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Celebrating Women's Day Through the Eyes of Dedicated Influencers

In today's media landscape, female influencersare playing an increasingly important role. These women, who have significantinfluence in their field, use their platform to share their ideas, experiences,and perspectives. They have the ability to reach thousands or even millions ofpeople and can therefore play a crucial role in raising awareness andempowering women.

Women's Day
Women's Day

What is March 8? What is its Origin and What Activities are Carried Out On This Day?

Every year on March 8, International Women's Day is celebrated around the world. This day, recognizedby the United Nations, is anopportunity to highlight the achievements of women in all areas, whether political, economic, social, or cultural. It is also a time to reflect on the challenges women face and to strengthen the commitment to gender equality and women's empowerment.

International Women's Day is an opportunity forfemale influencers to mobilize and use their influence to promote genderequality. Whether they are sharing inspiring stories, raising awareness ofimportant issues or encouraging their followers to take action, these women canhave a significant impact on how we celebrate this important day.

In this article, we will explore how influencerscan celebrate Women's Day and how they can use their influence to promote gender equality and women's empowerment. We will also look at examples o finfluencers who have shaped the fight for women's rights and prominent Women'sDay influencer campaigns. Finally, we will discuss the importance of collaboration between influencers and brands to promote gender equality.

Key Takeaways

  1. Role of influencers in the empowerment of women: Influencers play a crucial role in raising awareness and empowering women thanks to their wide reach on social media. They use their platforms to share powerful messages, promote gender equality, and inspire their followers through influential stories and campaigns.
  2. Importance of authenticity and engagement: Engaged influencers are characterized by authenticity and transparency, sharing not only their successes but also the challenges they face. This approach builds trust with their audience and increases their impact by educating and mobilizing their community around important issues such as gender equality.
  3. Prominent examples of female influencers and influencer campaigns: Figures such as Louise Aubery, Girlgaze, and Charlotte Weise as well as campaigns from brands such as Mattel, Boss Beauties, and Nike demonstrate the effectiveness of influencers and collaborative initiatives in promoting gender equality and empowering women around the world.
  4. Collaboration between influencers and brands for gender equality: Partnerships between influencers and brands are crucial to raise awareness and promote gender equality. These collaborations must be based on ethics, transparency, and shared values to be truly effective and bring about positive social change.

International Women's Rights Day: What are the Numbers?

  • Pay gap: The slogan “equal pay for equal work” is not a reality: women still earn 24.4% less than men,
  • Poverty: Over 60% of the poorest people are women, i.e. 435 million women who have to live on less than US$ 1.90  a day. 47 million women had slipped into extreme poverty due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The COVID pandemic, geopolitical conflicts, climate disasters, and economic upheaval have plunged another 75 million people into extreme poverty since 2020. This means that more than 342 million women and girls could be living below the poverty line by 2030,
  • Global salaries: On a global level, women’s salaries are only 77% of men’s salaries,
  • Investing for women: One of the biggest obstacles to achieving gender equality by 2030 is the alarming lack of funding, with a staggering $360 billion annual gap in spending on gender equality measures.[ED1]

These few figures make it clear what challenges women face and how colossally important International Women’s Rights Day is in raising awareness of these issues and promoting gender equality.

The Role of Influencers in Raising Awareness and Empowering Women

In today’s digital ecosystem, female influencers play a crucial role in raising awareness and empowering women. Through their social platforms, they spread powerful messages that promote gender equality, empowerment, and mutual support among women. Through influencer campaigns, personal initiatives, and collaborations with brands, they are making a significant contribution to the fight for women's rights and inspiring positive change.

By sharing their experiences, challenges, and successes, these influencers become accessible role models who show that empowerment is possible in all circumstances. Their commitment goes beyond simply celebrating International Women's Day; it is an ongoing effort to shed light on women's issues and inspire action and reflection throughout the year.

