Take advantage of day-to-day product placement!

Present your brand to your target consumers effectively and forge a relationship built on trust.
Mar 2019


Would you like to present your brand to your target consumers in an original way, forging with them a relationship built on trust? Have you thought about using product placement?

Use an influencer to complete the project and create an impact with your campaign by taking advantage of their reputation!

Get closer to your target market with product placement

By forging a partnership with one or more influencers for day-to-day product placement, you advertise your product or service in a subtler, and less head-on way: the influencer, thanks to their connection with their community, instantly allows you to cross the attention barrier among your potential consumers, and the product placement demonstrates just how practical and useful your product is.

It’s the close relationship that you have with your target market that differentiates this strategy from more conventional forms of advertising and proves its effectiveness.

According to figures released by Public Impact, a consultancy that specialises in estimating product placement performance, this method stands out significantly from conventional advertising such as TV commercials: it increases the recommendation rate between friends and family by up to 28%, awareness of your brand by 15% and intentions to purchase by half!

How do you find the right influencer for your product placement?

The essential element to the success of your influencer marketing campaign is to determine which influencer (or K.O.L/Key Opinion Leader) will best represent your brand.

By accessing the Kolsquare platform, you can find exactly which K.O.L. will be the best ambassador for your brand, by studying their profile from among those of more than 1 million influencers, and by finding exclusive information about their audience’s characteristics, their favourite subjects etc.