The Top 10 Influencers in the Travel Sector Worldwide

In 2023, we traveled a lot again for the first time since the pandemic. While the travel sector is picking up speed again, brands and destinations need to stand out from the crowd. The trend in the travel sector is towards more authenticity and sustainability, which means that KOL’s content is increasingly reflecting reality. Who is mastering travel content this year and with which influencers can brands work with today? The ranking of the top 10 travel influencers gives you the answers.

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Key Takeaways

  • In the travel sector, everything revolves around authenticity and sustainability, and KOLs have established themselves as experts in travel planning.
  • The top 10 travel influencers come from different countries around the world and are mainly active on Instagram and TikTok while their target group is predominantly between 18 and 24 years old.

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Top 10 Travel Influencers and  Bloggers on Instagram, TikTok & Co.

The list of the top 10 travel influencers around the world is based on Kolsquare's database of more than three million KOLs with 5,000+ followers on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter (X).

  • Credibility score from 75/100: To give you an indication of how many fake followers follow your potential partners, we have developed the credibility score. This percentage from 0 to 100 indicates how trustworthy your influencer's audience is, whereby we speak of a good score from 70 on upwards.
  • Engagement rate: The level of audience interaction with the KOL's content is calculated based on the reactions, comments, shares, likes, etc. per post and is therefore one of the most important key figures in influencer marketing.
  • Earned media value: The earned media value indicates how much influencers can charge for their content on social media.

Kolsquare Insight: The data in the following ranking was collected on October 27, 2023 and may vary from day to day. Therefore, we recommend that you simply take advantage of our powerful platform and book a free demo today to see for yourself.

Who are the World's most Popular and Successful Influencers in the Travel Sector?

1. Cznburak

  • Interests: Entertainment (movies, TV...), family, inspiration & lifestyle, photography, traveling


  • Instagram: 54.4 million
  • TikTok: 74.3 million
  • YouTube: 13.6 million
  • Location: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Location of the audience: Turkey
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 78/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Instagram Posts: 1.19% | Instagram Reels: 1.85%
  • TikTok: 0.53%
  • YouTube: 1.41%

Earned Media Value:

  • Instagram Reels: €1.22 million
  • TikTok: €549.79K
  • YouTube: €2.29 million

Based in Istanbul, Cznburak shares with his 54.4 million followers on Instagram, 74.3 million on TikTok, and 13.6 million on YouTube. His audience, which is between 25 and 34 years old and predominantly male, is based in Turkey. He has a credibility score of 78/100 and an average engagement rate of 1.85% on Instagram Reels and 0.53% on TikTok.

2. Luisito Comunica

  • Interests: Travel, Sports & Fitness, Inspiration & Lifestyle


  • Instagram: 33.6 million
  • YouTube: 41.3 million
  • Facebook: 26 million
  • Location: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Location of the audience: Mexico
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 84/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Instagram Posts: 3.09% | Instagram Reels: 1.16%
  • YouTube: 0.34%
  • Facebook: 0.07%

Earned Media Value:

  • Instagram Reels: €575,72K
  • YouTube: €1.41 million
  • Facebook: €68.96K

Luisito Comunica from Mexico City ranks second among the top 10 travel influencers. His audience of 33.6 million followers on Instagram, 41.3 million on YouTube, and 26 million on Facebook is young (between 18 and 24 years old) and male. His credibility score of 84/100 is very good and his average engagement rate of 3.09% on Instagram posts makes him an attractive cooperation partner for brands.

3. Anushka Sharma

  • Interests: Entertainment (movies, TV...), fashion & accessories, traveling


  • Instagram: 65.2 million
  • Facebook: 17 million
  • X: 23.5 million
  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Location of the audience: India
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 76/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Instagram posts: 3.1% | Instagram reels: 1.59%
  • Facebook: 0.21%
  • X: -%

Earned Media Value:

  • Instagram Reels: €1.14 million
  • Facebook: €55.55K
  • X: €67.53K

Influencer and actress Anushka Sharma is not only part of this top 10 listing, but also among the top 10 influencers on X, where you can find out more about the Mumbai-based KOL.

4. The Card Guy

  • Interests: Inspiration & Lifestyle, Fashion & Accessories, Beauty


  • Instagram: 22.9 million
  • TikTok: 70.1 million
  • X: 2.01 million
  • Location: USA
  • Location of the audience: USA
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 81/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Instagram Posts: 0.65% | Instagram Reels: 6.52%
  • TikTok: 0.06%

Earned Media Value:

  • Instagram Reels: €18,74K
  • TikTok: €10,37K

5. Dallmyd

  • Interests: Family, Travel, Inspiration & Lifestyle, Photography


  • Instagram: 494K
  • TikTok: 2,2 million
  • YouTube: 13,7 million
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Audience location: USA
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 86/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Instagram Posts: 2,3% | Instagram Reels: 0%
  • TikTok: 0.23%

Earned Media Value:

  • Instagram Posts: €13,26K
  • TikTok: €5K

Jake Koehler, a former gaming YouTuber, shifted his channel's focus to underwater treasure hunting after a video titled "Found a possible murder weapon underwater in a river" went viral in late 2016, amassing 20.9 million views. Since then, he's discovered around 20 guns and even stumbled upon a box containing human remains, which he reported to the police and ultimately reburied after their guidance, turning his passion for filming into a successful business with the help of his team.

