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Ranking of Influencers on Pinterest in 2022

Brands use influencer marketing primarily on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, but for industries like home improvement and decor, art, or travel, Pinterest lends itself to everything. So how can brands and businesses work with influencers on Pinterest? And who are the most successful influencers on Pinterest in 2022?

Person opening the Pinterest application on their phone
Person opening the Pinterest application on their phone

Key Takeaways

  • You can advertise on Pinterest in a variety of ways through a business account using sponsored pins, shoppable pins, story pins and carousel pins.
  • 73% of users approve of brands that have a presence on Pinterest.
  • Five of the top-ranking influencers on Pinterest are Joy Cho, Kath Younger, Poppywalk, Denise with “Wander her Way” and Kate Perez with “Sugar Love Chic”.

Pinterest’s huge success is due to the fact that the platform doesn’t rely solely on original content. Instead, users share links and images from all over the Internet, which they can organize into boards. For a long time, the social network was labelled as that of do-it-yourselves, but in recent years, other interest groups were found on the platform.

In the following overview, you will find general statistics for Pinterest in 2022, statistics on influencer marketing on Pinterest for 2022 and reasons to invest in influencer marketing on Pinterest in 2022.

How Influencer Marketing Works on Pinterest

Marketing on Pinterest can pay off, as 73% of pinners (users on Pinterest who pin ideas and posts on their boards in their profiles) say that branded content increases the usefulness of Pinterest. The platform is taking advantage of this, as it is working on the display and shopping functions like all other social networks.

It doesn’t take much time for a company or a brand to get off the ground with influencer marketing on Pinterest. First, create a Pinterest business account, which is easy and free. Also, if you plan to run ads on Pinterest, be sure to connect your business email address to the business account.

After that, check if the content you share is tagged with your brand identity and has a link to your website or profile on another platform. Just with one click, you’ll get users right where you want them to be. Even if they don’t click on the post or link, they’ll memorise your brand name and recall it.

Additionally, it is possible to sell products directly through Pinterest utilising the very new shopping features. To do this, you need to verify your business website, upload product images, describe them accordingly and link them to the respective product page. The so-called Rich Pins allow you to upload current product and inventory information directly to Pinterest. Ultimately, Pinterest provides the sales and engagement data of your products which you can use to measure the success of your influencer marketing campaign on Pinterest.

If you want to run ads on Pinterest, there are several options. You can create ads and pins that Pinterest shows to the users of the platform or you can sponsor original pins from your profile. Furthermore, there are the so-called “Shoppable Pins”, which are similar to the in-app shopping features of Instagram. Lastly, the Story Pins feature, which allows users to create “elaborated storyboards with up to 20 pages of videos, images and text.” Although, it is still in the beta stage.

Of course, you can also collaborate with well-known Pinterest influencers to promote your brand on the platform. That’s why we’re now going to show you the influencer ranking on Pinterest in 2022 and thus, five successful pinners.

Influencer Ranking on Pinterest in 2022

For each of the following five influencers who are among the most important and influential on Pinterest in 2022, we analyze the number of followers they have on the platform, the type of content and pins, their audience and the number of pins.

Joy Cho

Joy Cho is a designer, blogger and product developer and has also been a teacher for three years. Joy Cho is also more than that, as her website Oh Joy! has become a successful creative brand. Her focus is on design, fashion, food and joyful everyday moments. The online newspaper “The Everymom” even calls her the “Queen of Collaborations” and a “badass businesswoman.”

On Pinterest, 12.5m people follow her, while 3.6m view her profile on Pinterest monthly. For example, in May 2022, the jewellery brand Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry paid for a partnership with Joy. The pins tagged as “Ad”, not only linked to the brand but even displayed the product Joy recommended in the video pin.

Oh Joy! on Pinterest

Kath Younger

There’s also Kath Younger, who has 23k followers and 4.7m monthly views from Pinterest. The American is a mother of two kids but also a registered nutritionist. She brings order to the digital chaos of her followers with her workshop “Organize your digital clutter”. Therefore, her audience is mostly women of the same age who are interested in healthy eating, nutrition in general and family life.

Kath Younger on Pinterest


The Canadian creative studio Poppytalk, that was founded in 2005 and is still run by Jan Halvarson, is now a lifestyle and design blog with a thematic focus on DIYs, decoration, crafts, nutrition and wellness. 10.4m people follow the Canadian and 2.2m people access her profile monthly. The studio welcomes any collaboration requests regarding product designs, offers sponsored posts, reviews and much more, across all of their social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Poppytalk on Pinterest

Wander Her Way

Denise quit her corporate job to “literally” see the world. This was made possible by her blog “Wander Her Way”, which provides tips for women who want to travel the globe like she does. She organizes her content in a total of 85 boards and has around 1.7m monthly views. Moreover, 6,600 users follow her on her journeys.

Wander Her Way on Pinterest

Sugar Love Chic

Florida native Krist Perez is a lifestyle blogger on Pinterest. Through her brand “Sugar Love Chic”, she focuses on beauty products, cooking recipes, home inspiration and casual fashion. Along with hers, she also shares content on pets, as she is an avid dog owner. In her bio, she addresses the “common girl” while 35,600 users follow her. However, Perez has more than 8.1m views per month.

Sugar Love Chic on Instagram

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