How to set up high value-added partnerships with influencers?

You are a brand and would like to find the keys to further enhance your Influence Marketing strategy? Start by taking care of the relationship with your partner influencers. Here are a few tips to guide you.
Feb 2020


Social media are one more space for brands to express themselves. In close collaboration with committed and authentic influencers, they will be able to conquer new consumers and maintain the relationship.

Influencers should no longer be seen as mere points of contact but as spokespeople for your brand. This is all the more true as more and more K.O.Ls (Key Opinion Leaders) have become professional in their profession and therefore favour partnerships with high added value.

Genuine long-term partnerships

Before going into the details of the measures to be put in place for a successful Influencer Marketing campaign, it is important to discuss the type of relationship to be maintained with an influencer. The trend towards an increasingly fake-aware consumer and a generation of influencers who have become professionals means that a brand is more likely to rely on long-term relationships.

It is a question of including the influencer in his communication strategy over the medium/long term by sending him his news, inviting him to events, thinking about his birthday…

The closer the influencer feels to your brand, the more naturally he will talk about it on social networks. Of course, the most important thing is to convince him/her of your products. He will appreciate feeling recognized for his own values.

As you will have understood, product placement in one shot is generally no longer enough to convince influencers and consumers. Brands have to be more creative in order to propose original and relevant influencing devices.

Integrate influencers into your content strategy

How about including influencers in your content strategy? This marketing responds to the need for Internet users to be supplied with high value-added content.

We spend more and more time in front of our screens, we consult a lot of content every day… It is therefore important to know how to stand out thanks to quality storytelling. Today, a brand must indeed seek to target specific consumers with relevant content rather than by broadcasting a generic message.

Once the content strategy has been defined, the influencer recruitment phase comes into play. This choice must be made carefully because it is the influencer who will represent your brand on social media.

The brief transmitted to the K.O.L. must be clear: he must have in mind the objectives and target of your campaign (the target will ideally also be his). Then integrate it into your content production process. He sometimes masters better than you the newest features offered by social platforms and knows what pleases.

Focus on co-creation

Another way to set up a value-added partnership with a K.O.L (Key Opinion Leader) is to jointly imagine the creation of a product. The co-creation mechanism is in line with the brands’ desire to demonstrate authenticity and therefore transparency.

The influencers embedded in this mechanism will generally communicate to their subscribers, the underside of the creation process.

Of course, one of the first advantages is to take advantage of the influencer’s audience and thus to capture a new target. It is also sometimes a way to capitalize on the influencer’s skills in a specific field (for example, photography or video).

Finally, co-creation reinforces the influencer’s power to prescribe to his community, since he has participated fully in the development of the product, so he is 100% convinced.

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