Why and how to integrate the video format into your Influence campaign?

Video has proven itself on social media and is even becoming an essential format to attract and captivate the attention of your target.
Mar 2020


Video has become the preferred format on social media. Proof of this is the explosion in the number of Youtube users, the rise of TikTok and the latest video features developed by Instagram. Brands and influencers must be aware of this when defining their Influencer Marketing strategies.

An engaging format that converts!

Thanks to sound, subtitles, and images, video is a format that often tells more than a picture. In just a few seconds, a strong and punchy message can be conveyed. It is an ideal format to convey your brand storytelling. You will be able to convince people thanks to the emotion that you will integrate into your video.

Video allows you to create stronger proximity to your targets. Interaction is easier than via a static visual. You have the possibility to address the readers directly.

Let’s take the example of an influencer who does a live show with his community on Instagram. Even if a screen separates him from his subscribers, he communicates directly with them by talking face to face with the camera and can even involve them in a question and answer session. It’s like talking to him live!

The results on your Influencer Marketing campaign will be visible quite quickly; the video generates a much higher commitment than a so-called “classic” post. By nature, video is viral.

Interactions can be very numerous and it has been observed that video content is more shared than other types of posts. 48% of Internet users share a video more easily with their social community than any other type of content.

In the end, video is an excellent conversion tunnel. Readers are more likely to visit your website, and therefore potentially make a purchase, after seeing a video of your brand. 64% of consumers make a purchase after seeing a branded video on social media.

A format much appreciated by the Z generation

Generation Z presents itself as the most influential of all generations: 82% of 15-24-year-olds admit to being sensitive to Influencer Marketing. However, we should not believe that advertising at all costs will do the trick, quite the contrary.

These young people attach particular importance to recommendations from their entourage and other trusted people (including influencers). They prefer to see real people on their screens rather than advertising.

Gen Z’s would consume 3h25 of online video per day. This is not surprising when you consider that this generation is in search of authenticity from brands and exclusive experiences. The video format is ideal for inviting the player to immerse themselves in their brand universe.

Some ingredients for a video that converts

Video is a format that may seem complicated to grasp as social network users scroll through information very quickly on their screens. You have to be able to capture attention very quickly and get a message across in just a few seconds. This is all the truer since some formats offered by the platforms are, for example, a maximum of 10 seconds.

Start by first defining what the purpose of your video is, in other words, what message you would like to get across. Forget about the idea that you can tell it all in one video and remember that you’re under time pressure.

We then recommend that you focus on a single message. A new product, teasing on an event, tutorial… Your video is there to support a clear message and meet a need.

The editorial line of your video must be in line with your target. You will normally have identified your target audience when setting up your Influencer Marketing campaign.

Think about live videos! This immersive format is popular on social networks. Influencers are used to this format and know how to be authentic to show themselves in the most natural way possible to their subscribers.

3 social media to broadcast your videos

Youtube is THE social media par excellence for video. Youtube enjoys a huge audience with 1.5 billion active users, 6 billion hours of video viewed per month and 100 hours of video added every minute. The video format offered by Youtube lends itself to explanatory content and even product testing.

Instagram has become the largest social media for Influencer Marketing. Regarding a video, the social platform is constantly developing new features to offer the best possible experience (IGTV, Boomerang, Direct…). One of the main advantages is to be able to broadcast content very quickly thanks to the simplicity of the tools provided.

TikTok allows you to create videos in a very short format (60 seconds maximum) by integrating singing in playback. Users take up challenges launched by brands or other users. This platform is very popular with young people: 15-24 year olds represent more than 70% of the application’s users. So don’t neglect them if they are your core target!

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