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Influencer Marketing Campaigns: those brands that stand out during the crisis

Should brands continue to communicate during the crisis? While some have chosen to stop their advertising activities, this is not the case for all of them. Kolsquare unveils a top 10 of those French and international brands that have opted for the K.O.L (Key Opinion Leaders) prescription force... even during the Covid-19 crisis.

woman portrait
woman portrait

When communication and advertising activities diminish, some brands take over from creative and inspiring Influencer Marketing campaigns to entertain for a good cause?

True prescribers and trusted third parties for consumers, K.O.L (Key Opinion Leaders) are more than ever solicited for partnerships, especially during this period of health crisis. Followed by thousands (even millions) of subscribers, influencers have once again proven the importance of their role.

Over the last few weeks, brands and other agencies have been working hard to produce, communicate, entertain and get people talking about them on all social media alongside carefully selected and activated K.O.Ls.

A look back at 10 Influencer Marketing campaigns that have left their mark on our daily lives!

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty and Ludivine keep you busy with beauty tutos

  • Who? The French company Yves Saint Laurent Beauty and the Instagrammer Ludivine.
  • When? At the end of March and for a week.
  • Where? On Instagram, exclusively.
  • Campaign Objectives: Encourage Internet users to stay confined during the Covid-19 crisis and find an opportunity to keep them occupied while having fun with Yves Saint Laurent Beauty products.
  • Campaign Feature: 5 videos capsules of make-up tutorials posted on Ludivine’s Instagram account during a week with different themes: “Tuto for an aperitif between girlfriends”, “Special tuto for a romantic dinner”, “Tuto to look good as if you’ve just come back from holidays”,…

Zara incites about twenty models to shoot her new collection...from their homes.

  • Who? The famous Spanish fashion brand Zara and about twenty international female models (Jill Kortleve, Malgosia Bela,…).
  • When? Early April.
  • Where? Instagram mostly.
  • Campaign Objectives: To share the pieces of the new collection by shooting it from a distance to respect the containment in order to share it with the brand community and to illustrate its shop.
  • Campaign Feature: The Spanish giant sent each mobilized mannequin a selection of its new pieces. Each muse then had fun staging the clothes…from her home.

The Skoda brand is making a name for itself by getting involved in the phenomenon game: Animal Crossing.

  • Who? The Czech car manufacturer Skoda, the video game “Animal Crossing” and the Youtubeur and streamer Laink.
  • When? Mid-April.
  • Where? On Twitter, mostly.
  • Campaign Objectives: To promote the new Skoda bob “while waiting to wear it in real life” and create an original, inspiring and creative campaign by partnering with a big name in Youtube and streaming.
  • Campaign Feature: The Youtuber carries Skoda’s new bob on its “Animal Crossing” stream and gives a code to get this accessory in the video game. The car manufacturer has also created a dedicated hashtag: #BobSkodaAC, to encourage players to share their “new looks” on social networks.

Dakine proves to us that it is possible to keep in shape even from home

  • Who? The brand of extreme sports equipment and clothing, Dakine and many sportsmen and athletes from all over the world (Brendan Howey, Louif Paradis, Chris Benchetler, Johanne Defay,…).
  • When? Mid-March.
  • Where? On Instagram, mostly. Dakine has also created a dedicated page on its website to allow Internet users to find all the information about its latest campaign launched during the crisis.
  • Campaign Objectives: To inspire communities to follow the behaviour of the greatest athletes who stay confined to their homes and go outdoors responsibly, while doing “simple” things: cooking, making art, doing yoga, …
  • Campaign Feature: The brand asked sportspeople to take pictures of themselves at home doing sports or other activities. The photos were then posted to Dakine’s Instagram account in the form of episodes echoing the slogan “This is Mind Surfing”.

