What are the best Influencer Marketing platforms?

Why and how should you use an influencer marketing platform to boost your Influencer Marketing campaigns?
Apr 2022


The digital influence market is maturing. Obviously, the launch stages of an influencer marketing campaign are now taken on by the various industry stakeholders.

Many agree on the strength of big data when making the crucial choice of influencer.

And, from the moment they identify digital ambassadors, to the moment they mobilise them, advertisers and agencies have a real need for automation and efficiency in managing projects. For solid influencer marketing tools.

What are the best platforms for finding influencers?

Choosing the best digital influence platform depends on the initial business needs:

  • Which networks? Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat: each social network offers specific services. Will the campaign be run on one or several networks?
  • What type of influencers? Influencers can be grouped according to their target audiences a sectors of activity, or according to the size of their community (micro-influencer vs. macro-influencer).
  • The advertiser’s experience in the field of influence. Is this their first influencer marketing test or do they already know what’s involved in gathering data and measuring ROI?

What is the best influencer marketing platform for B2B? And for B2C?

In terms of digital influence, B2B and B2C businesses have, overall, the same concern:

  • Will influencers reach the right target market (demographic, age, gender etc.)?
  • Do they adhere to the image of the brand?
  • Are they fake-influencers? Influencers at risk, or in decline?
  • How do you get in touch with the chosen influencers?
  • What return on investment should I expect? Should you focus on reach, engagement, influencer-marketing earned media value?

Since the start, Kolsquare has made a commitment: to make influence the ideal means to showcase a brand in a premium way. We think that demanding clients expect brands to be demanding with their image.

And we are too: +2 million influencers listed on our platform can be filtered using the strictest criteria on the market.

Product launch, event promotion, visibility and reputation campaign: the identification, activation and contracting of influencers must be effective and data-driven.

How does the influencer marketing platform work?

The influencer marketing platform is an online tool that connects digital influencers and advertisers. An influencer marketing platform is equivalent to a marketplace, where the influencer – also called Key Opinion Leader – (the seller) meets the marketing professional (the buyer).

The influencer will therefore become the brand’s digital ambassador for the duration of the campaign (a post, a video, or for a longer period, on one or more social networks).

The challenge with influencer marketing platforms (those at the very heart of “influencer marketing campaigns”) is to be intuitive and to provide all the tools necessary for reflective and consistent decision-making).

Upstream of this connection, the influencer marketing platform helps you find the inspiration and expertise you need for a successful influencer campaign.

But the platform’s innovative solutions reside in its ability to analyse a large amount of data, and this in real time. Identification of an influencer according to the needs and values of your brand is then possible, both autonomously and with the support of experts to give you advice throughout the process.

Why choose an influencer marketing platform?

With tight marketing schedules and a highly competitive market, it is better to be highly responsive. This is precisely what the influencer marketing platform allows you to do better than an influencer agency.

Selection, making contact, discussions, project management and drafting a contract, everything is achievable in a few clicks and with the support of an expert team that will meet your deadlines.

The data is only important if it can be used. Powerful algorithms must be put in place allow you to sort and analyse this precious data in just a few clicks.

How can you be sure of this? Digital influence experts must enable you to understand and analyse your figures and performance throughout your campaign. And to show you the results.