Take advantage of product placement!

Easily show your product or services in a real-life context, with recognised influencers.
Mar 2019


Would you prefer to show your product or services in a real-life context, without resorting to conventional, head-on advertising? Product placement can considerably increase product recognition and the intention to purchase. Kolsquare will support and guide you in Influencer Marketing to determine how best to benefit from the reputation of an influencer and associate them with your brand.

Day-to-day product placement

How do you find the right celebrity for your day-to-day product placement? What benefits can you expect from such product placement? Discover how an advert associating an influencer with your brand can raise your profile.

Product placement on social networks

Reaching out to a wider or more specific audience, while emphasising the aesthetic quality of your product or not: social networks offer extremely varied opportunities to promote your brand. Kolsquare will help connect you with the celebrity that best suits you, on the social network most suited to your product placement.

Video product placement

If you want your target audience to be able to see the benefits or effectiveness of your product directly with their own eyes, we recommend using video product placement. By taking advantage of a personality’s reputation, you can not only reach a large community but also communicate in an original, credible and innovative way: using influencers and video, your product placement will have a much greater impact. 

Don’t hesitate any longer! Ask for immediate access to our platform, connect with the most suitable celebrity and get the data you need to make a success of product placement!