Focus on long-term Marketing Influence campaigns

More and more brands are establishing long-term Influence Marketing strategies and are benefiting from them. And that's good! But then, why is the choice of the sustainable preferred to that of the brief?
May 2019


The long term, the basis for lasting relationships

To succeed in their Marketing Influence campaigns, many advertisers are focusing on the medium or long term.

The principle: Establish lasting and stable relationships with influencers to have a greater impact on audiences during the customer journey.

In this specific case, the influencer will carry out more than one or two actions for the brand, where the short term will only require a slight K.O.L (Key Opinion Leaders) device.

The advantages of focusing on longer campaigns

But then, why do brands increasingly opt for the long term to the detriment of shorter and ephemeral devices? There are many advantages for these campaigns, here are some of them:

  • Greater exposure: the longer a campaign is, the more the brand and the collaboration with an influencer will be highlighted. For companies whose goal is to gain notoriety through Influence Marketing, these long campaigns are an excellent way to achieve this,


  • More flexibility: the long term also makes it possible to adjust marketing operations to better match a target. Whether it is a three- or six-month campaign, working with an influencer will have more time to be seen and reviewed,


  • Greater credibility: the more an influencer talks about a particular brand, product or service, the more credible a campaign will be to its subscribers. And for good reason, this will not be a simple partnership to earn money, but a real long-term relationship,


  • Test the impact of your campaigns over time: brands that collaborate over the long term with an influencer can learn from what works best for their community. A “test” phase for the next Influence Marketing actions, which is a strong point. An essential element also to measure the ROI of your digital campaigns.

Some examples of long-term campaigns

Braun x Caroline Receveur

In June 2017, Caroline Receveur became the very first French ambassador for the Braun epilator brand.

In a press release, the famous blogger, who heads several companies (in ready-to-wear with her Recc Paris brand and in tea with Wondertea), said :

“I am both very excited and honored to be the very first French Braun ambassador, a brand that embodies beauty, femininity and efficiency. This partnership seemed obvious to me”. 

Faced with a strong understanding, shared values and a controlled partnership, this collaboration has continued until recently and has been declined in different formats (television advertising, Instagram posts and stories,…).

Les Amandes de Californie x Marine Lorphelin

A symbol of femininity, simplicity and naturalness, Marine Lorphelin collaborated with the Collective des Amandes for a partnership that was as elegant as it was delicate.

On Instagram, the famous model, medical student and K.O.L (Key Opinion Leader) to the 574K subscribers on Instagram did not fail to engage her community around the benefits of almonds.

For several months and through her Instagram account, Marine Lorphelin has shown her femininity and softness in posts and stories, widely highlighting California Almonds.

To support this collaboration, the brand had opted in particular for the “#AlmondLovers” hashtag followed by many Internet users.

The main points to remember

Before thinking about the means you will use to activate your campaign, you must first define its objectives, which can be multiple:

  • Improve your brand image,
  • To gain notoriety,
  • Acquire new customers,
  • Build consumer loyalty,
  • Increase your fan base on social networks.

There are an infinite number of types of collaboration with influencers. Each objective is achievable if you choose the right Marketing Influence device.

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