Their impact is amplified by striking campaigns and engaging initiatives, such as those supported by Sephora that celebrate women's strength and resilience, which we will cover later in this article. These actions demonstrate the importance of collaboration between female influencers and brands to promote gender equality in creative and resonant ways. Through these efforts, engaged female influencers are helping to shape a more equal and inspiring society where women are encouraged to step up and break barriers.

Definition and Role of a Committed Influencer

An engaged influencer goes beyond the traditional role of content creator by using her social accounts (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or X, to name a few) to advocate for important social causes, especially gender equality and women's empowerment. This modern form of activism is characterized by an authentic and transparent approach, sharing with her community not only her successes but also the obstacles she faces. This authenticity forges a deep connection and builds trust with her audience, increasing her impact and credibility.

The authenticity of these influencers is crucial to show that behind every post is a real person with real life experiences. By revealing the  at times difficult realities of their personal or professional lives, these women create a space where vulnerability is valued and dialog about women's rights and gender equality is encouraged. This sharing of personal experiences and challenges makes their messages all the more powerful and resonant.

In addition, these influencers play an important role in educating their audience. By disseminating accurate and verified information, they raise awareness of critical issues and encourage their subscribers to become informed and take action. This educational work is important to combat misconceptions and promote a nuanced understanding of gender equality issues.

The work of committed female influencers also has a significant impact on the brands and organizations they choose to work with. By partnering with organizations that share their values of equality and justice, these influencers encourage the private sector to adopt more ethical and responsible practices. In doing so, they not only promote products or services, but also use their influence to bring about positive change in business practices  and promote corporate social responsibility.

In summary, the dedicated influencer is more than just a voice in the wider digital world. Through her authenticity, commitment to education and thoughtful collaborations, she is becoming a driving force for change and influences not only her audience but also the business and cultural landscape. Her role is essential in building a future where gender equality and the empowerment of all women are at the center of society's attention.

Examples of Female Influencers Who Have Shaped the History of This Struggle

The fight for women's rights is a global cause that has found a particular resonance on social media where influencers and content creators are using their voices to promote equality and feminism. These inspiring women are examples of the positive impact a dedicated online presence can have.

Louise Aubery (Mybetterself)

Louise Aubery, better known as Mybetterself, is a symbolic figure of feminism in France. She uses her platform to promote gender equality and body positivism, two causes that are very close to her heart.

In addition to her work on social media, Louise Aubery has also written a book called "Miroir Miroir" in which she explores the topics of body image and self-esteem. She has also launched a lingerie brand and a women's club, providing a safe and inclusive space for women to discuss various topics and support each other.

As a podcast creator, she continues to share her ideas and experiences, reaching an even wider audience. Her voice has had a significant impact in the fight for women's rights, not only in France but also internationally.

Louise Aubery is an inspiring example of what a person can achieve when she is passionate about a cause and determined to make a difference. Her work continues to inspire and encourage women around the world to love themselves and fight for equality.


Founded by Amanda de Cadenet, a photographer and managing director of The Conversation, Girlgaze is an international network of content creators and visual storytellers who identify as women or non-binary. Based in Los Angeles, Girlgaze is committed to narrowing the gender gap in male-dominated industries, from advertising and media to sports, fashion, and beauty.

Since its inception, Girlgaze has acted as a conduit for  creatives to get direct involvement in major projects, leading to successful collaborations with brands such as Nike, Adobe, Levi's, and Google. A team of Girlgaze talent even organized an issue of Teen Vogue, the first magazine designed exclusively by women.

Girlgaze's voice has resonated and will continue to make noise in the coming months in the fight for women's rights, especially in the US.

Charlotte Weise

Charlotte Weise is a German influencer and model who actively uses her platforms to promote causes close to her heart, such as feminism.

Charlotte is 29 years old and lives near Barcelona. She has been working as an influencer and model for over five years. On her channels, she campaigns for current political and social issues. Feminism is a topic that is particularly close to her heart. She wants men and women to finally be treated equally, not only in terms of salary, but also in the way they treat each other.

