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  • Powerful, unlimited search engine with high-performance filters and a high level of personalisation.
  • Detailed influencer profiles: vast network of influencers with over 5K followers on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube and X.
  • Simplified campaign management: plan, create and track your campaigns from a centralised dashboard.
  • Analysis and reporting: measure the impact of your influencer campaigns with our real-time analysis and reporting tools.
  • Competitor benchmarking: understand your competitors' strategies and performance.

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After just six months on the platform, Kolsquare clients overwhelmingly report streamlined workflows and improved ROI.


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Find the right influencers

Find profiles that really match your brand, your products and your objectives, thanks to our advanced filters and our credibility score.

Manage your campaigns

Manage all your campaigns and relationships with influencers in one place, on your own or as part of a team, thanks to our collaborative platform

Measure your performance

Track, measure and optimise all your campaigns in real time. Save time by sharing your reports with your teams in just a few clicks.

Analyse the competition

Stay one step ahead with our monitoring tool, which enables you to keep an eye on the influence strategy of your main competitors.

Our customer stories speak for themselves

Within a few months, our clients have seamlessly incorporated Kolsquare into their influencer marketing strategy, yielding exceptional results while optimizing both time and resources.


Job name


Job name

Ludivine Rome

Kolsquare’s platform allowed us to streamline our influencer search and focus on those who align perfectly with our brand values and target audience.

Thomas Hervet

Thanks to Kolsquare, we were able to target the right influencers and it really paid off in the end. We had a lot of good feedback on the content, and qualitative feedback from customers.

Fanny Debrie

Kolsquare enabled us to narrow the search to only Austrian creators which was a huge benefit in achieving the goals of the campaign.

Elisabeth Krautbauer

We’re very familiar with gaming profiles on Twitch, but Kolsquare enables us to broaden our scope and find powerful profiles that are more mainstream

Morgane Falaize

We love Kolsquare, it makes overseeing and evaluating multinational campaigns like the Aspen event really seamless.

Justine Provent

The added value of Kolsquare really revealed itself to us when it came to reporting to the client. We’re able to show them the overview of the target reached, estimated impressions, the best content, EMV, etc.

Mélanie Rodrigues

The data provided by Kolsquare, including the credibility score and detailed analysis, boost our approach in research, contact, and evaluation of collaborations, thus facilitating rapid optimization.

Elisabeth Gizard

Kolsquare allows us to have a lot of information about profiles. A profile itself might seem perfect on the face of it, but if the engagement rate is low it tells another story.


Kolsquare was a game-changer for our influencer selection. While your network works for 10, activating 100 across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok is a different league. Couldn't have pulled it off without Kolsquare!

Charlotte Caron

Kolsquare helped us create a multi-national campaign with real impact across Europe. We effectively raised awareness of ocean protection among diverse audiences, and expanded our reach. An invaluable tool for influencer marketing!

Amandine Lermigeaux

With Kolsquare, centralizing campaign results is a breeze. The platform offers a comprehensive view, impressing partners by effortlessly showcasing brand mentions and campaign success.

Anaëlle Antigny

Kolsquare's platform maximizes our impact on a tight budget—simplifying influencer identification, content monitoring, and delivering positive results for our startup. It's been a game-changer.

Pierre Baryla

Kolsquare helps enormously to collect all the content. I just create a campaign in Kolsquare, list all the creators and I can analyse the reach and engagement.

Miriam Hamouma

Tools like Kolsquare have enabled us to demonstrate the growth influence will bring us and the new customers we’re going to be able to attract.

Benjamin Terrasson

The results were incredible - I was over the moon! We ran the entire campaign via Kolsquare and were able to share all our data easily with our partners. What's more, we were able to obtain really accurate and comprehensive reports.

Julia Bell

Let Kolsquare become your strategic ally in Influence Marketing!

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