6. Alan X El Mundo

  • Interests: Sports & fitness, traveling, music


  • Instagram: 1.84 million
  • YouTube: 3.62 million
  • Facebook: 638K
  • X: 404K
  • Audience location: Mexico
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 85/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Instagram Posts: 1.51% | Instagram Reels: 0.94%
  • YouTube: 0.35%
  • TikTok: 4.12%
  • X: 0.04%

Earned Media Value:

  • Instagram Reels: €25K
  • YouTube: €152K
  • TikTok: €33K
  • X: €64.78K

Alan Estrada Gutiérrez, a Mexican actor, dancer, and singer, gained fame for portraying "Mario" in the musical "Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar" and hosts the travel show "Alan x el Mundo" on YouTube, chronicling his global adventures. He embarked on an artistic journey in Mexico City at 18, debuted professionally in the play "Oedipus at Colonus," and later appeared in various productions, including revivals and soap operas, solidifying his presence in the entertainment industry. Additionally, he participated in reality shows like "El Show De Los Sueños," acted in soap operas such as "Verano de amor," and co-hosts the morning talk show "Hoy" on Univision in the United States.

7. Antonio Cn Castro

  • Interests: Sport & Fitness, Travel, Wellness & Health, Family, Inspiration & Lifestyle


  • Instagram: 1 million
  • Location: Portugal
  • Location of the audience: Portugal
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 85/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Instagram Posts: 2.29% | Instagram Reels: 18.22%

Earned Media Value:

  • Instagram Reels: €218K

Feeling bored from the repetitive TikTok content on your feed? Say goodbye to monotony with Antonio Castro, alias @antoniocncastro, boasting 1 million followers. His infectious humor and charisma promise to uplift your day, turning ordinary tasks into delightful entertainment. Get set for a laughter-filled journey as we delve into what makes him a standout influencer!

8. Yvonne Pferrer

  • Interests: Travel, inspiration & lifestyle


  • Instagram: 1,69 million
  • TikTok : 992K
  • Location: Germany
  • Location of the audience: Germany
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 74/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Instagram Posts: 1.3% | Instagram Reels: 0.8%
  • TikTok: 0.4%

Earned Media Value:

  • Instagram Reels: €28K
  • TikTok: €5.8K

Yvonne is an actress and van life influencer with over 1.5M followers on Instagram and 800k on TikTok. She also describes herself as a globetrotter. Her Instagram is filled with picture-perfect photos of her and her boyfriend. But make no mistake, Yvonne is a badass who isn't just out to get the perfect Instagram photo. She loves nature, and if you follow her on TikTok, you'll see what it's like to travel the world. Trust me, not everything is as glamorous as it seems.

9. Sebastian Schieren

  • Interests: Sports & Fitness, Travel, Inspiration & Lifestyle


  • Instagram: 1.6 million
  • Location: Los Angeles, USA
  • Location of the audience: USA
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 82/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Instagram Posts: 0.4% | Instagram Reels: 7.4%

For the past 7 years, Sebastian has been making a living as a freelance filmmaker, creating documentaries, short films, and commercials for various companies and organizations. Additionally, he has grown his social media platforms to over 2 million followers, utilizing his reach to collaborate with different brands. A fan of outdoor sports, he frequently travels in his van, balancing his passion with his filming skills. Originally from Germany, he completed his bachelor’s degree in economics in Innsbruck, Austria, where he is currently based.

10. Brianda Deyanara

  • Interests: Beauty, Sports & Fitness, Inspiration & Lifestyle, Fashion & Accessories, Travel


  • Instagram: 13.8 million
  • TikTok: 36.8 million
  • YouTube: 1.81 million
  • Facebook: 967K
  • X: 1.92 million
  • Location: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Location of the audience: Mexico
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 77/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Instagram Posts: 2.04% | Instagram Reels: 0.83%
  • TikTok: 0.82%
  • YouTube: 0.19%
  • Facebook: 0.89%
  • X: 0.07%

Earned Media Value:

  • Instagram Reels: €131,65K
  • TikTok: €291.48K
  • YouTube: €22,79K
  • Facebook: €6.81K
  • X: €9.33K

Based in Mexico City, Brianda Deyanara has 13.8 million followers on Instagram, 36.8 million on TikTok, 1.18 million on YouTube, 967K on Facebook, and 1.92 million on X.  His credibility score of 77/100 is good, as are his average engagement rates on the various platforms. His audience, most of whom also live in Mexico, is young (between 18 and 24 years old) and male.

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