How can Influencer Marketing enrich the customer experience?

Relevant targeting, rich content, return on campaigns: influence marketing is a vector of constant enrichment of the customer experience.
Jun 2020


In an increasingly globalized and digitalized world, the quality of the customer experience is essential. Storytelling, brand image, and customer relations have almost more impact than the product itself.

Consumers have real prescriptive power and opinions often dictate purchasing behavior. Social media, already ubiquitous, have experienced strong traffic increases following the period of confinement and it becomes all the more fundamental to promote your brand in a way that resonates positively with an audience.

Influencer Marketing and customer experience are two similar areas: they are long-term winning strategies that require continuous effort and work best when they are authentic and credible.

An Influencer Marketing campaign that gives itself time and resources will always achieve more results than a short-term action. While an influence strategy will often be aimed at selling or converting, it can also enrich the customer experience: more trust, an improved image, engaging content, a loyal community, different experiences. All these elements will serve a brand positively over the long term.

A well-targeted customer is a happy customer

Digital has a huge place in our lives, a phenomenon that has accelerated while we were for many confined. This is good news for the brands that use this communication channel.

But beware of the other side of the coin: today’s Internet user is saturated with commercial messages on a daily basis. It is therefore fundamental that a marketing strategy correctly targets the user.

New generations tend to rely more easily on recommendations from other consumers and influencers than on traditional marketing messages. Influencer Marketing, therefore, appears as a strategic way to reach your ideal target audience through influencers.

They are used to being close to their community, interacting, advising. Skills that can only benefit a brand. Not to mention influence campaigns offering contests or donations that offer a new experience to consumers.

Influencer Marketing allows you to be closer to your customers thanks to the aura of influencers and to enrich their daily experience with content that resembles them.

Better understand your target from one campaign to another

If Influence Marketing allows you to increase your audience and target it effectively, it is also a good way to get to know it better.

Working with an influencer is an opportunity to identify the content that your target audience favors and to benefit from the advice of someone who knows his or her community. From one campaign to the next, you collect data on your target audience and their preferences.

For this, it is necessary to have the means to monitor the results of each campaign. This is the key to optimizing your message and further enriching the customer experience, but also your own knowledge of your customers: needs, desires, behaviors that can lead to conversion.

And the finer and more precise your knowledge of your target audience, the more optimized and personalized the customer experience will be.

Propose an original experience to the client

Working with influencers means collaborating with creators who know how to produce high value-added content, whether entertaining or useful.

We’ve seen the place that digital content took on during the lockdown, the role it played with the locked-in population. But this is just as true outside the crisis.

An Influencer Marketing campaign produces content that is appreciated by users, combining a commercial message, a recommendation and an entertaining or educational experience. This is a far cry from the classic advertising message. In Influencer Marketing, the message conveyed is fully personalized, as is the customer experience.

Product content can be entertaining, provide tips or tutorials, offer a behind-the-scenes look at a brand: all strategies that further enrich the customer’s experience of your product or service, and create an emotional bond between target audience and brand.

Developing a bond of trust

A long-term Influencer Marketing strategy can initiate more loyalty between an audience and a brand.

It is a way to keep a constant link and interact with customers by listening to their criticisms and feedback, which can only increase their trust in a brand.

Influencers bring a more human face to a brand, a bond of proximity. A consumer will always trust another consumer more than a brand on which he cannot put a face.

Nor is it blind trust: it is that he is following an influencer whom he believes, to be honest. The link between an influencer and his community is a true relationship, not a business partnership.

Trust is the key here, which is why it is important to work with influencers who are aligned with your brand values and with whom you have a good relationship. Influencers tend to seek partnerships that are close to their theme for these reasons.

Brian Solis explained to us back in 2017 that the typical customer journey, a succession of moments of truth that pushes an individual to buy, was no longer linear, but rather could be represented by an infinite loop.

A repetition of moments of truth and opportunities for engagement, a fragmented and cross-channel journey with a multiplicity of points of contact.

For influence marketing to enrich the customer experience, however, certain points are fundamental: definition of precise objectives, targeting of your campaigns, choice of influencer profiles, optimal measurement of results. A platform such as Kolsquare allows you to target the influencers that correspond to you and to benefit from all the data necessary for the success of your campaigns.

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