Aug 2022 / Blog / Buzz, News

Shopify partners with YouTube to combine commerce and communities

E-commerce solution Shopify has announced a partnership with YouTube that enables merchants to integrate their online stores with YouTube Shopping.


Shopify and YouTube say the tie-up will enable creators and merchants to combine commerce with community to scale the creator economy. Under the deal, Shopify merchants will be able to sell their full range of products on YouTube via livestreams, videos and the store tab.

Shopify merchants who integrate YouTube Shopping will have a tab added to their YouTube channel featuring their entire selection of products, and a shopping shelf added below on-demand videos that show a curated list of products as the video plays.

On YouTube livestreams, merchants can tag and pin products during the stream, while picture in playback enables consumers to watch while they check out.

YouTube viewers will be able to purchase products as they watch livestreams or videos. For selected US merchants, onsite checkout on YouTube will enable consumers to purchase without leaving the platform.

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Product details within the Shopify retail operations systems such as names, pricing and stock levels will be automatically updated in YouTube. The integration will also allow merchants to track the performance of live and on-demand videos directly from their Shopify admin, alongside the full view of multichannel sales.

“We’re excited to partner with Shopify to help creators easily bring their stores front and center for their communities on YouTube, who are increasingly turning to them to shop,” YouTube VP of Shopping Product David Katz said in a statement.  

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