The World Health Organization and the biggest celebrities challenge us #SafeHands

  • Who? The World Health Organization and hundreds of celebrities (athletes, artists, groups,…).
  • When? The #SafeHands campaign was launched on March 13, 2020.
  • Where? On all social media (and mainly on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter).
  • Campaign Objectives: To promote the power of clean hands in the fight against Covid-19 and encourage Internet users to wash their hands with soap or an alcohol-based disinfectant as the biggest celebrities and everyone else can do.
  • Campaign Feature: The WHO has launched the dedicated hashtag #SafeHands on all social media to challenge Internet users. This was supported by the participation of many influencers and celebrities who filmed themselves washing their hands for 40 seconds.

#AtHomeWithEtam gets you moving with his live sports classes

  • Who? The famous lingerie boutique Etam and the influencers @Aria.Official, @MumdayMornings, @ConstanceJablonski, and @CaliforniaBarre.
  • When? Since the beginning of April.
  • Where? Only on Instagram.
  • Campaign Objectives: To encourage communities to exercise and move during confinement by highlighting the quality of the brand’s products.
  • Campaign Feature: Brand activated influencers are invited to take control of their Instagram account to teach live sports lessons. Appointments are given in Etam Instagram posts with the dedicated hashtag #AtHomeWithEtam.

Jennyfer invites us digitally with her Break by Don't Call Me Jennyfer

  • Who? The ready-to-wear brand Jennyfer and a dozen of influencers (@LénaMahfouf, @Bouboule_42, @MarylouLeLoup, @AlbaneDanse, @Célia_7721, @MatteoPeccol, @JanelleDltrr, @InesAbdelli,…).
  • When? Since the beginning of April.
  • Where? Only on Instagram.
  • Campaign Objectives: “Deconfining ourselves together digitally”. Jennyfer unveils a magazine for Internet users to get them out of their daily lives in times of confinement. The brand proposes a meeting every day at the same time to discover a new episode.
  • Campaign Feature: Every day, at 6 pm, a K.O.L (Key Opinion Leader) is invited live on Jennyfer’s Instagram account for a new appointment (tutorials, interviews, challenges, discussions, news,…). The videos are presented in episodes around the “Break by Don’t Call Me Jennyfer) and are then replayed in IGTV.

Chanel offers us a musical break alongside her new ambassador: Angèle

  • Who? The famous French haute couture brand and the singer-songwriter Angele.
  • When? April 3, 2020.
  • Where? On Instagram.
  • Campaign Objectives: Gather Angele and Chanel fans around the same live show, present the singer’s latest tracks and entertain Internet users during the confinement by offering them a free live performance.
  • Campaign Feature: For a few minutes, Angele took control of Chanel’s Instagram account to give a live concert.

Besson invites itself into our homes for a 100% fashion challenge

  • Who? The shoe brand Besson and a dozen of influencers (@LeBlogdesFillesIn, @AmourusementToi, @Marie_Cay, @Blackkart, @MyLittleWayofLife,…).
  • When? Since March 25th.
  • Where? On Instagram, exclusively.
  • Campaign Objectives: To bring Besson fans together, push users to continue taking care of themselves by creating looks that include a piece of the brand, and engage the subscriber community around creative and inspiring posts.
  • Campaign Feature: Besson launched this challenge around the #BessonChezVous with some rules to participate (share a picture of a Besson look of the hour with the dedicated hashtag). Some pictures are then shared again on the Instagram account of the brand.

G-Star Raw or the art (very well mastered) of organizing a fashion show...virtual

  • Who? The clothing brand of G-Star Raw and 25 models and influencers from 10 different countries.
  • When? April 03, 2020.
  • Where? Instagram, mostly.
  • Campaign Objectives: To showcase the brand’s Spring 2020 collection from the interiors of 25 models and celebrities, gather around G-Star Raw releases, offer a new fashion show experience, continue to connect, entertain and inspire fans while all G-Star stores are temporarily closed.
  • Campaign Feature: G-Star Raw asked the models and active influencers to film themselves from their homes wearing their new collection and marching to the rhythm of the brand’s same runway.

You are a brand or an agency and wish to set up an Influencer Marketing campaign by activating relevant influencer profiles? Don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated experts now!

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