In addition to her commitment to feminism, Charlotte also covers other topics such as fair fashion, natural cosmetics, baby content, vegan nutrition, self-love, positive thinking, politics, sex, and many others on her platforms.

Charlotte Weise is an inspiring example of how one person can use her platform to make a positive difference in the world. Her work continues to inspire and encourage women around the world. [ED2]

The above examples illustrate the crucial role of female influencers in the fight for women's rights. Their commitment and determination to advocate for gender equality inspire and encourage women around the world to speak out and fight for their rights. By continuing to use their voice and platform to raise awareness and mobilize, these influencers are helping to drive the movement for gender equality and create a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

3 Outstanding Influencer Campaigns for Women's Day

#1 - Mattel: Barbie Celebrates Women with Strong Ambitions

In 2022, this campaign was developed to inspire and encourage girls to realize their boundless dreams. By working with global female leaders, entrepreneurs, and content creators, Mattel wanted to promote gender equality and project a positive and inclusive image to children. These 12 global female leaders - Shonda Rhimes, Ari Horie, Pat McGrath, Melissa Sariffodeen, Adriana Azuara, Doani Emanuela Bertain, Jane Martino, Lan Yu, Butet Manurung, Sonia Peronaci, Tijen Onaran, Léna Mahfouf - served as role models to empower the next generation of female leaders and showed that there are no limits to what a woman can achieve.

In addition to its international initiatives, Mattel has also made a local commitment and entered into a partnership with the charity Inspiring Girls International. Together they want to connect young girls with inspiring female role models in schools around the world. In addition, Mattel is launching a store with various brands; 5% of the store’s proceeds  will be donated to the Barbie Dream Gap Project in March. This project aims to boost the self-confidence of young girls by proving that they are just as powerful as boys, especially at an age when social norms are still being formed.

#2 - Boss Beauties: NFTs in Honor of Women at the United Nations

In 2022, the "Boss Beauties Role Models"-collection marked a historic moment in the intersection of art, technology, and female empowerment by becoming the first NFT (non-fungible token) art collection to be presented at the United Nations. This initiative, born out of a collaboration with Cathy Hackl, often referred to as the "Godmother of the Metaverse", has not only highlighted technological innovation, but has also served as a platform to celebrate and honor outstanding female figures. The event on March 8, 2022, which coincided with International Women's  Day[ED3] , underscored the United Nations' commitment to gender equality and the empowerment of women around the world.

The collection brilliantly combined art and activism, presenting digital portraits of women who have made history through their courage, innovation, and leadership. It also highlighted contemporary figures who continue to break barriers in various fields. The exhibition offered a new perspective on how digital art can be used to celebrate the achievements of women and inspire future generations.

The partnership with 5th Element Group was critical to the success of this event and underscored the importance of collaboration between non-profit organizations and the technology sector to advance important social causes. Funds raised at the event went directly to the Boss Beauties Scholarship Fund, demonstrating an effective model where artistic and technological innovation directly supports the education and empowerment of women and girls around the world.

#3 - Danone Puts all Bodies Front and Center in a Powerful Campaign

In 2022, Danone launched its #MyLovingBody campaign in collaboration with influencers to promote its "Light & Free" yogurt range which highlights body diversity and promotes self-acceptance.

At the heart of the campaign is the desire to combat stereotypes of perfect bodies by encouraging women to accept themselves as they are and to pamper themselves. Unlike traditional campaigns featuring models, Danone  commissioned real people, including influencers such as @JeNeSuisPasJoli and @DouzeFevrier, to share their authentic stories.

Each ambassador shares her own story, from @Jenesuispasjoli, who talks about her relationship with her body, to @MyBetterSelf, who advocates for unfiltered acceptance. With these real stories, Danone wants to create an emotional connection with its audience and show that beauty lies in diversity and authenticity.

This approach underscores Danone's commitment to inclusion and self-acceptance and positions its "Light & Free" yogurt line as a choice that supports not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional well-being of its consumers.

By choosing to highlight physical diversity and encourage women to embrace their imperfections, Danone is sending a powerful message that goes beyond simply promoting its products: the message of self-love and self-acceptance.

