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TikTok Content Categories: These Are Relevant for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Launching an influencer marketing campaign on TikTok based on a specific category can be an effective way to increase a brand's visibility and reach by identifying the right category, researching popular hashtags, collaborating with the right influencers, creating a challenge or trend and using branded hashtags. That's why we're presenting more insights on content categories for Tiktok.

Key Takeaways

  • TikTok content categories provide a structure for organizing and categorizing content on the platform. It ranges from entertainment and dancing to fitness and sports to cooking, DIY and painting.
  • Content categories on TikTok are among others, including AdviceTok, ArtTok and BeautyTok.
  • Each category has its popular hashtags and trends, making it easier to reach a specific audience.

The videos, which are characteristically 15 seconds long on TikTok, can have a variety of topics such as their occasion, including lip-syncing, comedy skits, dance routines and more. To help users find the content they’re interested in, TikTok has created a set of content categories. They are essentially groups of videos that share a common theme or topic.

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For brands, content categories can make it easier for users to find or discover content and allow you to directly target specific audiences based on their interests. The principle is simple: you search for influencers who fit your product niche. At the same time, the content categories on TikTok are a bit more complex than just fashion, sports, or entertainment, and it’s important to know that smaller communities exist on TikTok so you can target them.

These Are the Main Categories for Content on TikTok and Their Definitions

AdviceTok has a highly targeted and engaged community that promotes brands and their products, which in turn help solve problems in people’s lives. By working with KOLs who advise on a specific topic, brands can effectively reach and show their target audience, especially since users trust influencers and their expertise.

For example, an acne skincare brand could collaborate with influencers who have spoken openly about their skin problems and experiences online. This is particularly interesting as more and more users use TikTok instead of Google to find answers to common questions.

Art and Culture is a gathering place for visual artists and other creative professionals who use TikTok to showcase their work, demonstrate techniques, give advice, inform their fans or simply share videos about their creative process. ArtTok welcomes artists of all mediums, including painting, digital art and sculpture.

From this example comes another category, beauty. It is for those who are passionate about skincare, cosmetics, hair care and manicures/pedicures. Accordingly, subcategories include SkincareTok, NailTok, HairTok and MakeupTok, among others. On BeautyTok you’ll find tutorials, product tests and fun “get ready with me” content, which is wonderful for indirect product placement. Read the Kolsquare industry report on beauty brands and influencer marketing.

Entertainment: This category is all about making people laugh and have fun, which is what sets TikTok apart. Videos in this category often include comedic skits, parody videos and comedic commentary on current events or pop culture. Users can expect a wide variety of content, including lip-syncing, memes and other types of comedic expression. 

Popular hashtags in this category include #comedy, #funny and #parody. Users often use these hashtags to discover and participate in comedic challenges, such as “Try Not to Laugh” challenges or parodies of popular songs and movies.

Dancing: This is the category through which Tiktok has gained such enormous popularity. Of course, it’s all about movement and music. Videos in this category often feature videos with choreographed dance set routines to popular music. These videos can range from solo performances to group moves and are often categorized by the hashtags #dance, #choreography and #dancer.

The Fitness and Sports content category is about staying active and healthy. Accordingly, it features workout routines, sports training and other fitness-related content. This is where the category overlaps with the following, as healthy eating and an athletic lifestyle often go hand in hand. Popular hashtags in this category include #fitness, #workout and #sporttraining. These hashtags are often used to discover and participate in fitness challenges, such as the “100 Rep Challenge” or the “30 Day Fitness Challenge.”

TikTok also features a lot of food and cooking-related content, such as recipe demonstrations, food reviews and cooking contests. These videos can range from simple and beginner-friendly recipes to advanced cooking tutorials which are tagged with #cooking, #food and #recipe.

DIY and Pranks boost creativity, which is unsurprising given TikTok’s main target audience, Generation Z, and their orientation toward sustainability and environmental awareness. Often, videos in this category show step-by-step instructions on how to make or renovate something, such as DIY projects, pranks and life hacks. The most common hashtags are #DIY, #howto and #prank. 

As addressed earlier, these categories are not mutually exclusive and a video belongs to more than one category. Also, the popularity of hashtags can change depending on the current trends and challenges, so it’s important to keep an eye on the trends and adjust your strategies accordingly.

How to Launch an Influencer Marketing Campaign with Content Categories and Go Viral with it

Launching an influencer marketing campaign on TikTok based on a specific category can be a great way to increase your brand’s visibility and reach. Here are some specific tips for getting started:

1. Identify the suitable category: The first step is to identify the category that best fits your brand and target audience. This step is logical, as you usually follow a similar process when searching for the right influencers.

2. Research popular hashtags: Once you have determined the category, research the popular hashtags within that category. This will give you an idea of what type of content is resonating well with the users and what challenges or trends are currently popular.

3. Work with the right influencers: Identify influencers in your chosen category who have a large and engaged following. Make sure their content aligns with your brand and that their audience is a good fit for your target audience.

4. Use the right hashtags: create brand hashtags that match your challenge or trend and encourage influencers and users to use them when sharing their content. This makes it easier for users to find and participate in challenges and increases your brand’s visibility.

It’s important to remember that achieving viral success on TikTok isn’t easy and it takes a lot of planning and creativity. But by following these steps and focusing on a specific category, you can increase your chances of success and reach your target audience.


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