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Influencer Marketing after the crisis: What will change?

Will there be a before and after Covid-19 for the Influencer Marketing ? Our experts share with you their point of view.

neon "everything is connected"
neon "everything is connected"

The figures speak for themselves: global Internet use jumped by almost 70% and social networking traffic increased by 61% during the lockdown. In addition to the increased use of digital, user behavior has also changed and brands and influencers have adapted. Some practices now seem to be taking hold… Decryption.

More digital

The crisis has once again demonstrated the importance of digital in brand communication strategies. The time spent on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or WhatsApp has exploded.

Places of entertainment, they are also excellent channels for getting messages across and maintaining a relationship with their subscribers. Finally, digital can be a way to compensate for the cancellation of physical events. It is, therefore, more necessary than ever to accelerate its digital transformation to bring the virtual channel to the forefront if you are a brand. All sectors are concerned!

In order to optimise their presence on the digital arena, brands have every interest in diversifying their presence on social platforms according to the targets they wish to reach. To do so, it is essential to know how to master the formats offered by the various social media: video, post, story, IGTV, etc.

By collaborating with an influencer who corresponds to your own values, you can delegate part of your Influencer Marketing strategy and capitalize on his or her skills in this area thanks to the co-creation process.


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More authenticity

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, brands and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) have somewhat changed the way they communicate on social media. Discourses are less product-oriented and focus on messages based on values deeply rooted in distinct universes.

The importance of storytelling then takes on its full meaning. Now we need to tell a “real” story. In the same logic, sponsored content is less present or is more humanizing and really includes the Internet user.

In their quest for authenticity, they find it to their advantage and identify more easily with a brand or influencer through a transparent and trusting relationship.

The new role of brands and influencers is then more responsible, more ethical. The Covid-19 crisis has shown the evolution of consumer behavior, who now expect from brands a useful and sincere commitment more than just an ordinary product.

Authenticity also means nano and micro-influencers. Indeed, due to the size of their communities, they have only strengthened their close ties with their subscribers during the containment in particular. As a brand, if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to give them your full attention.

More creativity

Since product placement is no longer sufficient, advertisers and influencers must now be creative in delivering value-added content.

Cooking classes, beauty routines, yoga sessions… Live activities followed each other during the confinement. It is only natural that many brands have gone beyond their usual frameworks to offer new types of content.

The Sezane brand, for example, called on several influencers to lead philosophy workshops, cooking classes, or shape bar classes.

In this quest for creativity, it seems essential to capitalize on new formats and new social media:

  • Instagram’s IGTV format has exploded from containment. Live is a great way to interact with your community: ask questions, answer, create unique moments. It’s also a new way to offer longer formats. The time limit is no longer a constraint in the production of content,
  • TikTok, which we no longer present to you, is certainly one of the social media that you can’t afford to miss. The confinement has only confirmed the craze of the younger generations, but not only ! for the platform. Thanks to its short video format, the user can very easily create a music video or take up a challenge. Badges, music, filters… TikTok has been designed to offer entertaining and interactive content above all,
  • Twitch has also made a name for itself as one of the most successful social media in containment. Twitch has surpassed the 1 billion viewing hours mark (1.2 billion), an increase of 23% between February and March 2020 (according to Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet software). In general, video game streaming has seen a sharp increase in viewing. Containment has proved it: live streaming is a format to bet on. On the brand side, more and more brands are choosing the Twitch platform for product placement. As this channel favors live, sharing, and interactivity between viewers and streamers, the engagement rates are often convincing. This is a way to activate Influencer Marketing with a differentiated and innovative approach!

You are a brand and you want to get started on social media? Contact our dedicated experts now!

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