Which strategy should you choose for a digital influence campaign?

It is essential to define your influencer marketing strategy from the start?
Mar 2019


You’re starting out with influencer marketing and you don’t know how or where to start? The first major lesson from customer experience: a successful influencer campaign requires preparation in advance.

To carry out this type of campaign involves financial and human investment. So for a successful campaign and to guarantee a good R.O.I., it is essential to put in place the most efficient influencer marketing campaign (or Influence Marketing) possible.

You will find in this article a range of good practices and tips for carrying out your campaign successfully.

How do you begin with influencer marketing?

To start your campaign from the starting blocks, you must start by defining your plan of attack, otherwise called your strategy. This strategy relies on four essential stages:

  1. Identifying the ideal influencer
  2. Choosing the right system
  3. Offering the right partnership
  4. Creating relevant content

1. Identifying the ideal influencer

To identify the right influencer, numerous tools are available to you (agencies, platforms etc.). Personal research on social networks would be very time consuming and non-exhaustive because the digital influence market has become vast. It is therefore not about contacting the first influencer that comes along.

This is exactly why influencer marketing platforms create tools that allow you to identify the influencer that best matches your brand and objectives.

For example, on the Kolsquare platform listing more than 1 million profiles, it is possible to select influencers according to your budget, target market, sector and subjects of influence using filters and keywords.

You can also compare their communities with that of your brand to study the similarity and therefore the relevance of a particular profile in representing you.

2. Choosing the right network?

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube… there’s a wide range of networks for a large choice of influence systems. Each social network has its own features and offers different results in terms of influencer marketing.

Offering various advantages and disadvantages, it is strongly recommended not to launch the same and unique campaign on all platforms.

Rather, you need to opt for varied collaborations and systems suited to each of the networks chosen (simple post, video content, product creation etc.). Influence encourages people to boost creativity.

3. Offering the right partnership

Your influencer is your partner. And your partnership can take different possible forms:

  • Invitation to an event
  • Creation of a capsule collection
  • Product test and content creation
  • Sponsored posts
  • Etc.

Experience working with varied digital ambassadors – real research into their tastes and expectations – helps to find the ideal proposition.

4. Creating the right content

Would you like the message that you’re sharing to be optimal and to reach your target market? Influencers – also called “Key Opinion Leaders” – want to keep their “touch”, the spirit around which they have built their communities.

Therefore, think clearly, accurately and sincerely about what you want to share. Your content must both reflect the image and values of your brand as well as those of the digital influencer.

If there is not agreement between the content of these two parties, it will be seen as inconsistent and will therefore not have the desired impact. To do this, don’t hesitate to involve them in your creative thinking. An expert on their community, they will be your best advisor.

The positive point: it is well defined, they will know how to resonate with and inspire your audience – the statistics prove it.