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How to Master Live Streaming for Influencers

Is live streaming worthwhile as a marketing tool? The clear answer is yes. These statistics highlight the benefits of including live streaming in your marketing mix. Moreover, these tips help brands and agencies to successfully implement live streaming and use it as an influencer marketing strategy.

Live streaming in a kitchen
Live streaming in a kitchen

Key Points

  • Driven by the Corona pandemic, many consumers’ opinions speak in favour of integrating live streaming into your influencer marketing campaigns.
  • To have success in your marketing strategy through live streaming, you should pay attention to three phases: preparation, execution and follow-up.
  • Some additional tips:
  • Choose the right influencers.
  • Promote your event before the live stream.
  • Follow an agreed-upon script for the live stream.

In general, video content and, consequently, video marketing are becoming more and more popular and important. On the one hand, this trend towards moving images is justified by the success of TikTok or the emulation of the Chinese app Instagram and Instagram Reels. Of course, on the other hand,, YouTube should not be forgotten, as the platform is still extremely important when it comes to videos.

Take a look at the general YouTube statistics from 2022 or find out all the important data about influencers on YouTube.

The Most Important Statistics on Live Streaming in Social Media

Going live on social media is already paying off. Yet, according to Grand View Research forecasts, the live-streaming market will grow from $70bn in 2021 to nearly $224bn by 2028. Hence, within just seven years, it’s expected to triple in value, which is a huge increase.

Graphic via Epiphan

This forecast is less surprising when you take a look at the demand for live streams. 63% of 18 to 34-year-olds join when influencers go live on social media. Furthermore, live content is viewed ten to 20 times longer than on-demand content, according to Forrester.

Here’s some more data that proves live streaming can pay off as a marketing tool for brands:

  • 80% of consumers prefer joining a live stream over reading a blog and 82% prefer live streaming even over than reading a post.
  • 67% of those who have watched a live stream before would join the next one, and 45% would even buy a ticket for an exclusive on-demand live video.
  • 79% of consumers are convinced that live streams are more authentic.
  • 60% of consumers say that direct feedback is important.

Another interesting point is: the Covid-19 pandemic in particular, has made live streaming sustainably popular. 91% of marketers confirm that they plan to keep or plan to expand their live streaming offers even after the pandemic is over, according to Go-Globe.

Tips for Having a Successful Social Media Live-Streaming Campaign with Influencers

It is not hard to incorporate live streaming into your influencer marketing campaign, which is why you should definitely start thinking about it.

There are three main phases to think about when considering live-streaming as an influencer marketing tool, which are: the preparation, the execution and the follow-up. Of course, the crucial moment is when you or your influencers go live, because that’s when the followers view the content. Yet, it is important that the live stream shouldn’t ‘just happen’. Ultimately, be sure to recycle the content and save it as an on-demand offer, but more on that later in this article.

How to Prepare Your Live Stream?

First of all, it’s essential to identify the right influencers you are going to target. Of course, it’s easy to choose a KOL who already has experience with live streaming and thus, has already established themselves as a live streamer. But don’t shy away from beginners either. After all, identifying the right influencers for your campaign is all about how well your values, aspirations, ideas and expectations match up with theirs.

Kolsquare offers an enormous database of KOLs, where you are sure to find the right one. Various filters also help you search for the influencers you exactly need.

So, if you found your KOL and have agreed on a partnership, be sure to promote the live stream beforehand. Simply going online without informing followers about the topic, time and participants would be a waste of resources.

Therefore, let your audience know when you’re going to hit the “Go Live” button. Integrate the announcement into your content, preferably on different social media platforms. For example, even if you plan to go live on Instagram, it will be great to motivate your Twitter followers to stop by there. Besides tweets, other options include posts, stories, newsletter announcements or banners on your website

Before you go live, be sure to check your equipment. Is the tripod secure? Is the light sufficient? Moreover, do a sound check and consider whether any environmental noises can be heard on the live stream, for example, school students who are on their way home. Obviously, you need to choose the time of your live stream wisely, so most of your followers are free to tune in.

How to Successfully Carry Out Your Live Stream

This point still needs to be covered in the preparation phase, as the tip overlaps with the actual execution. Discuss a roadmap according to which you should pull through your live stream with your influencers. Especially if there are several participants, it is essential that everyone knows what is happening and when it’s coming. At the same time, you should also make sure that you don’t just stick to your schedule.

Live streams thrive on live interactions with the followers. Welcome new viewers, answer questions or maybe even include a CAT, just make sure you stand out of the crowd.

Hope that viewers will be with you from start to finish, but the reality is that many will come and go. That’s normal, you just need to be aware of it.

Therefore, it is a good idea to practice the topic during the live broadcast or to remind your KOL in advance Also, we recommend that you use your watermark, text or logo to once again emphasize what or who the live stream is about.

Benefit From Live Streams by Recycling Content

Now that you’ve successfully completed a collaborative production of a live stream, don’t forget to save it on-demand. It’s even beneficial for your marketing strategy to share the recorded broadcast on other platforms as well. In addition, you can also benefit from the participants and expand your audience through the followers of your live stream’s guests.

For example, on Instagram, you can (and must) easily save the live stream to your phone’s recordings. If you don’t save the live stream right after you finish, it will be deleted. However, keep in mind that the video will be saved without comments, likes, number of views, etc.

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