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Finding influencers on Snapchat (2019)

How to find the most relevant Snapchat Influencer for your influencer marketing campaign
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Simone Pérèle campaign - Reinforcing the credibility of an aspirational message through the right influencers

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Digital influencers have their own spheres, with followers who relate to them. Defining the target of your marketing campaign is therefore crucial to ensure you choose the right communication method. The audience will not be the same if you choose to communicate via the Snapchat story of an influencer than via Facebook posts.

Finding a Snapchat influencer enables you to reach a young audience: adolescents and young adults. Followers are directly reached and ‘influenced’ by the content of the Snaps that they can open wherever and whenever they like.

Why choose Snapchat?

Snapchat enables you to share photos and videos. The app is therefore the fastest way to share a moment via a video or image. An influencer can make it possible for their followers to experience moments in their lives. The sentiment of the experience will be relayed to the influencer’s followers.


Videos have more influence that images or texts. Influencers know this, which is why they use temporary stories (just 24 hours). They can also send photos to all their followers using the ‘group send’ function.


Filters are another feature that make Snapchat a truly unique app! Geofilters are town filters. They enable you to directly showcase a place, activity or event.


There are also sponsored filters: brands can sponsor Snapchat filters. This is the case for L’Oréal which has already sponsored a filter to promote one of its eyeliners. The brand logo then appears on the filter.


Fun filters enable users to enhance a photo or video with the option to modify their voice.


The ‘Discover’ function enables brands to be explored, as well as helping media to reach a large number of users by creating special content.


Influencer marketing figures show that celebrities such as Cyril Hanouna, Jeremstar and Jul feel comfortable with using the app to share their everyday lives with their followers. They use it commercially, to raise their profile and retain their popularity. Nabilla, the Kardashians, Rihanna and Beyonce have all taken to using Snapchat to self-promote themselves to their fans.

The young people's social network

Snapchat’s uniqueness lies in the fleeting nature of the photographs and videos exchanged by its users, who share over 800 million of them every day all over the world. As big fans of this feature, under 24s represent 75% of the platform’s followers, contributing to making Snapchat the fastest-growing social network.

By developing advertising campaigns that benefit from Snapchat’s potential, brands show that they are accessible to the younger population, which is the least open to traditional advertising methods (press, TV, posters, etc.). According to the Community Manager at the Allo Resto group, Snapchat enables advertisers to develop ‘a rare level of closeness with people’.

How to choose your Snapchat influencer

Obtaining information on a Snapchat influencer’s community is not easy. The app does not make account data public. Unlike Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you cannot see the size of the community on Snapchat.

You therefore need to build trust with the influencer and ask them to give you these figures. Nevertheless, if you want to advertise on Snapchat, you can start by finding an influencer who works with the community you want to reach on other social networks, before asking them about their scope on Snapchat.

For example, the Youtuber Natoo creates many stories on Instagram and Snapchat, communicating on both platforms. Our teams will be able to analyse which influencer has the most potential on Snapchat.

To get a quick overview of the personalities who lead what’s hot and what’s not on Snapchat, consult lists such as the best Snapchat accounts in cookery, health, gaming, celebrities, fashion, lifestyle, sport or travel.

Kolsquare enables you to find the most relevant influencer for your campaign

Just like the American confectionery brand Sour Patch Kids, which called upon Vine star Paul Logan to do product placement and boost its views on Snapchat, you can also find the most relevant influencer for your Influencer Marketing operation.

With this in mind, we have developed Kolsquare: an Influencer Marketing platform that enables you to view the profiles of more than 1 million influencers and access exclusive information about them.

This innovative tool’s comprehensive dashboard means you can also track the results of your campaign, including when you launch it on other social networks at the same time!