Examples of Committed Initiatives by Female Influencers

The digital age has turned influencers into  agents of social change. They use their influence on various platforms to raise awareness about important issues and initiate projects that have a big impact. Let's find out  how some of them are driving progress and social innovation.

The Fight Against Climate Change: Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg (15M followers on Instagram) may be better known as an environmental activist than an influencer in the traditional sense, but she has cleverly used social networks to mobilize millions of people around the issue of climate change. Her 'Fridays for Future' initiative began with her lone school strikes outside the Swedish parliament and grew into a global movement for climate action. The ability to use  her platform to raise awareness and encourage young people to demand action from their governments illustrates the power of social media as a tool for civic engagement.

Mental Health Support: Zoella

Zoe Sugg (9M Instagram followers), better known by her stage name Zoella, has openly addressed mental health and wellbeing issues on her social accounts. Using her influence, she has encouraged open discussions about anxiety, depression, and stress by breaking taboos and helping to normalize the seeking of help for mental health issues. Her work with mental health charities and her commitment to sharing her own personal experiences have inspired her subscribers to look after their mental health and support those who struggle with it.

Humanitarian Action: Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh (14.4 million YouTube subscribers), an influential YouTube personality, has launched the #GirlLove initiative to combat girl-on-girl hate in schools and on social media. Through this initiative, she encourages girls and young women to support each other, celebrate their successes, and put an end to toxic female rivalry. The funds raised through #GirlLove will support girls' education in disadvantaged regions in partnership with organizations such as the Malala Fund. Singh shows how social media platforms can be used to promote women's solidarity and empowerment.

These initiatives show the diversity of causes that female influencers can support, from the environment and education to mental health and humanitarian aid. Their ability to mobilize, educate, and inspire their subscribers makes influencers key agents of social change in our modern society. As opinion leaders, they have the power to set movements in motion, change perceptions, and take concrete action for a better world.

Collaboration Between Female Influencers and Brands: The Importance of Discussions to Promote Gender Equality

In the context of International Women's Day, collaborations between influencers and brands take on a special dimension. They offer a unique opportunity to raise awareness of gender equality and promote initiatives that support women's rights.

A Powerful Lever for Raising Awareness

Influencers are powerful agents of change thanks to their large audiences and their ability to engage their communities. By working with brands that share their values, they can spread powerful messages and influence the behavior of their audiences.

For example, a clothing brand may decide to collaborate with a feminist influencer for a special "Women's Day" campaign. Together they could design a capsule collection, part of the proceeds of which would be donated to an organization that fights for women's rights. By promoting this collection, the influencer raises awareness of the cause among her audience and encourages her followers to support the initiative.

Win-Win Cooperation

These collaborations are also beneficial for the brands. They can show their commitment to important social causes and improve their brand image. They can also reach a larger and more engaged audience through the influencer's popularity.

Towards More Ethical and Transparent Partnerships

However, for these collaborations to be truly effective, they must be based on ethics and transparency. The influencers must be able to express their opinions freely and the brands must respect their independence. In addition, the terms of the partnership must be clearly defined and communicated to the public.

In summary, collaboration between female influencers and brands is a powerful tool for promoting gender equality. However, they require open and honest communication as well as mutual respect for the values and independence of each individual.

Conclusion: What Activities are You Planning for March 8 (and Beyond)?

International Women's Day is more than just a date on the calendar—it's an opportunity for each of us to recognize, celebrate, and actively promote gender equality. The impact of female influencers, coupled with the power of collaboration between brands and content creators, has the potential to turn awareness into concrete action. But the road to gender equality doesn't end here. Every day presents a new opportunity to support, promote, and participate in female empowerment initiatives.

We invite you to do more than just get involved on Women's Day. Be active all year round by supporting campaigns, getting involved in local initiatives, educating yourself and others about the importance of gender equality, and consciously choosing brands and influencers that promote these values. Your voice, your choice, and your commitment can make a significant difference.

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