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How to find influencers on TikTok ?

Even if many apps want to secure a part of TikTok's success for themselves by adapting similar formats, the content on the Chinese video platform differs from others in terms of structure and user base. Read on the Kolsquare blog how to find (micro)influencers on TikTok for your next marketing campaign.

So find out the rich TikTok Influencer Inn - Kolsquare
So find out the rich TikTok Influencer Inn - Kolsquare

Since its launch in 2017, TikTok has become one of the most important social media platforms. According to, cited by Bloomberg, by the end of March 2022, TikTok already had about 500 million more users than the year before, representing a user growth of 1157.76% between 2018 and 2020. Anyhow, the total number still remains behind Facebook, 1.3 billion more users, and YouTube, one billion more. In March 2022, however, TikTok’s total number of users overtook Instagram and its Chinese competitor WeChat.

SH digital also notes that influencers on the Chinese app need 10,000 followers as well as 270 million views to generate 100,000 US Dollars. It’s obvious that TikTok has great potential, especially for the demographic that mainly uses the app: Generation Z. Of course, this applies not only to the users, but also to the creators.

As a result, marketers need to understand the logic of the Chinese app, its influencers, and user behavior. Although TikTok has recently adopted an official structure for ad advertising that includes campaigns, ad groups, and ads, working with influencers can be very lucrative.

Familiarize yourself with TikTok

Each social media platform follows its own logic with specific algorithms and posting habits. Thanks to the For You Page, users are instantly entertained after simply creating an account. Unlike Instagram and co, you don’t have to follow or like anyone to see content.

The Chinese app’s algorithm is almost legendary. Unlike static queues, the algorithm constantly adjusts the videos in the queue according to users’ actions.

It also gives creators a real chance to succeed. Once they upload a video, it is first shown to a small group of users. When it reaches high engagement, TikTok shows it to more and more users. Thus, despite their brevity, videos have a longer lifespan than on other platforms.

Finally, it is also advisable to keep an eye on the competition. A clear analysis of competitors can provide insights into their methods as well as ideas for your own campaign.

Identify your TikTok influencers

As with any influencer marketing campaign, it’s important to establish and grow a true synergy between brand and creator. Do not get blinded by the number of followers as a criterion, but define your goals upfront.

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It is best to look at your brands from the perspective of your target audience. What appeals to them, aesthetic or educational content? You should be able to determine this using your brand identity. Also, you may want to ask yourself if the creators values and worldview align with your brand, what their engagement rate is on the app or what their posting habits are, and if they collaborate with other influencers or brands or have had collaborations in the past.

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Take advantage of marketing platforms and agencies

In addition to doing your own research with Google, for example, you can also turn to Kolsquare to find the right creators for your next campaign. Through technologies such as Big Data, AI or Machine Learning, the company optimizes your strategies.

Kolsquare brings influencers and brands together and coordinates collaborations with the expertise it has developed. This can be especially beneficial for working with micro-influencers, as Kolsquare can identify them easily. In addition, a partnership can be negotiated fairly for both parties.

These are the advantages of micro-influencers

Especially on TikTok, micro-influencers are attractive partners for your marketing strategy. They offer several advantages over the big accounts:

Followers trust them. Micro-influencers may have a smaller following, but they are usually much more focused and engaged in their niche. Often, the prices of the campaigns are set according to the number of followers. Logically, micro-influencers are therefore cost-effective. While you can hire 20 micro-influencers with the budget for one well-known creator, you also cast a wider net for an overall larger reach thanks to high diversity.

Find out how much influencer marketing really costs here.

As already indicated, followers are also more invested. Accordingly, it is likely that they will accept the recommendations, resulting in a high ROI for your brand.

Nurture your contacts

Of course, you do not have to create new partnerships for TikTok. This seems redundant to mention, but if you have achieved good results through, for example, a collaboration on Instagram, you can extend this collaboration to multiple apps.

You should pay attention to a beneficial relationship for both sides. Especially because brand ambassadors can benefit from exclusive information about the brand and get access to a strong community. It is worth mentioning here that a Brand Ambassador Program for your brand can also be relevant for your brand.

On the Kolsquare blog, you can learn three ways to turn influencers into your brand ambassadors.

Charli D'Amelio is the Tiktok Queen

Admittedly, these two widest-reaching TikTokers are anything but micro but once again show the potential of the app. Charli D’Amelio has been active on TikTok since the summer of 2019 and now has over 140 million followers on the app. There are many reasons for her success, because the American represents everything that TikTok embodies: young users, dance videos, and pop and meme culture. The “Hype House,” a Los Angeles mansion that Charli moved into with 13 other TikTokers in December 2019, has also boosted her career. The commune resembles both Big Brother, MTV’s Real World or German TV show “Berlin Tag und Nacht.” What is more, the Hype House residents may have the potential to become the new Kardashians.

In second place on the TikTok podium, with more than 138 million followers, is Khabane “Khaby” Lame, who is a reminder of an updated (and global) form of the “American Dream”. The 21-year-old Snegalese was working in a factory when his TikTok videos went viral. He does not take himself, the app, or other creators in his videos too seriously, and uses the Duet and Stitch feature to take the mickey out of other videos with facial expressions and gestures alone.

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