ##wipe ##morror ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage♬ Wipe It Down – BMW KENNY

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