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Guide to Gen Z Influencer Marketing

Who is the target group of tomorrow? Gen Z, of course, who are the first digital natives and therefore different from other generations. But what are the specifics of Gen Z? What do you need to consider for your next influencer marketing campaign for Generation Z? These five tips will help you for effective Gen Z influencer marketing.

Group of young people are looking at their phones
Group of young people are looking at their phones

Key Takeaways

  • Gen Z describes all those born after 1995. There is no end date for Generation Z yet.
  • Gen Zers are environmentally conscious, realistic, and less easily impressed. They prefer authentic influencers who match their values and ideals over celebrities in advertising.
  • Five tips for a successful influencer marketing campaign for Gen Zers are: clear values and mission, transparency and accountability, personality and authenticity, and community.

Who is the Gen Z?

They are baby boomers and millennials. In marketing, GenZ is designating target audiences according to generations. After all, it’s a way to describe the age range, shopping habits and usage patterns of a broad group. But again, who is GenZ?

Generation Z is the first generation that can be described as digital natives. They have grown up with modern technologies and social media platforms, which made them extremely device-bound. Therefore, it is not surprising that more than 90% of GenZers own cell phones, which is precisely why they are constantly connected to the Internet networking with friends. 75% confirmed that they can’t go more than eight hours without the Internet.

What Are the Specifications of Gen Z?

The IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) determines how brands can best connect with GenZ and understand their buying behaviors. According to a survey, interviews were made with 15,600 GenZers aged between 13 and 21 with 20 senior executives. They found that the younger generation has different preferences than their predecessors. Therefore, brands need to recognize this in order to capitalize on the growing consumer groups.

Contrary to the assumption that GenZ would be most differentiated from Millennials and Boomers by their intense device usage, it is their real-world connection that engages young people above everything else. While Millennials are true live-and-let-live people, GenZers are concerned with the impact of their consumption on the environment. Accordingly, you should target GenZ primarily with social media content.

Let’s note that attention spans are 25% shorter than Millennials. Consequently, it is more difficult for brands to appeal to GenZ. At the same time, the younger generation can process information faster.

While (49%) of Gen Zers buy more products online and via mobile devices in comparison, their purchasing power has not yet reached that of the Millennials. However, this may be mainly due to the fact that most Gen Zers have not earned any money of their own and purchases are presumably made via their parents.


Gen Zers spend the most time on YouTube, as they tend to use it to research for their homework. Moreover, 70% preferred the video platform to the regular TV.


Most of the Gen Zers still have Facebook accounts, but use the platform less often and tend to use it only as a source of information. On the contrary, Facebook Messenger is the main messaging platform.


If a few Gen Z users still opt for Snapchat, it is only to share unfiltered moments with close friends. Snapchat is hardly used in any other way and could be displaced by the new app BeReal in the future. Read how influencer marketing can work on BeReal on the Kolsquare blog.


The Global Web Index shows that Twitter is still in the top 5 social media networks, but Gen Zers use the app almost exclusively to stay up-to-date with the latest news.

Instagram and TikTok:

Although they are different from one another, they are Gen Z’s most popular social media networks. Read more details about Instagram influencer marketing and TikTok influencer marketing on the Kolsquare blog.

Here Is How Influencer Marketing Works for Gen Z

As alluded to earlier, Gen Z is all about making a positive impact on the world, with 76% concerned about humanity’s impact on our planet. Only brands that authentically focus not only on commerce but also generally strive to have a positive impact on the world have the chance, which is the biggest challenge to influencer marketing for Gen Z.

Your brand should have its hands off “greenwashing” or “pinkwashing” because Gen Zers are very likely to catch up to you. Doing so could do long-lasting damage to your reputation on the internet, bearing in mind that Gen Zers don’t forget.

Influencers can quench Gen Z’s thirst for authenticity. They prefer real people to celebrities. They want to be able to understand decisions, learn and be inspired.

PRZM co-founder Liz Toney states: “They’re driving, spending and are behind some of the largest behavioral and cultural shifts that we see today. They are making decisions that will affect us for years to come.”

Five Strategies for Gen Z Influencer Marketing Campaign

We have already established that it is important for Gen Z to have a backbone to positively impact the world. According to this, marketing strategies for Generation Z are based on clear values and missions, transparency, a sense of responsibility, personality, authenticity and building a community.

Gen Z Influencer Marketing: Represent Your Values

What social and environmental values does your brand stand for? When Gen Zers buy products or perceive services, they pay special attention to ensuring that the brand’s values reflect their own:

  • LGBTQ+ rights: Adoption of children for same-sex couples is supported by 60% of Gen Z.
  • Diversity: Ethnic and racial diversity is again supported by 60% of Gen Z.
  • Social Responsibility: Brands that are ethical appeal to 70% of Gen Z.

Transparency and A Sense of Responsibility

Just like GenZ, young people hold themselves accountable regarding their consumption. You also want clear positioning from the brands and influencers you follow.

Superficiality won’t work. Expert on GenZ Larry Milstein explains:

“Brand trust is only second to price in terms of determining what brands we’re going to support. You’ve seen brands trip up because they’ve not upheld the standards that they’ve been communicating.”

How personal is your brand?

Stop taking your cues from the aesthetic and perfectly curated content of Millennials; for Gen Z, it has to be real. Gen Z wants a bold/strong voice that shows a face and doesn’t change its mind like a flag in the wind.

When Crocs used to be uncool, they were relegated to garden use, but this changed and the rubber shoe is so trendy nowadays. The brand has managed to appeal to Gen Z with humor and a certain amount of self-irony.


Comfort👏 Without👏 Carbon👏 We're fully committed to our goal of Net Zero by 2030! Let's make our world a more comfortable place💚 See bio for more!

♬ 오리지널 사운드 - Crocs

Entertain the Gen Z

As important as social responsibility, life isn’t serious all the time and Gen Z are young. They won’t get far with doom and gloom. Convince them with solution-oriented and positive contributions that also entertain them. You can start using TikTok videos or Instagram Reels, as both are particularly appealing to Gen Z these days.

Kolsquare tip: Combine substantive and informative content with entertainment. How can you create fun and quick tutorials?

Nurture your community

Gen Zers want to belong. They want to feel a part of something because only together we can achieve a long-lasting change in the world. Gather brand ambassadors and followers around you and your brand, start a challenge, use CAT or put yourself out there for a good cause.

Above all, communicate authentically and personally. Promote dialogue and exchange of ideas on your channels. Collaborate with creatives, artists and activists. “Find people you think can serve as ambassadors and leverage their networks in a way that feels less transactional and more authentic,” Larry says.

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