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How do you promote your products among your audience without appearing intrusive, using recognised influencers?
Mar 2019


Would you like to promote your products among your audience without appearing intrusive and without using conventional advertising? A suitable and simple solution is to use product placement.

If you want your target audience to be able to see the benefits or effectiveness of your product with their own eyes, we recommend using product placement in a video.

By taking advantage of the reputation of one or more influencers (or K.O.L’s/Key Opinion Leaders), you can not only reach a large community but also communicate in an original, credible and innovative way: thanks to the influencer and video, your product placement will have a much greater impact.

Product placement on YouTube

Do you want to reach a young and connected audience? Have you thought about using a YouTuber to promote your products? Give your advertising campaign real impact thanks to the relevance and originality of a partnership with a professional YouTuber .

More and more brands are asking YouTubers to promote their products. In fact, the site offers a formidable opportunity to reach an audience of young people: this now rivals certain DTT channels both in terms of the number of viewers as well as their daily viewing time.

YouTubers also offer the opportunity to easily target a market segment.

Product placement in a video

Would you like to associate your brand with the image of a carefully-selected star? To do this, are you seeking the perfect ambassador and the right medium for your advertising?  By using product placement in a celebrity video, you’ll develop a close relationship with your consumers while reaching a wide audience!

Product placement in a video is an original and subtle advertising solution, offering two advantages that you won’t find with conventional adverts and posters:

– Firstly, it lets you expose your brand to potential consumers via a medium that they enjoy: the audience that watches the clip of a celebrity on television or online is focused and doesn’t seek to avoid the advert at all costs.

– You also benefit from greater visibility and the reputation of the celebrity with whom you are collaborating for the video.

Kolsquare has developed a range of tools to enable you to create successful product placement videos. Ask for access to our platform now.